Tap Into Your Magick + Limited Spots Bonus Offer

Tap Into Your Magick + Limited Spots Bonus Offer

$122.00 - $150.00
Option 1: $122.00 Get access to the Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass Program

Option 2: $150.00 (valued at $212.00) Bonus 1:1 Session with Natalie (see below) PLUS access to the Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass Program (limited spots available, first come, first served)

This is a one-time investment, lifetime access to the online program!
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Stop Suppressing Your Gifts, Launch Your Mission on Earth! 

A foundational program that will assist you in bringing your magick into this world!

Unlock the full masterclass series, which includes the following: 
*  7 hours (7 different modules/classes) holding guidance and strategy support 
*  Every class has varying activations (meditations, guided visualizations & more)
*  You'll receive supportive guidebooks, the Unique Magick Innate Skillset Worksheet & more!
*  Special access and invites to online events & other offerings
* Lifetime access to the program 

Plus, MORE waiting for you inside the masterclass program series ... 

This is the foundational program to help you ignite your gifts and fold them into the mission you're here to bring forth! 

🌀 BONUS OPTION: INTUITIVE STRATEGY SESSION. This is LIMITED to a select number of people due to keeping integrity in the energy of service. Receive a 90-minute Intuitively Guided Strategy Session with Natalie Viglione 

When we're going through a deep, soul-searching process to bring our missions into the world or refresh our mission (mission, to me, is synonymous with the word "business"), we can get lost in our thoughts... I know because I've been there!

Due to needing just a sounding board when I was launching back in 2016, I wanted to offer YOU what I needed then! 

I can help illuminate unseen parts of your strategic path forward that can help bring more clarity, and as a precognitive empath, I can see what may be blocking energies in ways to help you manifest! 

We can set up a sacred, safe space together, and we can go through things 1:1. 

I'll bring through my over 20 years of marketing (I call this the "getting our magick into the world" process), sales, business development, communication, and spiritual guidance to assist in the best way to serve YOUR Higher Good. 

EVERY class as part of this masterclass program will take us through the cleansing and purifying of energy within you (your chakras) and take you into yourself more deeply through this magickal process I've brought through and learned, because building your mission already exists within your DNA, NOW it’s about awakening it-- ALL OF IT! 

The Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass Program; Here's the Journey You'll Embark On With Me As Your Guide ... 

🌀​ Class 1: Learn what your "innate magick" means—this is analyzing YOUR TRUE INNATE GIFTS and why our chakras are more important than most can ever imagine …

🌀 Class 2: Activate your heart-brain connection and more deeply awaken the inner guidance system – this is the intuition; this becomes your North Star Directive from within as you build your mission… using all the wisdom you hold no matter what age. Build the mission by creating your “keywords” driven by YOUR UNIQUE values.

🌀Class 3: Face MORE of the Shadows… go deeper! If you think you healed that thing from 10 years ago, think again! We are being asked to go DEEPER THAN EVER BEFORE! Activate your wisdom by deprogramming and clearing old energies to awaken the new within you!

🌀Class 4: Build your Innate Gifts Skillset Map… this becomes a beacon that drives you to remember who you are at the soul level… Learn to command your system and to work with your DNA in ways perhaps you’ve never done before. Plus, learn deep healing techniques that I’ve learned as a Master Herbalist in training… this style of “self-care” is more important than ever!

🌀Class 5: Igniting your heart space & OPENING UP to receive. Learn to align your magick ability, which is aligning Emotions/Intentions with your Thoughts, Actions, and Words. THIS IS MANIFESTATION IN ACTION (vital to BUILDING a mission)!

🌀Class 6: Activate your AUTHENTIC SELF… this takes courage to speak your truth, activate that throat chakra, and learn what promotion looks like when you frame it in this new light that I'll share with you...

🌀Class 7: Align your Divine Star Self with your Earth Star Self, learn how you can end the fear cycle, and look at how you can target the right people that YOU want to serve… this is your unique way to reach out and speak to those who you are here to serve in YOUR mission.

Here's to you bringing through your unique, innate gifts, magick, and mastery--- getting that mission going through this foundational level!

In love, light & abundance, 

~ Natalie Viglione




There have been an unprecedented amount of lies, manipulations, and many thousands and thousands of years of far too much trauma in this unique realm, causing too much unnecessary suffering.

A system was created, and this is a system that’s focused on separation and control: the separation from Self (or Soul), separation from others, the Holy Trinity (Sacred Energies that are within ALL things), nature, and The Spirit of Earth, I call this spirit or consciousness, Gaia.

This has further caused the truth of the Cosmic Mother (the Sacred Feminine Energy) existence to be stripped from consciousness for many, which has thrown us into further chaos. 

Due to this suppression, too many humans have had our innate, divine gifts suppressed, and too many have lost their way. Many who came here with a mission - often called indigos and starseeds -- have not been able to launch their mission on Earth due to this patriarchal system.

This unacceptable “status quo” has created a totally imbalanced experience where the truth of the Law of One has been hidden underneath the cruel hold of materialism, greed, and the “system of patriarchy.” 

I see a better path where ALL beings can remember HOW to thrive! This greater work is a work of ALL of us, but first, it will require ALL that came here with a MISSION to help in this paradigm shift to IGNITE THEIR OWN SACRED PATH!

This is the work that the Disrupt Now Programs & Podcast bringing through guidance to help you to STOP SUPPRESSING YOUR GIFTS, reclaim your power, and allow ALL who feel called to serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness to step in as the Guardian-Protectors (the Warriors of Today). 

I’m a descendant of the Cosmic Emerald Order’s Goddess-Warrior Lioness Lineage of the Great White Lions of Sirius and of the Earth bloodline of the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail; a Sister that's part of the female mystics/seer line (the codes of what we’ve called the Priestess and Druid). 

In this incarnation, I’m here to illuminate your path back to your magick to stop suppressing your Divine Gifts and to help humanity remember how to take back our power!

I know what THIS UNACCEPTABLE STATUS QUO does because I, too, suppressed my gifts for far too long! 

I didn’t talk about them as I was afraid of being criticized. I felt no one got me because no one around me felt as concerned about things as I did. In fact, after leaving my origin family’s home, I became entangled in this patriarchy. A system where I, as a woman, didn’t feel equal, and to obtain that inner feeling of “equalness,” I subjected myself to things I KNEW I should not have.

When I started launching myself into what I was here to do, my ENTIRE WORLD shifted. When I started being and activating within MY UNIQUE MISSION, so many things opened up that it was a fast ride to where I had always hoped I could get to. And, over time, using the framework I am teaching in this 7-part masterclass program, I was able to learn TRULY how to love ME for WHO I TRULY AM, stop suppressing my gifts, and be authentically just me to bring my unique gifts and magick into the world unapologetically! 

I want to help you do the same... join me on this foundational (and magickal) journey! 🔥


****Reminder: Check your spam/junk email after your purchase, as you will automatically receive access to the program via email. An email will follow for the 1on1 session with a link for booking plus details if you also chose that as an added bonus! If you have any issues, email the team at info@natalieviglione.com ****