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  • Sacred Soul Healing 1:1 Session

    The health, healing, and empowerment of our Sacred Soul is imperative for us to focus on for it's where we unlock healing, passion, and our innate power...

    Let me become your Holistic Pathfinder & Illuminator to support your exploration and deepening of your unique journey!


    For the souls seeking to find the medicine in disrUPtions, illuminating your path to...

    ꩜ Tap into your unique magick

    ꩜ Reawaken your divine power

    ꩜ Ignite your mission on 🌎


    The best healers are healing themselves, and when we share that wisdom with others, it's the wisdom shared that unlocks the healer within someone else!


    This is the power I have known as I step into the path of a Master Herbalist and Healer... this awakened my mission and lineage of the primeval (which means no beginning and no end) Divine Feminine energy within to accept my multi-dimensional Self!


    Our paths can be illuminated to see where we need to course-correct!


    With a healer's guidance/insights, you can gain a more holistic picture of what's happening and peer into the blind spots allowing you to course-correct your path!

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    Short Backstory

    I was born a preemie arriving 2 months early, in fact, I was born within the 7th month of the pregnancy, on the 7th day in the 7th month, and in a year that numerologically was a 7. So, I was born on a 7777 day!


    I was a preemie because my father was injured in Vietnam, like many others that were massively wounded by a chemical called "agent orange," it's not something people like talking about but it's very real.


    Many firstborns of those who returned from Vietnam have suffered from physical injuries, premature births, and so much more. There's a lot more to this story... (I reveal some of this story here in this interview). I was born hypersensitive and am an Indigo, so this sets up a different path ...

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    Innate Gifts

    Since I was little, I've had the power of intuition and empathic-psychic abilities. I've used these abilities to steer my life into far-reaching places while checking off those goals (which is a modern-day word for the ancient concept of manifestation).


    This included moving 3,000 miles away to find my twin flame in this incarnation! We are now married and creating a totally authentic, beautiful path together as we support each other in powerful evolution.


    We all have catalysts that awaken our soul's power, and in the disrUPtions, that's where we can find the medicine... (they take us UP and out of being in a stuck place).

  • Being Who We Truly Are ... the Authentic Self

    There were 2 times in my life when I shut down my powers to try to "fit in" and do what everyone else was doing, and those times were significantly challenging for me. In fact, the hardest times in my life to date.


    However, I learned incredible lessons from those 2 times when I tried to shut down my Higher Self and Spiritual Team, and I've never shut them down again. I suffered greatly when I did ...

    The Healing Journey Begins With Choice

    I am on my own healing journey began when I chose to launch MY mission... little did I know that what I faced as a baby coming into the world would impact the rest of my life. That's how far back we must go to connect the dots sometimes!


    The list is very long of what I've uncovered in this journey, but it all stemmed from being born what many have called a hyper-sensitive person, and an empath. And, as I heal myself, I've found the MEDICINE & MAGICK in the disrUPtion, these have become beautiful catalysts in my life. I'm on my way to becoming a Master Herbalist (taught by a Master Jedi Herbalist, as I call him, Dr. Terry Willard), and through this, I unlock more of the ancient wisdom from within.


    Connecting the dots is the foundation of strategy and being visionaries of our own lives, and now I want to help others do this same thing providing a framework and ways to unlock your OWN amazing wisdom!

    How An Intuitively Guided Session is Facilitated

    • We unlock your INNATE Prime Creator Power: I emphasize that healing is not done TO you; instead, healing is done WITH you by opening up awareness in currently hidden places and bringing in energetic frequencies of awareness to transform those places.
    • Gaining clarity of your unique mission in this world: Having clarity profoundly affects you as a WHOLE, multidimensional being with an innate power already within. It's a change in frequency at the primary level...I share this because you need to know that YOU WILL DO YOUR OWN HEALING, and believe me, YOU ARE POWERFUL!
    • Freeing up energy: By opening up and freeing your energy to make space for new transformations, this action ignites the powerful alchemist that you are from within.

    Sometimes we need guidance and a facilitator to help us peer into the places where there are blockages, or that we can't see. Guidance and facilitation from someone who has "been there, done that" can allow for more open discussions on pathways available.


    Emotions are powerful and part of our unique magick, but we only ignite our FULL power when we are clear on where we are blocked and where we need to let things go so the energy can flow again. This is the same when we look at our bodies (energetically and physically).


    I use my Celestial Dragon Realm energies that I'm connected with to help you peer into currently hidden areas, and together we co-create solutions that can get the energy moving & shaking!


    Some examples of what we can discuss:

    • Blockages you face around your health, or feeling into potential blockages
    • Pathways for healing using herbs and many other natural healing resources that's outside your current healing circle (a FRESH perspective
    • Dealing with difficult times or a significant transition and in need of a sounding board to bring through varying potential solutions
    • Please see more examples listed below in #1 of the FAQs



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