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Natalie's Interview on Health Hero Show: Toxic Mold and Agent Orange Exposed

Natalie's Interview on health hero show with TIM JAMES


If you're an avid listener of my podcast (and thank you so much if you are!) then you already know this, but if you haven't listened yet (you can find more info here), I am on a major healing journey.

I discovered that majority of my health issues including unexplained weight gain was due to exposure to microscopic TOXIC MOLD. I then learned that the issue ran even deeper. As a child, I was riddled with illness from a low immune system caused by her father's exposure to agent orange in the Vietnam war.

Being an athlete, I never gave up on exercise and never gave up on finding the solution to my health issues. 

In my new interview at Health Hero Show with Tim James, I talk about GREAT SET OF TOOLS for anyone dealing with mold toxicity or those who were exposed to agent orange and agent purple. Both are nothing I am afraid of because I CONTROL MY BODY'S DESTINY (as you do, too); we are not victims in our health as long as we do something about it, take responsibility, and work our assess off to GET HEALTHY.

Watch the full episode now below!

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