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  • As an Oracle of Original Creation, a Primordial Wisdom Story Keeper,

    & Vibrational Medicine Guide, I serve as a guide to help you unleash the magick of your gifts and launch your mission on Earth, whilst healing from the inside out! We were connected on purpose...

    🌠 Natalie


    Here is a message for All here on Earth in these powerfully shifting times, for I serve as a conduit of Goddess Brighid and the true Celtic-Druid Lineage:


    As the energies shift and change, the chaos may overwhelm.
    You'll find that there's solace in gathering in the ways of the olde.
    To see the Truths again through the lens of Sophia and the Cosmic Mother,

    This is the Wisdom of All that beckons us home.
    Gather again in honor of the Being you call Earth,

    Remember and embrace the Divine Power and Dragons that weave into the magnificent fabric of All That Is.
    This is how you receive the magick of the Sacred Fire of Transformation that will support you through this time.
    This Octave change will shift a great many things, far more than many know,

    But together, you can forge and flow to build anew.
    The beauty of what was will be again.

  • Indigos, Starseeds, to the Warriors of Light ...  

    It's time to awaken your mission, Dear One, and find the medicine in disrUPtions so that you can tap into YOUR UNIQUE magick within...


  • For over 150 years, Indigos (or Starseeds, Rainbow Warriors, Wanderers...) have been born into this Earthly realm to launch specific missions.


    The calling comes from a primordial place within us...


    "Know Yourself" - this is the key to ALL things. Making a harmonious transition in this time of great change happens by uniting in the fundamental understanding of who you truly are (your authentic Self is the soul manifest!). Those who carry the wisdom of the primordial times before the inversion in this realm must remember and unfold their mission on Earth...


    Getting out of pathways that do not serve your higher good happens when you can see and know your INNATE gifts at the soul level; the biggest and deepest aspect of YOU.


    To step into your power is to stand strong because you KNOW YOURSELF! This takes bravery, courage, and valor to launch your mission... but it is time to bring that aspect of the warrior of light from within... Why? Because the world needs YOUR UNIQUE magick!



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    🔆 Are you living and expressing your unique mission in this world?

    🔆 Do you want to get UP and out of work that doesn't vibrate with your Sacred Heart's desires?

    🔆 Are you ready to let go of even more old energy that no longer serves your Higher Calling?

    🔆 Are you seeking to know Your Authentic Self at the deepest and most expansive level possible?


    If you said 'yes' to any of these, please check out our featured program here (empowerment begins here!)


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     I step forward on this path as WHO I TRULY AM at that ancient soul level, as attached to the Higher Positive Realms of Service and in bringing forth the remembrance of the Cosmic Mother, the Divine Feminine Energy, that was hidden away. I reclaim my mission as an Indigo of the Maji Grail Lineage (the REAL Celtic-Druid bloodlines that honored Gaia, Prime Creator, and the Cosmic Mother and Father), and I stand in this truth to bring forth this unique mission.


    I do so unapologetically and in the spirit of service to others to help others see the truth of this evil patriarchy that has inverted our realm


    ...and I want to help others to step into their unique mission, too!


    I spent 17 years moving up the corporate ladder before starting MY mission. Before jumping out, I got to an executive position as a Vice President in New York City in varying marketing agencies and then realized in the 2016 timeline shift that I could no longer do that toxic path... it was time for me to stand up for the truth of my unique mission and begin the work I chose to do here...

    All those 17 years were not wasted for I was able to research and analyze human behavior through marketing and sales using ALL my innate and unique gifts to life in this mission unfolding before you (and with Team Gu), a container called Sacred Soul Health that my husband and I operate.

    Kicking off my mission in 2016, all that I now do is driven from the root of the ancient multidimensional aspect of "me" and I'm bringing many facets of that to life that don't need me to climb ANY ladders except my own...

  • "I very much appreciate Natalie's magick for she does bring her beautiful magick. She has been so very helpful in clarifying for me overall my business strategy and how I can best serve my community." 

    Kenji Kumara, M.A., North Carolina

    Healer, KenjiKumara.com

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    ...with censorship on the rise across digital platforms, these social accounts will often change as I am on the relentless hunt for platforms that are empowering humanity for the good while trying to connect where people are...

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    I write all about MAGICK on the platform called Substack. If you're there as well, join me on the journey to explore metaphysical magick and the reawakening of our divine power on Earth, bringing back the Divine Feminine Energy to this realm!

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    It takes disrUPtion to really create the change that's necessary; we have to get UP and out of a place that DOES NOT WORK for us anymore.


    Standing in truth helps us to create a true commUNITY and to find capable people to help us get to where we need to go and where our sacred unique wisdom is honored.


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