• You want to awaken to your PURPOSE and truly *get* deeply what your very unique gifts/skills are (I call this your UNIQUE MAGICK)

    • You aspire to build a business or more uplifting career around your truth, and in total accordance with your unique gifts, but clarity isn't coming as easily as you desire (and you're READY)

    • You desire to STEP INTO YOUR POWER. The current situation you find yourself in may feel stifling and you want to unleash more of the "real you" and step into more of that (your truth and uniqueness is needed in the world)

    • You're ready to bring your gifts through with intention (finding the clarity)

    • You're ready to start living a more healthy, vibrant life and letting go of unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck in looping patterns and toxic relationships (disrUPting for the good)

    • You may be dealing with health issues and want to learn how to start empowering yourself to heal (we can take our power back around our health too)

    . . . .


    If the above resonated with you... you are here for a reason! 


    My name is Natalie Viglione and I am reclaiming my legacy of light. As a psychic empath, an intuitive with direct cognition, I have the ability to read people, receive precognitive dreams, and I can discern encryptions of truth. What this means is that as a writer, researcher, and teacher, I receive information from my Higher Self, and as I read/scan/research I KNOW what is truth and don't have to ever doubt myself on any level. 


    ....you can call me a human BS/lie detector! This energy is what the ancients would call a seer, sage, a witch (a witch means healer).


    I am here to act as an alarm clock for humanity to help all remember their true divinity (I call this "tapping into the unigue magick of a soul") and I am here to elevate more into a higher conscious for the positive light path. 

    I step forward on this path unapologetically. (And I want you to do the same!)
     Zero fucks about what anyone thinks is how we need to roll...

    My services include helping others awaken to their truth, taking their power back, igniting Earth Magick, diving into mysticism, bringing ancient (and new) magick and wisdom into this world, protecting nature and Gaia, and most of all, supporting the major journey of all through healing.


    The path to awakening our purpose doesn't start by looking somewhere "out there" but rather it starts by looking within. And sure enough, living a healthy life also starts on the inside! All things we need are INSIDE OF US.


    If you're ready to take your power back and to stand powerfully in your truth, well, you're in the right place. Our power was slowly taken away, but we can reclaim it...

    The trick is opening yourself up consciously, opening the heart space, cleansing and purifying energy centers, awakening wisdom from learning and expanding, and doing the work that it takes to have CLARITY. 


    A human's purpose is more than just a "job to do" as it is a powerful path that allows you to accomplish what you're here for and serve. For each one of us, it will be different. The beauty lies in our differentiation and the unique gifts/magick we each carry. 

  • Stepping into our power and truth requires us to be real, raw, and 100% authentic in who we truly are...

    not always an easy thing to do...


    This ENTIRE "Disrupt Now" concept was brought to me via a dream directly from my Higher Self.


    I spent 17 years of my life moving up that corporate ladder getting to an executive position as a Vice President in New York City in a marketing agency. I spent all that time analyzing human behavior through marketing and sales and was able to use my gifts to do so. I have worked for global enterprises and mid-sized/small corporate entities before starting my own business. And now all that I do is driven from the root of my being and I'm bringing many facets of that to life in the business realm as an entrepreneur.

  • Most often it takes disrUPtion to really create the change that's necessary... we have to get UP and out of a place that DOES NOT WORK for us anymore.


    A jolt to wake us up to a reality we've known as true, but actually is NOT true.  Standing in truth helps us to create a true community, to find capable people to help us get to where we need to go, and to be able to find a place where wisdom is shared. 


    You're here.


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    Priestess, Light Warrior, Life & Business Guide, and Podcaster Talks Spirituality

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    Embracing Disruption! Say NO to the Status Quo!

    How Mold Toxicity Became A Catalyst For Reclaiming My True Gifts

    How Mold Toxicity Became A Catalyst For Reclaiming My True Gifts


    Thrive Global


    Thrive Global article here - FEATURED IN A GLOBAL DISRUPTORS SERIES
    Thrive Global is committed to accelerating the culture shift that allows people to reclaim their lives and move from merely surviving, to thriving.

    Natalie is also a writer on the platform, you can see more here.

    Authority Magazine


    Authority Magazine article here.

    This is a Medium publication and is devoted to sharing interesting feature interviews of people who are authorities in Business, Film, Sports, and Tech.


    with censorship on the rise... these social accounts will change often in accordance to searching for the platforms that are about truth, freedom and empowering humanity for the good.


    NO MORE YOUTUBE... i say no to censorship!!!

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