DISRUPT NOW IS ABOUT... Saying NO to the Status Quo! The status quo is a state of affairs that resists progress!

    I want to help you to say NO to the status quo!


    And to be OK with being UNcomfortable in it! Truth be told, it's gonna get uncomfortable...



    "We’re not here because we’re free, we’re here because we’re not free; there’s no denying reason, there’s no denying purpose. Without purpose we would not exist. It was purpose that created us; purpose that connects us, pulls us, guides us, drives us; purpose that defines us and purpose that binds us." - Agent Smith

  • About the Creator, Natalie Viglione


    Here is a Small Sampling of Some Amazing Disrupt Now Success Stories!

    "I am so incredibly ecstatic to have gone through program one and to have you as my coach. I think it's the best money I've ever spent in my entire life and I have already seen huge progress and steps towards me being grounded and having more clarity on my own self and who I am and what I want. I am super excited to begin program two!"

    - A.V. in Charlotte, NC

    "Tunnel vision: it can be a gift and a crutch. It can enable us to learn something to the point of intuition. At other times, we can get so caught up in the momentum that unless some force acts upon our path, you’ll stay in it. Locked in its matrix. Unless you break out of it. This is why Disrupt Now changes everything, and it did for me. It provides a safe place to momentarily detach from the matrix, to help sort things out, and have guidance by Natalie who knows what you've been through. She helps you grow, and to not be stuck in status quo simply because it has become a comfortable, predictable habit. Thank you, Nat, for this program, for providing a safe place purge our thoughts, fears; a place to get back in touch with our essence. #DisruptNowFangirl "

    - A.M. in New York City

    "I had to physically extract myself from two lucrative senior management positions that were slowly killing me. That’s when I met Natalie and my life changed. When I started working with her I was instantly connected to something greater than myself that started pulling the best me out of me. Her courage, creativity and drive sparked the part of me that was willing to push myself to think better thoughts, deliver results that I was proud of and be accountable to myself to be all that I could. Nowadays I’m experiencing an unexpected rebirth where I once again LOVE my work."

    - P.B. in New York City

    "Natalie has the experience and knowledge to help ANY entrepreneur and the company you run to become successful! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone I come across. Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our business and helping our goals become a reality!"

    - C.V. ​in Las Vegas, NV

    "She is very creative, very responsive, and so easy to work with. The overall outcome was a stronger, better brand and a better understanding of how to market to my clients. It's so nice to work with a person that takes the time to understand you, your vision, and what you want to be and to represent. On top of all that she made everything so much fun! I am a serial entrepreneur and in my next ventures (sold my last business) I will definitely be a lifelong client of Natalie's!"

    - K.I. in Reno, NV

    "[Natalie] She took my business to the next level. Innovative, available, and most importantly, FUN to work with! ... Now my organization is professional, clear and I can clearly help MY potential clients know exactly what to expect!"

    - Travis Brorsen in New York City



    *Some names have been kept confidential based on the person's desire to be contacted or not.

  • About Natalie Viglione, the Creator of Disrupt Now

    Life & Business Guidance


    Powered by Team Gu

    Natalie Viglione, CPC, CBC, CLC


    I'm a cycle breaker and truth seeker and realize that I always have been. I was the one to call friends out when I was super young if they were lying or the one that people would go to when they were in trouble, and I am also the person that would be told by many people from all areas of my life "You make me realize who I am and that it's OK to be the real me!" To me, living in truth is the only way that we and our world can heal.


    I help men and women consciously CREATE and INNOVATE their life and business from the roots of THEIR OWN wishes and desires, get Unstuck, activate purpose, and to fully awaken to what’s possible for life AND business!


    My entire organization is all about Life & Business Guidance, with a hint of self-discovery education through the Smart Start Series.


    The details:

    • Disrupt Now is all about guidance for solopreneurs or those aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Getting men and women UNstuck and learn how to create from the basis of their own wishes and desires to fully activate purpose! This is done through 1:1 and group coaching/workshops.  
    • When we work with larger companies of 5-50 employees, we bring in the crew of Team Gu. This is where we serve socially conscious business owners through Sales Training & DevelopmentSales & Marketing AlignmentPurpose Driven Communications: Branding and Video, Written Communications, Visual Elements (for your blog, vlog, social media channels), and Operations & People Guidance.



    I hold a B.S, in Business, Marketing from UOP in San Francisco, and I am an ICF-Certified and trained Business, Life and Professional Coach from the World Coach Institute. But, first and foremost, I am a consultant and strategist. My purpose is to empower people and the companies they run to become the absolute best possible version POSSIBLE!



    A few years ago, after a 17-year aggressive career going up the ranks in San Francisco and New York City in executive corporate positions, getting up to Vice President roles, I jumped out of corporate and founded my own company. I own and operate an award-winning Business Coaching & Consulting company called Team Gu.


    I run this company with a partner (who is also my husband), Mark Viglione. Our team focuses on creating ideas made to stick and offer companies select “gurus” (meaning influential teachers) that will help in niche services around sales/business development team training and alignment, specific services in marketing, and the operations supporting these functions.


    However, there is always more to express from my purpose!


    In early 2017, a POWERFUL dream came to me which brought to life this visionary program called Disrupt Now (also a podcast). This life guidance and education program that has allowed me to further help budding entrepreneurs to bring the vision they see in their heads out into the world, and to help leaders that feel stuck in their careers to blossom and dig deep to get UNSTUCK to fully express their purpose.


    Being a lightworker and empath, I hold a keen ability to see the most magnificent vision possible for people. I offer this unique perspective and strategic guidance to scale and grow both personal lives and companies.


    What's next for me? Due to a major health trauma that hit me in 2018, I am underway to receive certifications in health & wellness coaching and nutrition, including Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic practices.


    I currently reside in Charlotte, NC and live with my business partner and soulmate, Mark Viglione, and we have 4 rescue animals that we adore (our furbabies)! We're still getting used to the smaller city life after New York City for almost a decade, but it's all about the adventure!



    There are 6 foundations to Disrupt Now that weave themselves into the programs that I have constructed.



    We need a commitment from you to make the decision that you want to disrupt your life. We need you to commit to a practice of mindfulness and have accountability to take this journey of change, to uncover/rediscover your true purpose. We will help you:

    • Understand what this Disrupt Now journey means and the value it will bring to your life
    • Discover where you're stuck, and figuring out those patterns (habits) that keep you chained 
    • Understand that you can break down these barriers and break the invisible chains that bind you from making progress
    • Take charge, own your past, and only focus on today, and together commit to this new process of how we will help you disrupt status quo and live the life YOU want



    What does “holistically happy” mean? What is "purpose"? When you’re connected to your mind, body, soul, each area of your life will feel like you're on track. You aren't stuck in "tar" unable to make progress. You feel with every ounce of your being that you're on the right path that you’re meant for and for what feels right to you. We help you to:

    • Connect on a deeper level to your "gut" and uncover your patterns that keep guiding you so that we can help you rediscover and uncover your true purpose
    • Guide you through techniques that will remove that knot in your stomach and STOP the negative mind talk that cripples you from progressing 
    • Learn how to do a mental scan, so you consistently get a feeling of “it’s all good!” so you can release your purpose of moving you towards feeling free



    In this module, we will help you to:

    • Learn how to listen to your intuition so that you understand how to move and live within your purpose every day 
    • Center around your fears to understand them but then move past and never be crippled by them again
    • Create “space” between your thoughts and what reality is
    • Strengthen the main thread that runs through you which becomes your ethos, your WHY, your PURPOSE
    • Connect to your purpose to create your vision and how to map your goals



    How you communicate within your own community is important to examine. We will take you through a discovery process to understand your purpose as your guide will allow you to be free and become authentic. We will take you on exercises to understand:

    • Are you authentic now? What are you lying about to yourself and others daily? 
    • Are you able to be truly yourself within each of your communities? 
    • Do you have integrity at all times? Do you feel afraid to share your fears, to become vulnerable? 
    • Exactly what happens when you work from a true point of view and live and breathe in that at work and at home, so you live ONE life and do not feel divided, broken or separated



    Today, life takes hard work and dedication to wake up and do the things that are right for you every single day. It's easy to cut corners and keep "aspiring" to be something or to do something. We will help you:

    • Activate, not later on but NOW and why you need to do that for yourself
    • Keep your progress moving forward so that you're consistent in how you show up for you and others in your life every day, not just when you "feel like it"
    • Know the impact that your consistency has upon the world and why you have to release your inner self, work through your purpose so that you can help the world in your unique way



    We will bring all of the modules above and bring this all to a point so that all the tips, techniques, and tools that this program teaches you will allow you to make that CHANGE or to make all of those changes to progress you forward!


    You do have a choice to change in your life, and transition, no matter what age, no matter how "stuck" you think that you are.


    We will bring an accountability plan into place for you so that this journey does not stop. You will create the life you desire, and you will be able to develop sustainability in your life. We provide you with that process to move into this change, this disruption journey... not just for a moment but the rest of your life!


    From San Francisco to New York City and the in-between!


    I grow with my clients as they grow their companies and lives!

  • Quick Overview

    Are you tired of feeling STUCK?


    Stuck in bringing your unique vision to life? Do you realize that you're not doing what you really deep down inside want to do and you have that entrepreneurial fire burning inside? But, not sure how to bring that vision to life?


    Or, do you realize you need to dig deeper into what you're doing currently in your career and desire to take it up to another level? Or, are you unsure how you got pigeon-holed into the career you're in and need to understand what your superpowers are?


    If you vibe with the above then you're in the right spot! That is exactly why I created this program. I have taken my 17-year corporate career experience in helping other companies and their leaders, and all of my crazy life experience living in major cities across the nation, and want to bring my gifts to you.


    I also have taken all of my knowledge of what my unique superpowers are by digging deep to awaken my true purpose which brought this program to fruition. I went through all of the SAME processes, and have taken all the amazing (and painful) disrUPtions throughout my life to bring me to this moment. I spent loads more money on education so I could also get myself trained and professionally certified as a business, professional and life coach on top of having my business undergrad.


    My purpose is to help OTHERS take their lives to NEW LEVELS time and time again!


    Feeling STUCK is an annoying, nagging feeling. It then can cause a whole slew of other issues like anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and more!


    Let's get you UNstuck and ready to reveal the new doors you're meant to walk through and break down! Let's get you UP and out of where you're stuck by disrUPting your existence so that you can reach higher vibrating paths that help you reveal and bring forth your purpose.





  • Why Choose the Disrupt Now Program?

    Our educational event series and programs help you to consciously CREATE and INNOVATE your life AND business from the roots of YOUR OWN wishes and desires, helps you to get CLEAR and UNstuck, uncover and activate purpose, and to further awaken to what’s possible for your life AND business! THERE ARE GREAT THINGS AHEAD!


    Too often we do things because of societal or outside (external) pressures and don’t realize how bad that negatively affects the way we create our lives! It happens in building a business as much as it does in our personal lives. They are really ONE and the same! As you know, we entrepreneurial humans are a special breed of human and we need to ensure we are CLEAR on our purpose and our intentions!

    A movement is happening globally. An undercurrent; a revolution; a convergence that is a connecting of souls, of bringing together the mind/body/spirit. This is called the Consciousness Shift. Are you a part of it?


    Contact us to figure out the best way to integrate the Disrupt Now program into your company, or we can create a live event workshop in your area. We have key workshops in certain cities and this will also become an online program. Contact us below to learn more and let's go on a disruption journey!

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