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    Saying NO to the Status Quo!


    The status quo is a state of affairs that resists progress!

    In a time when PROGRESS is more important than ever to release old paradigms that don't fit our evolution, we MUST say bye-bye to status quo BS.


    To get clear requires us to listen to our souls, connect with higher frequencies, and to get comfortable with being UNcomfortable!



    If so, that's what we'll dig deep into for your life AND business.



    "We’re not here because we’re free, we’re here because we’re not free; there’s no denying reason, there’s no denying purpose. Without purpose, we would not exist. It was purpose that created us; purpose that connects us, pulls us, guides us, drives us; purpose that defines us and purpose that binds us." - Agent Smith

  • Natalie Viglione, the Creator of Disrupt Now

    Life & Business Guidance


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    Natalie Viglione, CPC, CBC, CLC


    I'm a cycle breaker and truth seeker and realize that I always have been. From the time I was little I remember being able to discern truth from lies, and that shaped how I rolled into my later years.


    I've had to disrUPt, no doubt, in order to evolve. Do BIGGER and COOLER things, taking one step at a time. I left a small town at 17/18 to go wander and find MY truth, and not take anyone else's truth as my own.


    I have had a 20-year, award-winning background in marketing, sales, and business development. I've worked in executive marketing/sales roles in major cities like San Francisco and New York City working my way up to the VP status in my mid-30's and was able to travel all over in my roles. Then one day I decided to leap and go do my own thing. I ended up creating a freelance collective called Team Gu which was done for MANY reasons. One of the major reasons I took that risk is the fact that the agency I was with was yet ANOTHER one that was soon to merge, lose investment seed rounds (blah blah blah), an all-too-familiar kind of story for ad agencies. Way too many large (or even smaller) agencies have volatile, toxic cultures, and so many are dominated by sexual harassment (the stories I could tell you would make you sick!)


    You can go check Team Gu out here (or click that icon on the top right side of this site that says Team Gu)!


    My work in Team Gu offers companies support around the development of creative content (copywriting and ghostwriting services, graphic design, and video editing), developing purpose-driven business strategies, and help to improve marketing/sales operations via technology.


    I felt like there was something MORE that needed to come to fruition for me to help as I was beginning to see how incredibly intertwined life and business truly is when I evaluated and saw how personal lives seeped into my client's companies.


    At an opportune moment when I was open to receive, I had a dream. The concept of Disrupt Now came to me FULL FORCE in a download in dream format (even how the branding should look!), so I jumped in and started to CREATE! It will evolve, as I do. As all businesses should.


    It launched me into getting formally trained and certified as a life, business, and professional coach, something very important given I came more from the consulting/scientific side of running sales/marketing teams, so I needed this insight to unlock my CREATIVITY!


    So now I have taken my MANY years of experience to help people through personal development, and I help guide aspiring and newly turned entrepreneurs in Life + Business Guidance to get clear to dig into create a purpose-driven business and how to consciously create from within.


    Here is a Small Sampling of Some Amazing Success Stories!


    *Some names have been kept confidential based on the person's desire to NOT BE CONTACTED.

    - A.V. in Charlotte, NC

    "I am so incredibly ecstatic to have gone through program one and to have you as my coach. I think it's the best money I've ever spent in my entire life and I have already seen huge progress and steps towards me being grounded and having more clarity on my own self and who I am and what I want. I am super excited to begin program two!"

    - ANDREA Mejia in New York City

    "Tunnel vision: it can be a gift and a crutch. It can enable us to learn something to the point of intuition. At other times, we can get so caught up in the momentum that unless some force acts upon our path, you’ll stay in it. Locked in its matrix. Unless you break out of it. This is why Disrupt Now changes everything, and it did for me. It provides a safe place to momentarily detach from the matrix, to help sort things out, and have guidance by Natalie who knows what you've been through. She helps you grow, and to not be stuck in status quo simply because it has become a comfortable, predictable habit. Thank you, Nat, for this program, for providing a safe place purge our thoughts, fears; a place to get back in touch with our essence. #DisruptNowFangirl "

    - Paulina BRUSCA in New York City

    "I had to physically extract myself from two lucrative senior management positions that were slowly killing me. That’s when I met Natalie and my life changed. When I started working with her I was instantly connected to something greater than myself that started pulling the best me out of me. Her courage, creativity, and drive sparked the part of me that was willing to push myself to think better thoughts, deliver results that I was proud of and be accountable to myself to be all that I could. Nowadays I’m experiencing an unexpected rebirth where I once again LOVE my work."

    - C.V. ​in Las Vegas, NV

    "Natalie has the experience and knowledge to help ANY entrepreneur and the company you run to become successful! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone I come across. Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our business and helping our goals become a reality!"

    - Karen I. in Reno, NV

    "She is very creative, very responsive, and so easy to work with. The overall outcome was a stronger, better brand and a better understanding of how to market to my clients. It's so nice to work with a person that takes the time to understand you, your vision, and what you want to be and to represent. On top of all that she made everything so much fun! I am a serial entrepreneur and in my next ventures (sold my last business) I will definitely be a lifelong client of Natalie's!"

    - Travis Brorsen in New York City

    "[Natalie] She took my business to the next level. Innovative, available, and most importantly, FUN to work with! ... Now my organization is professional, clear and I can clearly help MY potential clients know exactly what to expect!"


    6 C's to Success


    There are six foundations to Disrupt Now that weave themselves into the programs that I have constructed. There are fundamentals of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT that must be brought into the work.



    There is a need to commit to the fact that you want to disrupt your life. Disrupt Now asks you to commit to a practice of mindfulness and accountability to take this journey of change, to uncover/rediscover purpose so that it can live and breathe THROUGH you.

    • Understand what this Disrupt Now journey means and the value it will bring to your life
    • Discover the stuck points and figuring out those patterns (habits) that keep you chained to a specific mindset
    • Understand that you can break down these barriers and break the invisible chains that bind you from making progress
    • Take charge, own your past, and only focus on today, and together commit to this new process of how we will help you disrupt status quo and live the life YOU want



    What is "purpose"? When you’re connected to your mind, body, soul, each area of your life will feel like you're on track. You will be asked to:

    • Connect on a deeper level to your "gut" and uncover patterns that keep you stuck
    • Guide you through techniques that will remove barriers and open up doors of new thought and perspective
    • Realize that thoughts create the future so get to the core of your values



    Getting centered and grounded in forward-movement takes some discipline and showing up:

    • Center around your fears to understand them but then move past and build some plans to breakthrough
    • Create “space” between your thoughts and what reality is through writing and understanding your belief systems (maybe breaking them down!)
    • Strengthen the main thread that runs through you which becomes your ethos, your WHY, your PURPOSE



    How you communicate within your own community is important to examine. It helps you see how to leverage it further and where collaborations can happen.

    • Are you authentic? What are you lying about to yourself and others daily? 
    • Are you able to be yourself within each of your communities? 
    • Do you have integrity at all times? 
    • Exactly what happens when you work from a true point of view and live and breathe in that at work and at home so you live ONE life and do not feel divided, broken or separated?



    Today, life takes hard work and dedication to wake up and do the things that are right for you every single day especially when building a business of ANY size. It's easy to cut corners and keep "aspiring" to be something or to do something and not take action.

    • Activate NOW, not later on and why you have to show up for you first
    • Keep your progress moving forward so that you're consistent in how you create your messaging and target 
    • Know the impact that your consistency has upon the world and why you have to deeply understand your inner world



    A big piece of life and business is about the accountability plan to YOU and to OTHERS.

    • Creating the life you desire requires HARD work but SMART work 
    • Develop sustainable activities in your life to support that vision 
    • Realize what it takes and do it step by step

    From the United States to Canada & elsewhere!


    I grow with my clients as they grow their companies and lives!

  • Why Choose the Disrupt Now Program?

    1. Because you are READY to consciously CREATE and INNOVATE your life and  business from the roots of YOUR OWN wishes and desires
    2. ANDYou're tired of seeking answers OUT THERE and you're ready to trust YOU 
    3. You know you've been mulling it over far too long and are ready for clarity
    4. You're ready to get rid of the societal or outside (external) pressures and seeking answers as to how those have negatively affected your progress
    5.  You know you're ane entrepreneurial human and ready to LIGHT THAT FIRE


  • Watch this video to learn my 6 C'S to success!

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