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    Saying NO to the Status quo!

    Natalie is a cycle breaker and truthseeker, a vessel and voice for Gaia, and a medicine woman on a quest to help humans take their power back!


    After getting her B.S. degree in Business, Marketing, then making a fast climb up the corporate ladder in executive marketing & sales roles traveling all over and living in cities like San Francisco and New York City, she eventually knew that she MUST descend that ladder and launch her vision! Leaving so-called "security" to launch a vision is a feat... and it's the way we take our power back!


    In 2016, she founded Team Gu, a creative company that offers marketing strategy, writing, video, and other creative support serving heart-based, conscious business leaders. A couple of years later in 2018-2019, after a profound dream, she was guided to launch the Disrupt Now Program & Podcast.


    The Mission: Helping people reawaken the metaphysical magick, let go to heal, dig into their unique magick and launch their truth in the world (this is the process of taking the power back)!


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    For podcasts, summits, or other interviews, please contact us here at Disrupt Now!

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