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    Saying NO to the Status quo!

    Hi! I'm Natalie, and I help you stop suppressing your DIVINE gifts!


    I'm here to illuminate the path for my fellow indigos and starseeds to launch your mission on Earth so that more of us can serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness.


    We’re part of something so much bigger: a brotherhood & sisterhood of soul families here to serve. Each of us is here to bring our unique gifts and wisdom through in our own ways.


    I'm a descendant of the Emerald Order, Dragon Family Line, which is the original Grail Line of the Emerald Order – my Earth bloodline is the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail Lineage and a part of a sisterhood of the female mystics/seer line of the Mother of Dragons.


    It's with honor, on behalf of my ancestors, that I serve as a reminder of magick-- not the twisted evil magick but the magick that is the fabric of all of Creation! I'm here to help others remember their OWN magick, the DIVINITY that lives within… and that is what makes a human absolutely DIVINE!


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    I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to be featured on the Sacred Arts Podcast with the...
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    What happens when you morph and contort yourself to fit in? It’s about how we can override what...
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    "If you want to move beyond the stereotypical guests and dig deeper into a meaty conversation about what really makes us tick, you want to talk with Natalie! She was a fun guest!"


    "Natalie is a great guest and a great mind. Absolutely loved talking to her and definitely will get her on again."




    Sacred Arts with Jassy Jackson

    "An absolute delight. Really enjoyed my conversation with Natalie because she is knowledgeable and is so fun to talk to."






    The Other Side of Fear with Kertia Johnson

    "Had a lovely conversation with Natalie. She's such a gift. Highly recommend."







    "Natalie is a great guest to speak about pivoting from corporate to entrepreneurship, niching down to your ideal customers, and staying true to your values."

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    Soul&Spirit Magazine

    A Beginner's Guide to Manifesting




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    Best Life

    8 Ways to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy Without Sage


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    Authority Magazine

    Female Disruptors: Natalie Viglione is shaking up how we feel about being uncomfortable

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    The Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist is proof success doesn’t have to happen at an early age

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    Yahoo! Life

    The Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist is proof success doesn’t have to happen at an early age

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    Women's Health

    'You were meant to see this message': The truth about ‘tarot addiction’


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