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    Hello! You can explore the program here ...

    If you consider yourself a Lightworker, Light Warrior, Wanderer, Indigo, Starseed, or Rainbow Warrior (etc.) ... you're in the right spot!


    There are lots of different names, but there's a common thread ... the common thread is that we're here with UNIQUE missions that are to be expressed through us. Your UNIQUE magick consists of a unique soul imprint and skillsets that you were innately born with.

    It's THE work, THE magick, THE mission, THE mastery!


    This program was designed to support you on your way to gaining the clarity to integrate and embody ALL of who you are. The "who you truly are" part of you that's here for a BIG cosmic reason.

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    You've done a lot of hard inner work. You've healed trauma and integrated many parts of yourself that you used to hide from, and now you're ready for more expansive inner work, far-deeper shadow work, and getting into all-new pieces being revealed to you -- more of your soul's magick.


    You're ready for more clarity so that you can wrap what you do around YOUR unique truth. It's a big refresh for your business or career, or perhaps you desire to launch something ALL-NEW!


    Your divine contract has been activated at this time for a reason! You are here to play an integral role in creating what many have deemed as the "New" Earth...

    The "more" you seek to know is often labeled as untapped potential, but I like to say it's more than that. It's the innate UNIQUE magick that is ready to be expressed through you more and more. It's taking stock of all the ingredients of the giant recipe of what YOU are here to do, which is your unique mission (the imprint of you)!

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    🌀 I know a new paradigm is here, so how do I launch the positive, service to others' mission that I am here to bring forth ASAP?


    🌀How do I integrate and embody all this new information coming into my awareness?


    🌀 How do I mix this new with what I already know/do, plus discover more of my unique gifts?


    🌀 How do I further empower the mastery I am here for as part of this new paradigm and heart-based collective I see forming?


    🌀 In what ways can I further reclaim and step into my power?




    My fellow seekers, this program is engineered to provide the framework for you to get the answers to these kinds of questions (and more)!


    Please watch this informational video to learn more about this program and the value it can bring to you in this great shift.


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    Watch this next video to see what each of the 7 modules [~7 hours of guidance, activations, etc.] has in store for you!

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  • Who wouldn't be a good fit for this program? 

    Let's make sure it's a good fit before taking the next steps...

    ꩜ People without a lot of experience with spiritual concepts or healing practices, or those with heavy, unresolved trauma. 

    ꩜ People that don't believe in a positive, service to others path and have a narrow, materialistic way of viewing the world.

    ꩜ People that have a "profit over people" mentality and don't have a deep concern for the Earth and all other living beings.

    ꩜ People who aren't willing to change their beliefs and the way they view the world.



    This NEW paradigm is about a massive galaxy shift and a new 4th Density reality for all who choose a positive "service to others" pathway that's not attached to materialism, greed, and other 3rd-density traps. 


    The ANCIENT WISDOM is REawakening within those of us who hold the keys, for we are the wisdom-keepers and wayshowers... we are being asked to reach for our full potential and to heal ourselves and Earth.


    Now is the time for the AWAKENED SOULS to embrace and embody their DIVINE POWER by unblocking mind, body, and spirit to receive total clarity and get tapped into their innate magick and gifts to ignite the True Self.


    Develop the tools to help you integrate and embody your divine gifts and use them in your day-to-day (REAL INTEGRATION FOR USE IN REAL LIFE).

    Natalie Viglione, Your Facilitator & Guide on this magickal journey into that ancient soul of yours...

    Hello, fellow seekers; I'm Natalie! 

    That's a pic of me and my husband, Mark. We're real people here to be of service! We're twin flames and help each other evolve more and more every day. We also share the same deep, profound love for nature, Gaia, and all of the flora and fauna!


    Change is a constant. I constantly change, too. My beliefs are rocked at the core as I learn new things in this great unveiling. I change the colors of my hair. My body is healing from imbalances brought on by environmental toxins, so my body has undergone significant changes. But at the core, I know that what doesn't change is that I am brimming with an ANCIENT light within. If you're reading this, I know you feel inside of yourself, too!

    We are ALL light + matter melding into mastery and experience as powerful ENERGETIC forces! I'm a cycle breaker and truthseeker here on a quest to help humans take their power back!

    I want us to be TRULY FREE to stand in our UNIQUE TRUTH. That's why we all must tap into our magick; our divine uniqueness is beauty.

    After a 17-year career climbing that corporate ladder in sales and marketing roles that enabled me to travel and live in cities like San Francisco and New York City, I worked my way up to the executive vice-president status. But here's the thing. I was stuck in a HORRIBLE toxic work environment cycle, so I had to learn to let go of many things. And, sure, I did the college thing and have a B.S. in Business, Marketing from the University of Phoenix of San Francisco, but it didn't feed my soul (not really)...

    Upon my exit from that toxic corporate life I was living, I founded a Creative Collective called Team Gu, which offers purpose-driven business strategy, creative content with writing services, video editing, graphic design, and operational improvements that help companies step into a better flow. Mark is a part of this crew, along with a few other good people that help me make this work. Even Team Gu is evolving, though, to go with the times, so a lot of change is imminent for all of us!

    My business and life, in general, have evolved over time-- in fact, it has been MASSIVE evolution! I went on to receive my ICF-accredited education as a life, business, and professional coach with a specialized international school called the World Coaching Institute. As a healer and woman on her own healing journey, I'm walking the path to becoming a Master Herbalist In Training to help people TAKE THEIR POWER BACK around health... with more healing modalities to come. 

    So, I now include life, health, and business guidance, tapping into that Earth Magick, and have reclaimed my legacy of light as a Medicine Woman, healer, and voice for the Divine Feminine Rising. I am here on a mission to help humans understand how to tap into their magick to awaken and learn how to take their power back... this is done by becoming conscious, divine co-creators with All That Is.  The spiral of evolution of All Things! If you'd like more info on what Mark and I are up to,  please click here natalieviglione.com.

    Igniting your path to . . .

    🌀​ Learn what your "innate magick" means and how to tap into it, plus awaken to what having this knowledge can do for your life


    🌀 Learn ways to unblock energy centers (aka chakras) and pathways of the mind, body, and spirit to unlock your Intuition and be more open to your Higher Wisdom


    🌀 Awaken your Inner Knowing to receive extreme clarity around your purpose and how to fully embody your divine gifts


    🌀Learn how to strategically integrate your vision of what you want to create (or have created) into your business/career or future business you will create

    🌀 Become BOLD and powerful in your truth to unapologetically bring your magick into this world -- TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!


    🌀 Discover and develop an understanding of magick and how it can serve you as a means for achieving your most sublime aspirations


    🌀 Learn how to integrate these tools into all aspects of your life and how to tap into the Higher Consciousness of All That Is


    🌀 Gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize your divine gifts to show up consistently


    🌀 Become a master of your UNIQUE magick and END the cycle of fear and uncertainty


  • tap-into-your-magic-tap-into-your-magick-disrupt-now-program-natalie-viglione-lightworkers-indigos-starseeds-light-warriors

    An Online Program so that you can go at your own pace but ask for guidance when you desire!

    For all who seek to find what to do now that everything is changing...

  • Here are a few samples of some great words about how
    Disrupt Now impacts people's lives ...

    Nothing is more potent than amazing disrUPtion breakthroughs...

    - Liz Tennyson, Arizona

    "What I know is that I can acknowledge you, Natalie, all day long of how much just your presence in my life has given me the opportunity to set boundaries. What I know is that you better have people around you that not only will help you clean up a mess but also how much your steadiness in showing up for visionaries like me is of so much value. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you."

    - Jada Berteaux, Louisiana

    "You are not only professional but also encouraging, creative and flexible. I have felt like a valued client from the start! As a writer, I value clear communication and I received it. I can’t say enough about how you go the extra mile to assist me in so many areas.

    - Amanda V., North Carolina

    "I am so incredibly ecstatic to have you, Natalie, as my guide. I think it's the best money I've ever spent in my entire life and I have already seen huge progress and steps towards me being grounded and having more clarity on my own Self and who I am and what I want. I am super excited to begin this new program...!"

    - Andrea Mejia, New York City

    "Tunnel vision: it can be a gift and a crutch. It can enable us to learn something to the point of intuition. At other times, we can get so caught up in the momentum that unless some force acts upon our path, you’ll stay in it. Locked in its matrix. Unless you break out of it. This is why this work changes everything, and it did for me. It provides a safe place to momentarily detach from the matrix, to help sort things out, and have guidance by Natalie who knows what you've been through. She helps you grow, and to not be stuck in status quo simply because it has become a comfortable, predictable habit. Thank you, Nat, for this program, for providing a safe place purge our thoughts, fears; a place to get back in touch with our essence. #DisruptNowFangirl "

    - Paulina Brusca, New York City

    "I had to physically extract myself from two lucrative senior management positions that were slowly killing me. That’s when I met Natalie and my life changed. When I started working with her I was instantly connected to something greater than myself that started pulling the best me out of me. Her courage, creativity, and drive sparked the part of me that was willing to push myself to think better thoughts, deliver results that I was proud of and be accountable to myself to be all that I could. Nowadays I’m experiencing an unexpected rebirth where I once again LOVE my work."

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