FREE GUIDE: Learn the Myths, Lies, and Truths About Blood Pressure

FREE GUIDE: Learn the Myths, Lies, and Truths About Blood Pressure

This guide includes MANY insights on weaning yourself off blood pressure medications, the natural way (and for good!)

Here's what you'll find inside this guide:

* Find out what blood pressure is and what the heart REALLY is ['ll be shocked to hear that it's not a "pump" as we've understood it]

* What makes blood pressure change, and what is hypertension

* What’s the real story on high blood pressure anyway

* High blood pressure MYTHS, LIES, and BIG TRUTHS

* My top magickal plant recommendations and other things that you can start integrating into your life right now

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I am a Master Herbalist In Training, and my intention for this guide is to get into the magick around specific plants that can have a game-changing impact on blood pressure for the better, among other things.

In my training, I am learning all the intricacies around the blood, organs, and our bodies, and blood pressure is a major part of this training. 

Therefore, it’s why blood and stimulants are a big portion of what we learn upfront.

I will reveal some hard truths in this guide because it’s important for everyone to understand what has happened over the decades as it relates to blood pressure.

**AS ALWAYS, WHEN IT COMES TO NATURAL HEALTH AND YOUR OVERALL PLAN, please make sure that new supplements fit well within the construct of what you're taking now, and so you should meet with your naturopathic or some other kind of natural/holistic doctor to fit things in the best way for your UNIQUE BODY.