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  • Greetings, fellow indigos, starseeds, and all seekers of primordial truths-- YOU are the pioneers of a new era!


    We shall weave a sacred vessel brimming with the essence of healing medicine and magick. Within its embrace, we shall revisit the dawn of creation, where magick was born, and our quest shall unite us with other kindred souls from far and wide who want to create, take action, and heal together.


    We will gather in this soon-to-come enchanted space to shape the future of our realm, for we are the weavers of a new tapestry.


    The threads of destiny shall honor the Primordial Ways of the Guardian Founders while embracing the emergence of a new era.


    We will FORGE forward and FLOW into the Eternal Now... taking bold action, coming up with solutions to build new systems, and flowing with the Primordial Energies ...


    Let us unite and create the world we desire in the here and now.