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    Natalie Viglione

    Oracle of Original Creation, Primordial Wisdom Story Keeper

    and Vibrational Medicine Guide

    My Sacred Purpose and Mission:

    As an Oracle of Original Creation Magick, Primordial Wisdom Story Keeper, and Vibrational Medicine Guide, I am here to serve as one of the voice's of the Emerald Founders through the Lineage of Protectors for the Cosmic Mother of Dragons ~ Tiamat ~ the Great White Lions of Sirius, and our Dearest Planetary Being Soul that we call Earth-Tara-Gaia.


    I am a Master Herbalist in training and Root Cause Protocol Practitioner bringing Vibrational Medicine to life once again... part of this mission is the reclamation of truth within the Maji Grail lineage; this is my soul family of Indigos and/or Starseeds who are here to act as system breakers and wisdom keepers of the REAL Celtic-Druid bloodlines (not the lies that you read on the internet or have read in false religious texts, etc. about "Druids" and what they stood for). 


    I hold primordial codes with my Sisters and Brothers across this world who are keepers of wisdom in the Christos-Sophia heart pathway... the Medicine Woman ignited.


    I serve as a storyteller to activate codes within others, which acts as an alarm clock for humanity to help those here with a Sacred Mission and Purpose to remember their Divine Gifts (how to stop suppressing them!), and to dissolve OLD energies to awaken the NEW-- unleash YOUR Authentic Soul Blueprint!





    After a 17-year career climbing that corporate ladder in sales and marketing roles that enabled me to travel and live in cities like San Francisco and New York City, I worked my way up to the executive vice-president status.


    After realizing I was stuck in a toxic work environment cycle (Woah, baby, the stories I can tell!) I decided to jump out of the marketing agency life of New York City and bring my own vision to life in 2016 ... I was here for SO MUCH MORE. It was the time to commence the work that I AM here to do!


    Initially, I founded a Creative Collective called Team Gu, which offers creative and strategic support for heart-based, conscious business leaders who do GOOD for this world. We help get their unique truth into the world! Please explore here teamgu.com


    I have a B.S. in Business, Marketing from the Univ. of Phoenix of San Francisco, but realized I needed MORE of an education that focuses on guidance and healing. I went on to receive my ICF-accredited certified education as a life, business, and professional coach with a specialized international school called the World Coaching Institute.


    My work has evolved to illuminate your path to igniting metaphysical magick, opening the doors to natural healing, learning how to let go, launching your mission, and awakening that power you hold! To do so, I founded the Disrupt Now Programs & Podcast as well as Team Gu, which are softly held in a soul medicine container my husband (and twin flame) and I bring forth called Sacred Soul Health Trust.  


    As a healer, I have created a way for me to share all I learn in the natural organic health space and bring together varying healing modalities, including training as a Master Herbalist, Vibrational Medicine, and down the road, I will be a Root Cause Protocol Practitioner which is a critical foundation to reclaiming our health!


    My husband and I also have some other fun products and concepts that we have built (and will come to life) as we are building our homesteading sanctuary as I type this... so more amazing things to come!

  • Why Choose To Work With Me?

    1. Because you are READY to STEP INTO YOUR DIVINE POWER
    2. You're ready to delve into your UNIQUE MAGICK
    3. You are READY to consciously CREATE and INNOVATE your life and (current or future) business from the roots of YOUR OWN wishes and desires
    4. You're tired of seeking answers OUT THERE, and you're ready to trust YOU (get back to YOUR intuition) and seek the Primordial Truths
    5. Magick is calling. You know it, and you've mulled it over far too long and are ready for CLARITY + INTENTION as to what this means
    6. You're ready to get rid of the societal or outside (external) pressures
    7. You're ready to LET GO to heal and take back your power

  • The Disrupt Now Team

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    Emily Erum

    Podcast Manager and Marketing Support

    Emily is vital to the Team Gu and Disrupt Now team! She empowers businesses to focus on their truest purpose by providing marketing and administrative assistance. She believes, "Always do what you are afraid to do.” …and lives and breathes this into all she does.

  • A Sample of Some of the Amazing Success Stories!

  • "I very much appreciate Natalie's magick for she does bring her beautiful magick. She has been so very helpful in clarifying for me overall my business strategy and how I can best serve my community."



    "In the Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass, it's about higher thinking, higher consciousness-- that is exactly what Natalie delivered...I went deeper into my own essence!"


    Take a listen to a recent Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass member and what she got from the program!


  • Here are just a few more examples...

    Jada Berteaux, Louisiana

    "You are not only professional but also encouraging, creative, and flexible. I have felt like a valued client from the start! As a writer, I value clear communication and I received it. I can’t say enough about how you go the extra mile to assist me in so many areas!"







    Dr. Susan James, Arizona

    "The next phases of my two brand's development [MY mission!] are unfolding with reliable, creative knowledge...now have the confidence so I can do my work!"










    Liz T., Author & Health Coach, Arizona

    "What I know is that I can acknowledge you, Natalie, all day long for how much just your presence in my life has given me the opportunity to set boundaries. What I know is that you better have people around you that not only will help you clean up a mess but also how much your steadiness in showing up for visionaries like me is of so much value. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you."

    Amanda V., North Carolina

    "I am so incredibly ecstatic to have gone through program one and to have you as my coach. I think it's the best money I've ever spent in my entire life and I have already seen huge progress and steps towards me being grounded and having more clarity on my own self and who I am and what I want. I am super excited to begin program two!"

    Andrea Mejia, NYC

    "Tunnel vision: it can be a gift and a crutch. It can enable us to learn something to the point of intuition. At other times, we can get so caught up in the momentum that unless some force acts upon our path, you’ll stay in it. Locked in its matrix. Unless you break out of it. This is why Disrupt Now changes everything, and it did for me. It provides a safe place to momentarily detach from the matrix, to help sort things out, and have guidance by Natalie who knows what you've been through. She helps you grow, and to not be stuck in status quo simply because it has become a comfortable, predictable habit. Thank you, Nat, for this program, for providing a safe place purge our thoughts, fears; a place to get back in touch with our essence. #DisruptNowFangirl "

    Paulina Brusca, NYC

    "I had to physically extract myself from two lucrative senior management positions that were slowly killing me. That’s when I met Natalie and my life changed. When I started working with her I was instantly connected to something greater than myself that started pulling the best me out of me. Her courage, creativity, and drive sparked the part of me that was willing to push myself to think better thoughts, deliver results that I was proud of and be accountable to myself to be all that I could. Nowadays I’m experiencing an unexpected rebirth where I once again LOVE my work."

    Carrie W., Nevada

    "Natalie has the experience and knowledge to help ANY entrepreneur and the company you run to become successful! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone I come across. Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our business and helping our goals become a reality!"

    Travis B., NYC

    "[Natalie] She took my business to the next level. Innovative, available, and most importantly, FUN to work with! ... Now my organization is professional, clear and I can clearly help MY potential clients know exactly what to expect!"

    Karen I., Nevada

    "Natalie is very creative, very responsive, and so easy to work with. The overall outcome was a stronger, better brand and a better understanding of how to market to my clients. It's so nice to work with a person that takes the time to understand you, your vision, and what you want to be and to represent. On top of all that she made everything so much fun!"

  • The 6 C's to Disrupt Now ...

    There are six foundations to Disrupt Now for the good of YOUR BEING and here are some fundamentals ...



    Commit to change. It ain't easy and you shouldn't expect it to be. But it must be done as true success if found through commitment, showing up, and consistency.



    Purpose is your unique way of BEING and why you were born. It's the spark of your TRUE SELF, hooking into your Higher Self, your Soul or whatever construct you have for this lifetime.



    Centering of the heart. Centering of the mind. Grounding in the entire being is necessary to gain clarity.



    • Are you authentic? What are you lying about to yourself and others daily? 
    • Are you able to be yourself within each of your communities? 
    • Do you have integrity at all times? 
    • Exactly what happens when you work from a true point of view and live and breathe in that at work and at home so you live ONE life and do not feel divided, broken, or separated?
    • Do you listen to YOUR intuition? 



    Today, life takes hard work and dedication to wake up and do the things that are right for you every single day, especially as we leap into UNKNOWN times. SHOW UP every day and see the magick that happens when you do. But realize there is also access to FLOW within action... there is a finesse when harmonizing energies.



    A big piece of life and business is about the accountability plan to YOU and to OTHERS and if you want a different world, well, guess where it starts? Yep. INSIDE OF YOU!