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    “If you are not ready to alter your way of life, you cannot be healed…” - Hippocrates


    This saying is truth and from all those thousands of years ago, and still stands strong. The ask is to alter our lives to open space for healing. I feel this is a fantastic reminder of the intention to hold when we are healing ourselves and/or assisting our furbabies...

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    Below you will find the Personal Health Questionnaire online form, if you could please fill this out prior to your 1:1 session.


    Please note that there is a portion where you track 3 days of your nutritional intake noted below in the form, so just wanted to mention that ahead of time. I greatly appreciate your time and energy and for choosing me to work with! 🙂 ~ Natalie

  • What To Expect

    Natalie will offer intuitive healing recommendations for your mind (emotions)-body(physical)-spirit(aether/energetic), and healing requires looking at ALL aspects of what makes us a multidimensional being/


    Do you need to talk about your pet and/or you? If you want to talk about your furbaby, please email natalie@disruptnorprogram.com so we can provide you with that questionnaire.


    The below questionnaire is about the human body.


    Natalie's focus is on Vibrational aspects of healing, what she is just calling Vibration Medicine, which deals in the metaphysical and the physical; there is not one without the other. To truly heal, we must look at how we heal in the form of what we call “matter” and the energetic underpinnings to all things. Matter/physical form is of a slower vibrational pattern than the surrounding energetic bodies, therefore, we must look at this as a Whole Entirety and how we seek to change from the inside-out affecting those patterns.


    Often, nutritional and lifestyle changes are not only needed but 100% essential to true healing and to facilitate the therapeutic response and working with herbs and other remedies like Chinese Medicine, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, etc. She may recommend exercise (aka movement of your body) to help move energy, nutritional intake changes or other types of healing modalities that will help you find the right places and people to get such recommendations as needed.


    Often, you will be encouraged to be still in contemplative thought to integrate and embody the changes on all levels of your Being. The types of things Natalie recommends should be ran by your holistic natural health regular go-to person if you have one, but do all things at your own discretion.

    Recommended Products

    Part of our service to you is the benefit of our practitioner’s many years of experience and research in the natural healing field. Because of this, her product recommendations are most often brand specific. She is very particular and uses only high-quality products that are organic and does not contain ANY harmful chemicals, fillers or pesticides, herbicides, or any other horrific poisonous elements.


    Reminder: Your beliefs may be challenged, so just come in with an OPEN heart and mind for Natalie’s learnings break the status quo and the traditional / conventional models of what has been called “medicine” so be ready to potentially let go of long-held beliefs or patterns (for example, synthetic Vitamin D is toxic to our body and not something many know but it’s ruining health in a big way, and she can explain why). She can share scientific research with you for you to do our own deep dive, so all you have to do is let her know how much you want to dive into. Knowledge is power!

    Follow-Up 1:1 Sessions

    These are set up per your and Natalie’s plan and recommendations and via mutual agreement. Usually, a given protocol is followed for 1 to 3 months. For optimal results, there may be further testing to get that can be added into all of the layers.


    You may need to be reassessed at that time so that appropriate changes can be made to the herbal formulation and nutritional protocol. If you run out of your supplements or tincture between appointments, you should get them refilled in order to continue your progress. You may, of course, schedule a consult prior to your follow-up if you have something in-depth you would like to discuss sooner.

  • "You are your OWN healer, we all are our own healers, but getting guidance helps us to step into the right holistic health pathway. This triggers our Inner Knowing, and what I do is focus on getting to the TRUE ROOT CAUSE! The deepest of deepest root cause. There is NO disease, there's mineral dysregulation which causes metabolic dysfunction. Bold statement, I know. And I know this without a doubt that it's a truth that has been hidden. And, often when we lack clarity of purpose/Sacred Mission, it's because there are blockages both physically AND energetically so we must deal with ALL of the vibrational layers. I look forward to uncovering all of this together!" ~ Natalie Viglione



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    If you want to talk about your furbaby, please email natalie@disruptnowprogram.com so we can provide you with that questionnaire as well so we can know more upfront.