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  • Stop Suppressing Your Divine Gifts

    Discover more ways to tune into your Divine Gifts that are unique to you, and how they unfold into your Sacred Mission with this intuitively crafted masterclass tailored for awakening souls!

  • Is A Sense Of Unfulfilled Potential Haunting Your Every Step?


    Release the chains of spiritual gift suppression and step boldly into mastery of your innate (DIVINE) gifts with this foundational masterclass program that offers you the ability to begin that blueprint that's uniquely yours to serving the greater good and releasing your Sacred Mission



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    Watch this video to learn more

    Or, you can learn more in this free guidebook!

    For the Seekers, Starseeds, Indigos... What Does Tapping Into Your Unique Magick and Mastery Mean?

    This guidebook will allow you to explore a bit more about this Tap Into Your Magick concept which is dedicated to awakening MORE of the magick and mastery from within you to empower your evolutionary path.

  • "It provides a safe place to momentarily detach from the matrix, to help sort things out, and have guidance by Natalie who knows what you've been through..."


    #DisruptNowFanGirl NYC

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    The Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass is a comprehensive online training taking you from a Dormant Dreamer to a Celestial Changemaker! They'll marvel at the transformation when you reveal the magnitude of your inner mystic. Join the Masterclass and emerge as the guiding star you were always destined to be. 


    Is this YOU?

    "I have divine gifts, they're there, and I have experiences, but I seem to be stuck in trying to validate what I experience with other people rather than trusting myself."

    "I have psychic insights and sometimes it feels intense and disorienting. Feeling like I have a lack of a framework or support system to integrate and how to use these gifts in my daily life."

    "I am SO ready to hone in on my unique abilities, and begin to structure a concrete plan for launching MY sacred mission! I just can't wait anymore to do this."

    "I've been so emotionally turbulent and feel a lot of negativity from others, especially the corporate environment I am in (and the energetic shifts occurring on the planet), and I need to take time to focus on MY mission... it's time."

  • I get it.

    This is how I felt for YEARS before I threw in the towel, left my corporate gig in 2016 (and that big fat paycheck- OUCH!), and said,


    "I'm done with this corporate shit -- I'm gonna launch MY unique and sacred mission NOW and I'll be able to fully discover and use my Divine Gifts every day and feel sovereign in my Being!"


    I finally learned to start thinking about my desire for truly authentic self-expression of all aspects of my Soulstream of Consciousness, igniting my Sacred Mission to serve others and this Earth, and focus on how this contributes to the greater good and not struggle anymore with hiding who I truly am or worrying about what others think of me.


  • I've been serving others and evolving within my Sacred Mission since 2016. Evolution comes faster and faster, and I'm more connected to my Divine Gifts today because I said YES!


    I designed this Tap Into Your Magick foundational masterclass to get others, like me, out of the thinking that their divine gifts don't matter OR aren't unique.


    Starseeds and Indigos (the Seekers and Wayshowers), we often feel like outsiders due to our unique abilities or ways of perceiving the world, and you deserve a push towards your self-mastery!




    [That's a picture of me recently at Avebury Henge, a magickal place!]

  • "In the Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass, it's about higher thinking, higher consciousness-- that is exactly what Natalie delivered...I went deeper into my own essence!"


    Take a listen to a recent Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass member and what she got from the program!


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  • Ready to swim in your unique magick?

    Unlock the full masterclass for $77

    7 classes, 7 themes...7 is the secret to unlocking so much within you and within this realm (and beyond)!

  • This masterclass is about more than just stopping to suppress your gifts ...

    It's about ...

    🌀 Honing your innate skills—whether that's healing, psychic intuition, creative expression, or communication with non-physical realms, etc.—and creating an Innate Skills Blueprint (or Map) so that you can use these gifts in service of something larger than you. This means launching your service to others path and making a positive impact.


    🌀 Becoming BOLD and powerful in your truth to unapologetically bring your magick into this world -- TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

    🌀 Healing and evolving further as part of a broader shift towards planetary healing. Unblock energy centers and pathways of your mind, body, and spirit for deeper transformation that provides not only personal growth but also contributes to the healing of others by unlocking your own healing potential.

    🌀 Ripping that mask off that has been there that's trying to fit into society's expectations, and connect into your true self so that the inner turmoil can subside.

    🌀 Awakening your Inner Knowing further to open more pathways to clarity with more tools to help you decode who you truly are further-- your cosmic blueprint--that aligns with the greater good.

    🌀 Gaining a deeper understanding of how to utilize your divine, innate gifts to show up consistently-- you create the roadmap and connect the dots!

  • Unlock the Full Masterclass

    ~ 7 hours

    (7 different modules/classes)

    **Comprehensive Video Modules**

    This foundational program breaks down the process of discovering and honing your unique Sacred Mission and delves into how you can really *see* more of your natural-born and divine gifts. These are broken down into seven in-depth instructional videos.

    You'll receive supportive guidebooks, the Unique Magick Innate Skillset Worksheet & more!

    **Workbooks & Reflection **

    You will be provided with workbooks with exercises, questions, and journal prompts that encourage self-reflection, helping you delve deeper into your unique process. You can document insights, progress, and revelations as you move through the masterclass.

    Every class has varying activations (meditations, guided visualizations & more)

    **Guided Meditations and Energy Work Sessions**

    You will be guided through meditations and energy-clearing/tuning-up practices. These will help dissolve old patterns and energies, creating space for new insights and abilities to emerge (the awakening of magick!).

    Special access and invites to online events & other offerings* Lifetime access to the program

    Receive access to One-on-One Guidance as an upgrade if you'd like to receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique path and discovery.

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  • The 7 Core Classes of the

    Tap Into Your Magick Program


    Beginning to Tap Into Your Unique Magick

    Learn what your "innate magick" means—this is analyzing YOUR TRUE INNATE GIFTS and why our chakras are more important than most can ever imagine.


    Tapping Into Your Inner Guidance System

    Activate your heart-brain connection and more deeply awaken the inner guidance system – this is the intuition; this becomes your North Star Directive from within as you build your mission… using all the wisdom you hold no matter what age. Build the mission by creating your “keywords” driven by YOUR UNIQUE values.


    Shadow Work in Life and Business

    Face MORE of the Shadows… go deeper! If you think you healed that thing from 10 years ago, think again! We are being asked to go DEEPER THAN EVER BEFORE! Activate your wisdom by deprogramming and clearing old energies to awaken the new within you!


    Why Health and Well-being are Vital

    Build your Innate Gifts Skillset Map… this becomes a beacon that drives you to remember who you are at the soul level… Learn to command your system and to work with your DNA in ways perhaps you’ve never done before. Plus, learn deep healing techniques that I’ve learned as a Master Herbalist in training… this style of “self-care” is more important than ever!


    Understanding Our (The Human) Magick

    Igniting your heart space & OPENING UP to receive. Learn to align your magick ability, which is aligning Emotions/Intentions with your Thoughts, Actions, and Words. THIS IS MANIFESTATION IN ACTION (vital to BUILDING a mission)!


    Turning Your Unique Magick Into Something Real

    Activate your AUTHENTIC SELF… this takes courage to speak your truth, activate that throat chakra, and learn what promotion looks like when you frame it in this new light that I'll share with you...


    Aligning Your Avatars and Creating from a Place of Power

    Align your Divine Star Self with your Earth Star Self, learn how you can end the fear cycle, and look at how you can target the right people that YOU want to serve… this is your unique way to reach out and speak to those who you are here to serve in YOUR mission.

  • A Few More Samples About Natalie's Guidance

    Some great words about how this work can impact lives.

    Nothing is more potent than amazing disrUPtion breakthroughs!

    - Jada Berteaux, Louisiana

    "You are not only professional but also encouraging, creative and flexible. I have felt like a valued client from the start! As a writer, I value clear communication and I received it. I can’t say enough about how you go the extra mile to assist me in so many areas.

    - Amanda V., North Carolina

    "I am so incredibly ecstatic to have you, Natalie, as my guide. I think it's the best money I've ever spent in my entire life and I have already seen huge progress and steps towards me being grounded and having more clarity on my own Self and who I am and what I want. I am super excited to begin this new program...!"

    - Andrea Mejia, New York City 

    "Tunnel vision: it can be a gift and a crutch. It can enable us to learn something to the point of intuition. At other times, we can get so caught up in the momentum that unless some force acts upon our path, you’ll stay in it. Locked in its matrix. Unless you break out of it. This is why this work changes everything, and it did for me. It provides a safe place to momentarily detach from the matrix, to help sort things out, and have guidance by Natalie who knows what you've been through. She helps you grow, and to not be stuck in status quo simply because it has become a comfortable, predictable habit. Thank you, Nat, for this program, for providing a safe place purge our thoughts, fears; a place to get back in touch with our essence. #DisruptNowFangirl "

    - Paulina Brusca, New York City

    "I had to physically extract myself from two lucrative senior management positions that were slowly killing me. That’s when I met Natalie and my life changed. When I started working with her I was instantly connected to something greater than myself that started pulling the best me out of me. Her courage, creativity, and drive sparked the part of me that was willing to push myself to think better thoughts, deliver results that I was proud of and be accountable to myself to be all that I could. Nowadays I’m experiencing an unexpected rebirth where I once again LOVE my work."

  • Are YOU Ready to Stop Suppressing Your Divine Gifts and

    Tap Into Your Unique Magick?



    Unlock the Full Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass Program

    Unlock the Full Tap Into Your Magick Masterclass Program

    * ~ 7 hours (7 different modules) holding guidance and strategy support
    * Every module has varying activations (meditations, guided visualizations & more)
    * You'll receive supportive guidebooks, the Unique Magick Innate Skillset Worksheet & more!
    * Special access and invites to online events & other offerings
    * Lifetime access to the program

    Plus, MORE waiting for you inside the masterclass program series ...

    ****Make sure to check your spam/junk email after your purchase, as you will automatically receive access to the program via email from our site.

    Coming soon
  • About Your Guide, Natalie Viglione

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    Mystic, healer, and a sage of ancient wisdom


    Once, I was coerced to believe that my divine gifts were not needed/desired nor were they unique (by the status quo of this realm), and that I was fated to lead a life of conformity in the corporate world. Only when running along the water with my furry companion, or later on, sharing my cosmic soul with my husband (and twin flame partner), these were the only times I felt safe enough to unleash "my real Self."


    In my 30s at that time, I had begun to accept that this was the way of the world and the horrid status quo was what we were all doomed to tolerate. That is until I was visited by dreamtime learnings and messages from my Cosmic Soulstream (or Higher Self/ves/Spiritual Council), calling me into action. The timeline had shifted in 2016, and I had to answer the call. I said YES, and here I am...

    We live in a world that has been chock full of lies, manipulation, and unnecessary trauma. The patriarchy, a system of separation and control, has been created by evil beings. It has caused the suppression of many humans' divine gifts and has thrown us into chaos by eradicating the existence of the Sacred Feminine Energy and the Cosmic Mother. Many starseeds and indigos--those who came here with a mission-- have not been able to launch it on Earth due to this system.


    But times have changed and there is a Higher Path! 


    I see this higher evolutionary path where all beings can thrive. We are part of something bigger, a brotherhood and sisterhood of soul families here to assist humanity at the end of a cycle. We each bring our unique gifts and wisdom to help make this happen! That is THE call!


    Join me inside this masterclass where we can unlock our full potential and make this world a better place by unlocking our Divine Gifts and using them to serve all for the greater good!

  • Natalie's Guarantee


    IF you are a dedicated seeker ready to embrace your sacred mission, if you have felt the call to no longer suppress your divine gifts, and IF you commit to fully engaging with every step of the Tap Into Your Magick Foundational Masterclass—completing all exercises, modules, and going through all the modules—THEN, with my guidance, you will experience a profound awakening of the magick within you and begin to effectively see how your divine gifts come online by dissolving old energy patterns that no longer serve you.


    OR, if after completing the coursework and being an active participant, you do not feel that a new level of magick has awakened within you to *see* YOU in a whole new light, I will not only offer you a complete refund but also provide a personalized 1-on-1 guidance/clarity session to address any remaining blocks—because I stand by my commitment to share the risk and ensure your transformation.


    This is the strength of my promise to you: your success and satisfaction are my highest priority!

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