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Why Core Values Matter in Business and Life

By: Natalie Viglione, Disrupt Now Program & Podcast

· Building Your Mission,Soul-based Living,Reclaiming Our Power

Why are your values so essential to awakening your purpose from within?

As my previous article mentions, regardless if we're talking about life, in general, or the company you are starting (or started), getting to the core of who you are (or what the business drives out into the world) needs to be methodically thought out and deeply understood.

When we're young, we have no filters. If we are allowed to express our intuition then we could ride that innate wisdom throughout our entire lives. But, the reality is that we rarely, if ever, as humans get to do that. We often are guided down what our guardians say to value or what to feel, and we start to get what OTHERS expect of us mixed into our own desires.

Then before we know it, we're getting into adulthood in our early 20's and realize that the life we were told to live doesn't JIVE with our souls. But, we keep going, or maybe that is when some of us stop to listen to our heart's desires.

What are core values and why are they important?

If you're like most people, you didn't get the chance to sit down and map out what YOU value most and HOW you bring that into your own life's reality.

Core values are the core keywords that are like operating systems for our life. Learning what these are are KEY to bringing more of what we want into our life and less of what we DON'T want.

Th first step is to get clarity! KNOW THYSELF is one of the most important things that we can do!

Here are some key notes to taking the first step to my Progression Map (see the previous article for more insight there). The first part of this mapping system is to understand your current state of where you're at and WHAT isn't jiving with your being.

The ONLY way to relate that to something is if you're relating it to YOUR values. You can start to understand why something isn't working because you sit and analyze it against what YOU value and you can begin to clearly see why some areas in your life (or even your career or business) just is NOT going to work for you are at a breaking point.

Figure out your core values

Here's how you do this:

  1. CORE LIFE VALUES: Go to this list here (a Word doc) to see ALL the values for your life. Values are never, ever tangible items. A value is not wanting a new car, it's not about travel, nor is it about money either. These are NOT values, these are things that can come from your life when you are living your purpose honestly and without hidden motives. 
  2. You go through and find ALL the top values you find that you're really connecting with. If you have 20, cool! If you have 7, great! It doesn't matter how many in your first go-round, just go this list with truth and honesty as to what your soul feels. 
  3. Once you do that once, then it's time to analyze them against one another just by glancing. You'll see that some of them will be VERY similar so you can start to delete some of them. For example, Perseverance can be the same thing as Resilience, though one might feel better than the other and you can cross one of those out.
  4. The next layers you will compare each value against each other and you'll do that twice by using this kind of table as an example: 

You will take this above table and write out your values (if you have more than 7 to evaluate, then just make another line or two but try to definitely have LESS THAN 10 to evaluate). You will then write the values along the top and give them the Value 1-7 (or whatever number you have) and then do the same along the left side. Once you do that start to evaluable Value 1 to Value 1, then Value to Value 2 and so on and so forth. Eventually, yours will look something like this:


Just remember as you go from step 1 to step 3, DO NOT CENSOR THE PROCESS! Just feel through it and try to ensure you are alone and can shut down whatever anyone else ever told you that you "must" do!

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