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Disrupt Now Podcast, Ep. 26: The ABC's of CBD, A New Book By the Amazing Shira Adler

· Podcast Episode,Natural Medicine and Healing

Yes! That's right, we have Shira Adler back on the Disrupt Now Podcast! (Did you hear her on our 11th episode? If not, check it out after you listen to this one)! Shira has dedicated three-plus decades to spiritual care work as a cantor, non-denominational Interfaith Minister and healer (Certified Past Life Regressionist, intuitive and spiritual counselor), her Shira Synergy oils and aromatherapy, etc. is the consumer product side of what she is pushing into the world based on the health & wellness aspects of CBD. Shira’s book is out and available on Amazon. It’s called The ABCs of CBD, see link here.