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Unveiling the Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year: A Guide to Celebrating Original Creation Magick

By: Natalie Viglione

Step into the enchanting world of the Wheel of the Year, a mystical journey through a "calendar" that provides the reconnection into the magick that drives All Things.

It's way more than a connection into the changing seasons. That's a part of it, but it's truly about connecting to the truth of how our what we call "world" operates in its most natural and organic form. Let's unlock the secrets of this primordial wisdom that comes to us from the pagans and Druids and others who walked the path that lived in harmony with ALL things, including this Being we call Earth (and in other timelines of the Trinity Form which is Earth-Tara-Gaia).

The current commercial calendar is a modern convention created by pope Gregory 13th in the 1500's CE which requires a leap year every four years to realign itself (INORGANIC). So, we must begin to realize that our Celtic and Pre-Celtic Ancestors used the available indicators, like the 4 brightest stars in our Sky, along with the equal day/nights and the shortest/longest day/nights that everyone could see, to establish the True Eightfold Sun Calendar (ORGANIC).

There were 8 Sacred Holy Days or Times that honored Divine and Cosmic/Galactic relations and connections to the Living Being we call Earth, humanity, and the Organic Living Natural World around us. So, with this, we are re-establishing our connection to the pure Celtic Tradition with the knowledge shared in the workshops we are creating.

And as the grasp of the patriarchy fades before us, we can unite with these potent energies, restoring balance and sovereignty to this world that was woven into the very fabric of its being and into all of Living Creation.

There were many lies by the vile beings created that hid the truth of these Sacred Holy Days. Our desire is to uncover the truths and connect into beauty of the natural rythyms, connect into Sacred Energies, connect into this Living Being we call Earth, and so much more.

Understanding the Significance of the Wheel of the Year

There are celebrations, festivals, sacred ceremony and rituals wrapped around this Wheel of the Year calendar. It's a vibrant tapestry of festivities, each one aligned with the natural rhythms of not just the Being we call Earth, but of the Cosmos and also touching far more in the beyond.

From the solstice celebrations to the harvest festivals, each unique time holds its own significance, energies, and symbolism. Let's delve a bit into this all and to do so, it will require deprogramming and removing all things known that are wrapped around religions of any kind (and I also include Wicca in this) because then we can get back to primordial truths that aren't veiled in some kind of distortion (for there is much to bring back into our consciousness and the awareness of all who choose to see).

The Wheel of the Year is something that we can connect into and it gives us back so much more than meets the eye when we do. The mysteries of this sacred wheel deepens our connection with the natural world around us in every way possible, but also with other positive, higher consciousness realms full of much love, a love that comes from energies that are hard for us to explain but we can FEEL.

The Eightfold Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is far more than just connecting into the changing seasons. While that is of course a part of it, the magick lies in the knowing that it's connecting into energies that reach into the vastness that we call the Cosmos as well. And more than that, it reaches into higher realms that we are being connected to in again, and with this comes the ability to remember more and more. We can recover the truth and strip out the distortions when more of us come together to remember.

This below image is a lovely way to display the 8 festivals throughout what we call a year. But the interesting aspect is thinking about how within our lands we hold duality (an ORIGINAL and ORGANIC aspect of what duality means) because as the "northern" regions experience one aspect of energies and seasons at a given time, the "southern" regions experience the exact opposite of that. How does this organic way of experiencing create a rich and vibrant experience throughout our years? These are wonderful things that we can ponder when we see the far bigger picture.


The Eightfold Wheel of the Year Calendar explores the following:

  • Imbolg: February 1-2

  • Ostara [Spring Equinox]: March 19-23

  • Beltane: April 30 – May 1

  • Litha/Midsummer [Summer Solstice]: June 19-23

  • Lughnasadh: August 1-2

  • Mabon [Autumn Equinox]: September 20-24

  • Samhain: October 31 – November 1

  • Yule [Winter Solstice]: December 19-23

Organic and Original Truths of the Wheel of the Year Calendar

The magick and ritual of these festivals are remembered in many ways. There are many who live close to the Earth and are the true remaining Druids or we could also say pagans, and many of us are getting back to that primal and beautiful nature again. I'd like you to strip whatever you know about the pagans or Druids as being "evil" as that was made up nonsense meant to separate and control through tyrannical ways. Those untruths were created by the vile beings and their human puppets that have stripped truth from our realm which was done by the false and violent religions that were created. Anyone that lived in harmony with the Earth and wanted to live AWAY from their control mechanisms had war rained down on them. These are the genocides that few discuss.

So, the ORGANIC and ORIGINAL truth of this Wheel of the Year is that this was celebrated by MANY cultures and still to this day, it's just that it has been harder to find. The Indigenous Tribes of all lands followed (and some still do follow) tthis path, even if they call it something different (for example, the First Nations Tribes/Natives to the Americas didn't call it the "Wheel of the Year" exactly, but honored it in similar ways).

But anyone that followed the truth of the Natural Essence of this realm has seen war brought down on them. Why? Because when humans and all things live in harmony, they cannot be controlled. They are sovereign. That is why the essence of Goddess is about SOVEREIGNTY and Goddess is the Land, and these energies of Sovereignty are connected into the Lands we walk upon even to this day! It's just that we have to strip so much away to see and feel that again.

It's also about the turning of Nature (the natural world) and this Being that is alive and speaking with us that we call Earth. There is much change that is always present and as the turnings go thorugh the deep rest and renewal of winter, the bright pop of massive energy in spring, the fire of summer, etc., this brings unique energies that we can access and bring into our lives in a glorious way.

When we truly remember this and connect deeply with these truths, we become aware and see that this world is actually FULLY ABUNDANT. There is enough for ALL beings here, and that is how all beings within it should live-- abundantly! And when we see this truth, this is when the negative factions that are very much here start to crack their so-called spiritual whip (and physical whips) more and more upon those within this realm. Why do they do this? Because when we FULLY realize the abundance that all should have access to, this breaks down the vile ones false illusion that they created.

This cycle of conscious and intentional celebration helps us, year after year, align with rhythms that keep us feeling WHOLE and ALIVE and brings back the magick and wonder that at one time was the driving force around us! These are the timelines that many of us indigos and starseeds absolutely remember for these Wisdom Codes are held within our very DNA.

The beauty of what once was will be again!

Incorporating the Wheel of the Year Into Your Life

It can feel like a lot when we want to connect more deeply into these festival days throughout the year. We often wonder what to do or how to do it and, honestly, there is NO right way, but there are Sacred Ways. Just going into nature and BEING is the more simple of ways. But many of us are remembering and learning from others who did not allow the inversion of this realm stop them and they have kept Rituals of High or Love-Light Magick alive and well. So, it is this "ancient future" that we are remembering and this is bringing back beauty woven into a new tapestry of a new paradigm.

I am of an Earth lineage that is of the Celtic-Druids (and honestly, the Druids came way before the Celts), but it is with this Celtic or Druidic nature that I have remained solid throughout my life holding onto what I know is RIGHT. I say "right" meaning that I have always known that we need to remember the pagan way for this is how we honor the Divine with in ALL Things because ALL Things in Nature (including Humanity) is DIVINE! This is the basis of the Law of One... as many of you reading this already know...

One way to bring this Wheel of the Year into your life is to join me in a new workshop series! 

Beginning here in this 2024 year (and to continue thereafter), I am building a workshop series to tap into the magick of this primordial Wheel of the Year Calendar and I'd like to invite you to join us! I am embarking on this new quest with a dear friend and fellow Sister of the Sacred Mysteries... you can find out more by clicking this button below right now and I hope that you can come swim in these Sacred Energies with us!