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Season 2, Ep 5: Unlocking Ancient Knowledge: A Conversation on Divine Magick and Reclaiming the Power of Organic Magickal Symbols

Host: Natalie Viglione

Guest: Michael Feeley

Let's reclaim the ORIGINAL and ORGANIC magick and symbology again...


Discover the deeper meanings of the world around us as we dive into a conversation with Michael Feeley, esoteric author, symbologist, and host of The Secret Knowledge show on Ickonic.

Breaking down the hidden significance behind codes, symbols, and ancient texts, Michael shares wisdom and perspective, helping us uncover the mystery of ancient wisdom, but also reclamation of the power of symbols that have been touted as being “evil” when that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are those that desire to keep humans away from the TRUE magick…

Here are some of the many wisdom drops within this episode:

  • Understand the power of ancient wisdom, and how we’re uncovering lost wisdom faster and faster every day 
  • The concept of KNOW THYSELF and the power this holds for all
  • The truth about symbols that have been kept from the masses shrouded in lies and manipulations
  • The importance of breath and its clues to all life
  • The misinterpretations of the Bible

…With much more inside this episode!

With greater understanding comes greater responsibility, and as we navigate our multidimensional existence, it becomes essential to align with frequencies that encourage growth, balance and illumination. Harnessing the power of symbols and taking to heart hidden wisdom is something we all could benefit from. By doing so, we don’t just decode symbols but the code of life itself.

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We are pleased to share the wisdom of Michael Feeley, Esoteric Author, Symbologist, Christ Mythicist, Illuminist & TV/Documentary Host.

You can find his show called The Secret Knowledge on the Ickonic platform here.

Also, please see more on Michael's website:



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