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Rejuvenation of Spirit: Finding Serenity and the Cosmic Journey to Revitalize the Souls of All of Us Cosmic Wanderers

By Natalie Viglione

Are you a Cosmic Wanderer—all of you that serve as the indigos and starseeds and wanderers--searching for a rejuvenation of your spirit? Embark on a gentle adventure through the cosmos with me, guided into the vastness that you truly are. Let’s connect into the vibrant harmony of the Sacred Energies and your Soul. Connecting into the Higher or Cosmic aspects of who we truly are that reminds us of our true and sacred power.

This will allow the gentle ebb and flow of distant galaxies to wash away your worries and fears when you fully remember the Sacred Mission and then the bold actions that can be taken to fully awaken within it.

Let us mend our spirit, to heal our deepest wounds and find solace in the infinite beauty that lies beyond our realm, connecting with the vastness of All That Is. Let this be a gentle reminder that within us, lies an unbreakable connection to the stars.

Inside this video, at the end, I feature a beautiful Soul Being that shared her lovely music with us in a very wonderful evening and we were able to listen to her. Her name is Madelyn Ilana, and I asked her if I could share this song with you all and so at the end of the video, you can hear this delight that will cradle your heart in a special way—it did mine.



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The Cosmic Wanderers (the Indigos and Starseeds) are soul streams of consciousness that jump, or hop, or phase timelines to assist for the good of ALL Beings. Let’s explore together the weariness, grief that we can feel, and what I want to do is offer varying concepts that can lift your heart and awaken the Sacred Fire and Sacred Energies within you. Let us mend our spirit, to heal our deepest wounds and find solace in the infinite beauty that lies beyond our realm, connecting with the vastness of All That Is. Let this be a gentle reminder that within us, lies an unbreakable connection to the stars.

I want to open this with a pathworking, or vision we could say, one that I see in Dreamtime and in waking visions often...

Slow down your breath... Close your eyes if you can, and I’d like you to ensure you’re as comfortable as you can be in this moment wherever you are. Now, lift your Inner Awareness to the Cosmic soul stream that YOU carry—the Avatar aspect of who you are, your Beingness, and move beyond the “human story” you carry in your day to day.

Now, with these words, we are going to bring you into your Higher Awareness, so begin to lift yourself so tall, so high up, if you will, that you begin to see the form of YOU sitting where you are right now. You begin to observe as you but from a far higher perspective. You now observe this space is a space where Sacred Energies flow around you, and allow your consciousness to swirl into these powerful energies. Let this form within your Inner Eye as it needs to for you.

Begin to feel into the desire to serve others, to assist in this realm, but feel that from THIS higher or taller aspect and within this space that surrounds you in the power of the Sacred Energies. Take note of the way that your soul stream of consciousness speaks to you—the language is not always words, spirit and our Guidance communicates through symbols, metaphors, visions, poetry, deep feelings and in the magick of moments. Take note of all of these things coming in right now. Don’t have to write them down or remember, just feel, just be. This is the place where you draw energy and it all cascades down, through many densities and dimensional consciousness layers. This ultimate place wherever or however you feel or see this is where YOUR Sacred Mission (and all of our Missions) are streamed from.

You are, because you are listening to this right now, a Cosmic Wanderer. You have chosen to wander around to places all over the cosmos—call them places or lands—to be of assistance. In this brief pathworking, you may see or hear or feel the pathway created by these taller or higher energies that you are. You realize that each incarnation for a Cosmic Wanderer chooses to serve in a unique way. Visualize YOUR soul streaming this awareness into you, your grand and divine gifts, and start swimming into this river of consciousness. This river is the TRUE YOU. The I AM of who YOU are.

As you swim, you may see many versions of you in other places (or realms)-- or maybe you do not. Each of us has a unique way of showing up and the way our souls are constructed. But, as you swim in your stream or river of consciousness, feel all the feels of this work. It’s always threading and weaving a new tapestry, or we can say placing new tiles within the Grand Galactic Mosaic.

If you feel weary, feel it. If you also feel joy, feel it. If you feel grief, feel it. Allow each wave to splash into this river or your stream of consciousness that is you that is streaming from other realms.

Now begin to swim your way or draw in your awareness back into this moment, anchor yourself deeply into your body, back into what we call Earth, this Celestial Being that holds you softly, feel this moment and your plasmic energy that vibrates at a slower pace which is that body that shows up in this realm... and then open your eyes.

When we come from this Higher Place and observe from our Highest vantage point, we begin to see the vision. We see the strategy. We step out of this realm and see ALL aspects. In my video called The Harmonious Dance of the Indigos and Starseeds Over the Ages, I discuss the biggest and most magnificent strategy and pact among us all over the ages – the “us all” I speak to are those of us I am calling the Cosmic Wanderers. You can watch that video for that brings things into a higher perspective.

I know that it’s vital to remember how the generations of the indigos, starseeds, wanderers have and do work together. Each generation building on the last, each generation coming in with varying Sacred Missions, and each generation and incarnation when applicable are able to do their mission because the last generation is assisting the other in some way. We could say this is all happening in a huge Eternal Now moment, but let’s just think of this in waves of strength, courage and love splashing upon the shores of this Being we call Earth.

I discuss in other videos/articles, etc., that many of us are/have transmuting a lot of the underbelly of this realm. When we choose such path that assist in bringing the higher frequencies of dimensions and anchoring them here, what’s required is getting fully into the body and descending and then ascending simultaneously. There is not one without the other, a mistake that many can make. Choosing to be fully present and deeply caring for and healing the body as needed is IMPERATIVE. All that are here with the workings of anchoring in the frequency of love are transmuting in some unique way the damage the otherworldly E V I L has wreaked upon this Trinity Form- Earth, Tara and Gaia. As well as the devastation their corresponding human puppets continue to create along with these otherworldly cruel entities.

So, the paths for many of us is a difficult path, whether we walk the path of the “black sheep” or the “good child” what we know and feel is innately the stuff that sets us apart. We’re the empaths, psychics, etc., that must SEE, feel and know far more than most in this world, and being natural powerful alchemists, we transmute. When we choose these kinds of missions that include transmutation at the core, we carry heavier or denser elements within us – especially emotional. The stuff that allows us to see all of the unnecessary suffering and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That’s the entire point of having Sacred Missions to unfold here!

And in all of this, we get weary. Many of us—like me—can have grief from not being able to protect the stargates (aka the portals of entry into this realm from other realms), and we tried and fought so hard. We got overwhelmed by the E V I L ones and this is when timelines started to get hijacked, as many of us fully remember with the Tara and Gaia timelines. Because many of us indigos and starseeds are transmuting so much of the negative aspects that went awry, we do so to allow others coming in or at specific stages in their Missions to create differently.

Carrying all these denser energies, how do we LIFT ourselves up? How do we deal with this realm as it is and live in the bifurcation, but yet I see this as now turning into a trifurcation now as more unfolds … how do we keep going?

I want to offer this REJUVENATION of your spirit... Your joy sparks when you are DOING THE WORK. The work is going to be YOUR unique magick workings, and you’re going to have a Misison (a Sacred Mission) that, as we felt in that Pathworking and vision that we went through, comes from a primordial and powerful beginning. We do not need to keep the words and the BS that was created by the nefarious beings that hijacked this Trinity Form, we create NEW!

I would like to offer this solution for the state of weariness many I know feel because in my work I see it every day—when a Sacred Mission holder is not doing their Sacred Mission, there is more suffering than necessary. When the Sacred Mission holder is not in their power, the world misses their magick, and that is magick that is VERY much needed. Remember, you have a mission FOR A REASON. And while it’s not about changing the world and making fifty billion dollars, it’s about realizing that in the work that is where all the magick resides that allows you to share your gifts, work your gifts, grow your gifts, and allow others to receive whatever healing that you’re going to naturally emanate.

Also, another solution is knowing that if you spend hours every day SEEKING something that you want to see in this world – here is the biggest and most AWEsome question you could ever ask yourself –


I promise you, if you seek something, someone else is seeking it. You must TALK about it, ASK about it, and if you can’t find anyone doing it – DO IT. Create it! My soul stream of consciousness streams from the Being we have known as the Goddess Brighid... I want to stoke the Sacred Fire in your belly – your womb, your hara, your lower cauldron, your lower dantian – call it whatever you need to but that is where you must stoke that fire! I want to see MORE and MORE indigos and starseeds ACTIVATE their Sacred Mission for that will ripple an effect into this world that is sometimes unfathomable to comprehend, but it’s very, very, very real! BRING YOUR MAGICK!

I will also invite you into my program called Tap Into Your Magick. If you’re feeling so very activated and need to organize a strategy, let go of blockages that complicate the creation aspect, this program may be for you. Go to to check it out. It’s a program that I brought to life intuitively and it took a year to unfold in that creation process, but it’s for those that truly feel a sense of unfilled potential that is haunting every step, and created to assist in the releasing of the chains of spiritual gift suppression and step boldly into mastery of your innate (DIVINE) gifts with this foundational masterclass program that offers you the ability to begin that blueprint that's uniquely yours to serving the greater good and releasing your Sacred Mission! There is a link below in the description too.

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I exist to help more and more and more indigos and starseeds, the Cosmic Wanderers, all over this world to IGNITE and to allow that Sacred Fire that my soul stream of consciousness is also here to FUEL...

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all of the humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Together we are remembering the Original Creation Magick-- and to close this video out, I am doing something a little different.

Stick around for a beautiful song, I got the artists OK to share this with you all. One night my husband and I went to this little gathering and we were held by this woman’s gorgeous voice, and this song of hers called Weary Starseed just struck a chord within me and knew that I needed to share this with others. I know many of us can feel weary, and this song is so sweet and so soft, that I felt it was a beautiful way to close this video out. The artist’s name is Madelyn Ilana, this song is Weary Starseed, and you can find her music on Spotify and also please go check out her website There is also a link to this song on youtube below. Thank you so much for watching and for listening to this song.