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The Harmonious Dance of Indigos and Starseeds, the Cosmic Wanderers: A Tale of Collaboration and Choice

By Natalie Viglione

In this tale of collaboration and choice, we’ll look at how generations of indigos and starseeds—all of us that are the Cosmic Wanderers—have come together in a harmonious dance throughout what we call “time” and how we are all assisting each generation as we wave through in this massive spiral of energetic support—building the Army of Light.

We’ll explore the intertwined destinies of the Cosmic Wanderers, and how we assist to shape the world, our profound collaboration, and the far larger picture to see so that we can realize how we are ONE force here to illuminate truths, inspire change, and usher in a new era of consciousness; a part of the Original Creation Magick.



In this video, we will explore how the various generations of indigos, starseeds, and all the Cosmic Wanderers have collaborated over the generations of what we call time. A crucial point to consider is that there are no chosen ones, only individuals who choose to assist and serve in times of great need. By examining the bigger picture, we can comprehend how this intricate mosaic has been laid out as part of a galactic strategic initiative aimed at assisting in the paradigm shift of consciousness. The radiance of enlightenment illuminates the realization that each person who knows they have a Sacred Mission is a crucial component in the vast cosmic strategy. Furthermore, I will expose the fallacy of the concept of what many have said are the "chosen ones" or "golden ones" and why we must be leery of those who use such terminology.

Let’s explore how the various generations of indigos, starseeds, and all the Cosmic Wanderers (because there are many who don’t go by those names or didn’t know them at the time of their incarnation) collaborated over generations of what we call time.

For many generations, far more than most think, those we now coin as starseeds, indigos, and what I like to say is the Cosmic Wanderers, have been dropping into what we call the timeline of Earth (though there are those that held space within other timelines of Tara and Gaia as well, I am on of those, for example), and each generation, or cycle we could say, each soulstream of consciousness has their varying Sacred Missions that they are to unfold and unleash within that incarnation.

Each mission builds upon the other, so we could also say that each generation builds on the other. What I see in visions is that it creates a gigantic tsunami wave leading up to the time we’re in now—an end cycle—this means souls have choices of what happens next for their being – WHAT PATH DO YOU CHOOSE is the question.

What we have now are collective workings of all the beings that were in what we call a ‘before time’ or even ‘future time’ of those that were able to launch their mission, and so we can start to paint a far grander picture than any time before the time right now.

There have been some major hurdles for many Beings – the wanderers- that have dropped into this Earth timeline as well. For example, the past 100-150 to even 200 years is when I see the huge influx began to get ready for this time right now (and that will continue for some years to come, of course), but it’s all a part of a big picture.

The unfortunate part is that the E V I L from other realms, and the human puppets they ensnare in their traps (or the humans who willingly choose the negative path), have very much taken the truth and totally distorted it, inverted it, flipped things upside down and this continues to be the case. Yet, the reason there are so many indigos, starseeds, wanderers right now is because it is to break through their inversions and flip things right side up again.

Many souls that came here with Sacred Missions for some generations (and some now) haven’t or didn’t get to launch their Sacred Mission because the veil has been so thick that many powerful ones that came in didn’t firmly believe what they were here for, or were (and are still) disempowered to think that they’re NOT something more.

Perhaps, at one point, like we all do, you’ve also thought, “Wait, I couldn’t be here for THAT because people see me as ‘crazy’ already!” (crazy or whatever disempowering word used) and this has shut many humans down. And this has proved to be challenging, yet one reason I exist (and of course, I am not the only one) is to share with you that you need to UNLEASH your TRUTH because you are a part of something that needs your magick!

I’d like to provide one example that was a huge inversion of truth and still has some hold today. It is what was called the ‘new age movement’ and that holds deliberate misinformation and falsities that fueled what I would call a very “spiritually narcissistic” way of looking at things—and this was by design. To me, it’s the same as the Bible and all the truths that were left out and or the things within it twisted to suit the power-hungry men that were taking orders from these otherworldly nefarious beings. In fact, that’s why the oldest versions of that book we call the Bible isn’t read like a book, it instead holds hidden codes and words within it that are truths—it was hidden to allow those that could truly SEE to be able to break through the false religions hold on divinity and the truths held within. Luckily, all of this is becoming more and more unveiled!

This is the trick: taking truths and distorting them and then many humans don’t realize the inversions stated within and it catches people into a cycle. In my 20s, I didn’t have the words to describe its inaccuracies, I just felt it. What stuck out to me is that the ‘new age’ stuff forbids the belief that there could be things that went awry in our realm, that there isn’t this otherworldly nefarious faction that hijacked timelines, and that there are many manipulations of truth stating that all that happens is merely designed to teach and move the individual forward spiritually.

There is truth in the aspects that there are catalysts in our journeys all unique to each of us that are learning points or choice points, but when the spiritual bypassers continue to ignore the extreme ancient E V I L that has taken hold of things here (and in other timelines of Tara and Gaia), it will make people think that the horrific sufferings, utter despair, etc. that has taken place here has been all “part of the plan” and this is still supporting the bullshit of being born into “sin” and that’s not true (never has been and never will be throughout all universes).

This 100% disempowers too many into thinking that whatever happened to them is always their fault and they take other people’s trauma as their own. We can think of horrific satanic things, or kidnapping for human trafficking, all this is coming out more and more. The ‘new agers’ would say that’s their own fault and that makes my soulstream of consciousness vomit. That is horrible. So, as we can deduce together, this totally and utterly disempowers humans sending them into a looping cycle and get many stuck in trying to figure out HOW someone else’s trauma is their own. The time has come where we must reject these false teachings that were inserted by the E V I L and reclaim the ORIGINAL and ORGANIC teachings that give us the power back!

I wanted to bring that up as it’s critical to note HOW things became so hidden... we can’t heal what we don’t look at, what we refuse to see... so we see it ALL to heal! That’s the mantra I have carried...

There have been powerful truths dropped throughout what we call time, these are the primordial teachings that we are uncovering more and more every day. These are aspects held within our very DNA, put there on purpose so that as we evolve, more gets unleashed. So, these memories held in our storage devices we call DNA are fully coming back online due to the Dragons coming FULLY back online, breaking through the false prison created by E V I L and this is happening faster and faster and more and more every day in the physicality of our realm.

All of these energies from other dimensions we can’t see in our every day but many of us travel to by night or meditation which is what we call the Middle Earth (which isn’t the middle at all), is all part of remembering wisdom we held eons ago. I have many stories I can share on this, and will do so as we progress.

I see that some 200 years ago, though these years are not correct but we will use it for lack of any other way to address points in time, there have been magickal beings that were dropping massive truths into our realm on how to heal. The women were hidden but we’re finding them again, we just have to look harder. Many that shared truths were “taken out” if you catch my drift or reputations were destroyed. The ancient E V I L ones and their human puppets have easily destroyed scrolls, etc. For example, I’ve read things that were found about healing from 1899 that was covered up since that time, ON PURPOSE by the lovely government, most of this E V I L comes from the empires that are headquartered in the vatican, the washington dc corporation, and then the british empire, but then you also have the horrific world economic forum pretending to be “for the people” which could not be more untrue!

If you’d like to read about magickal humans that got shut down and their truth hidden, read this book: Secret Life of Plants.

Now, I’ve been in the psychology of humans for decades – it was coined “marketing” but it wasn’t meant to be the stupidity of the mainstream marketing you see today. I enjoyed it because it’s about “how do you innerstand human behavior to help them?” I wish more would get these generations work together can mirror what has been used in these marketing terms. You’ve seen these silly names more than likely, and they’re coined by mainstream media (which means E V I L sourced). This is what you’ll find in many mainstream ridiculous marketing blogs:

  • Greatest Generation: Born 1901-1924
  • Silent Generation: Born 1925-1945
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964
  • Generation X: Born 1965-1980
  • Millennials: Born 1981-1996
  • Generation Z: Born 1997-2012
  • Generation Alpha: Born 2013-2025

Then, there’s more insight that I want to share beyond the silliness of these above, though many of the same names like “generation x” were kept. I despise labels like this yet there’s something we can garner from insights by looking at how the E V I L controls and their false prison system has controlled behavior and then how we can dispel their spells.

The generational archetypes and the larger construct around it being the economic and other conditions were looked at in a book called THE FOURTH TURNING by William Strauss and Neil Howe. It threads some interesting things and looks at the Yugas or Cycles of the Wheel (or ages of time), and their words are different than mine, but it’s intriguing insight to look at and then we can take it and expand upon it.


If we paint a picture of this intricate mosaic that has been laid out as part of a grand strategic initiative aimed at assisting in the paradigm shift of consciousness and mending the tear that has happened in all of creation, we will see that there are themes and ways in which we are all working differently and uniquely. But we can also see the impression of the E V I L ones and how it has affected cycles of people being born.

And the missing element in a lot of this is seeing the truth of the hijacking... and we can see how the hijacking has affected generations and how to move beyond the traps that have kept higher consciousness from coming in no matter what generation we are talking about.

This book calls the “heroes” or what BS marketing calls the Greatest Generation: Born 1901-1924; they were the “good ones” so you can think of the “good little boys and girls” because they had already been indoctrinated into the first war on all of living creation – what was coined the first industrial revolution. That’s said to have occurred during the period from around 1760 to about 1820–1840. By 1900, you have generations already that had been programmed by this E V I L. As this archetype image from The Fourth Turning book shows, they had this idea of “building” and then when we look at these other ages, we see the ways that they were shaped.

But what I want to look at is when did things start to break apart... the “silent” or what this book calls the “artist” timeframe, built upon a framework of improving (women’s suffrage was in 1920, for example), then next we have the “baby boomer.” The focus was the “inner world” so you can see that things were beginning to shift a bit. The inner world became more important, that means many had greater reflections, there was more wisdom coming in to break free with more indigos and starseeds / wanderers going “HMMMM, something isn’t right...”

So, you can say that MANY in this timeframe, and the indigos, starseeds, wanderers that dropped in were setting up the ways to start looking within. There were and are many Sacred Warriors and then that gave way to birthing the what they call “generation x” (which is what I am according to this chart). You see it was about breaking free – self-sufficiency, being tough, etc. Now you have more warriors coming in saying HELL NO to this system and breaking free.

If I were to do this analysis it would be very different words and more spiritual insights on how the E V I L has gotten far worse since that “hero” timeframe, but this image gives us some way to visualize what I speak of here. The point of this is that every generation of warrior --the indigos, starseeds, wanderers – came in and are coming in to break things apart, lift that veil more and more and more and I am going to call that the Army of Light here on out...

The Army of Light had different Missions: for example, the “silent” or the “baby boomer” to the “generation x” ages, many took on the POWER OF TRANSMUTATION. Transmuting the hugely negative cycles of “born in sin” and so you’re going to see many that took on illnesses to help transmute, I am one such indigo starseed that did that (is doing that).

Then, if we were to expand on this visual, you’d see that the next phase, what the dumb mainstreamers call Millennials: Born 1981-1996 / Generation Z: Born 1997-2012 / Generation Alpha: Born 2013-2025 – after 1987, people’s livers evolved, so the hugely chemical W A R we face in our food, air, water aren’t affecting younger generations as much. It’s because generations of the Army of Light previous to this timeframe transmuted MUCH into this incarnation to help the next generations evolve faster so that more and more and more light can come in. So, each Army of Light generation is ASSISTING the next. You have to really get HUGE in your thinking, SEE the HUGE vision of this mosaic to see how this is playing out!

And then, you can see where you land in the generational Army of Light and HOW YOU NEED TO BE SHOWING UP or what you can do next! Some say their mission is over, and that’s all good, but even though I am in that “NOMAD” phase or gen x and born in the late 70s, I am not done, I am the tip of a HUGE ass iceberg! So, feel into YOUR BEING. Where do you need to be, want to be, how do you need to assist? Are you done or just beginning to dig into a whole new phase to assist the younger generations break free faster?

You’ll see many thinking throughout the inversion of the ‘new age’ that there are ‘chosen ones’ or that the younger generations are the ‘golden ones’ and all of this thinking is absolutely incorrect and very dangerous.

Because the reality is that NO ONE was chosen, WE ALL CHOSE to be the Cosmic Wanderers to assist in lands like these during great times of need and in octave shifts out of the old and into the new. And the other reality is that these generations coming in are not “golden” but are coming in with NEW Sacred Missions... new ways of being because transmutation of much of the impact of the nefarious ones are being transmuted through those of us that took that on this previously or are doing so still now.

Here is my most vital point to what I speak of here:


We must expose the fallacy of the concept of "chosen ones" or "golden ones" and anyone using this terminology, we must remain vigilant because I am going to be bold here – anyone that thinks that they are chosen or golden is being negatively influenced by the otherworldly E V I L magicians and their low frequency magick trying to separate the ENTIRE BIG MOSAIC of the Army of Light.

This Army of Light we are a part of IS the assisters, because every single human, animal, plant, etc. deserves to be JOYFUL, deserves to be HAPPY, and we are here to break this E V I L down and get this shit out of our realm. We are DONE DONE DONE with this UNNECESSARY SUFFERING and so it is why we need to be clear of how we use our words and PROTECT our beings through protection magick. I am serious about that because channels of energy can be hijacked still right now, and so be diligent, my soul family tribes.

No matter what time we look at, I see Sacred Warriors – as a reminder, the word “warrior” is a word that means Guardian and Protector—in all of the humans that are called to Sacred Missions to assist humanity, Earth, and all the living beings here (insects, animals, etc.) because there is much support needed and things are going to continue to shift.

I say this because I want every single one of you no matter what age you are to know you are part of the ARMY OF LIGHT. Your role is critical, imperative, and it’s never too late to launch your Sacred Mission or evolve it/refresh it, or to know when to slow down and rest and just focus on healing, etc. Sometimes the role someone takes on is just being here and holding the light into the field. It can be THAT simple, so don’t think you have to change the world, for as we know, the world changes when we change at the sole level, meaning individual level because we emanate from our Sacred Spirit inwards to the outwards.

The radiance of enlightenment illuminates the realization that each person who believes they have a Sacred Mission is a crucial component in the vast cosmic mechanism.

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all of the humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Together we are remembering the Original Creation Magick!