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The Sacred Mysteries of the Guardians: Protection of the Cosmic Mother, Grail, and Mother of Dragons

By: Natalie Viglione

Explore the realm of the Sacred Mysteries that have been protected for eons by the Guardians. These primordial protectors stand in eternal vigilance, breaking down untruths, safeguarding the Grail, and so much more. Many of us are the Guardians in human form, so let’s unlock the invaluable wisdom that we all together hold within us.

We’ll unravel the profound connection between the Cosmic Mother, the Grail, and the Mother of Dragons, and tap into the realms of mystical wonder that are weaving back into All Things as an intricate tapestry of cosmic protection and profound guardianship.



The Guardians have returned. I know many of you have been called, ignited, and activated, like me. There are many Founding Races that have sent their Consciousness into this Realm to stream the Highest Vibrational of Frequencies. In this video, we’ll get down to the root to look at how Guardians have always protected this essence of Cosmic Mother, the Cosmic Mother of Dragons (and Dragons, in general), and what the Grail means.

By looking ever so closely at the quest of a Guardian Consciousness, it’ll allow us to unlock the deeper meanings of how this is connected to the Christ Consciousness, the Cosmic Mother, and the Sacred Feminine Energy, and what was coined the Grail. Join me on a journey into the magick today, and let’s unveil many meanings of this primordial path and its relevance in the transformative times we are in right now.

Please move into the Eternal Now, and imagine that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.


Hello to my fellow Seekers of the Ultimate Truths. This is what many of us are seeking, and getting so much remembering firing in our body-mind-emotions and the so very ancient souls that we are bringing into this realm. If you’re new to my channel, welcome! I am a guide to help you unleash the magick of your gifts and launch your mission on Earth, whilst healing from the inside out! This is all about Sacred Soul Path Illumination and Healing!


Today, we’ll go over some aspects that I’ve discussed many times before, but I feel called to go a whole lot deeper into truth around the Guardian Consciousness, what a True Warrior means, and how much of this work is about bringing the Cosmic Mother and the Grail to life again, which also has everything to do with the rising of the Christ Consciousness, a consciousness and not a man. It's about unveiling and reconnecting and Divine Truth back into this realm for it was purposely hidden and then hijacked further by vile beings who do not want Earth-Tara and Gaia and all its living beings to evolve.

What is the Guardian Consciousness?

When I speak of a “Guardian Consciousness” I am speaking of the many Guardian Founder Races that have sent in their consciousness stream into this realm (and have for cycles previous to this one) to work through in human form as the human form is necessary to bring their teachings, healings, action, messages, etc. through. There is not one Founder Race but there are MANY. My hope is that by dropping in the experiences that I have through the Guardian Consciousness streaming through this human (me, Natalie), that many of you can comment and share YOUR unique stories of Who YOU Truly Are, too!

I love this about sharing because it starts to build a far larger puzzle, doesn’t it? But WE are all the puzzle pieces that are coming together to make that far grander picture come to life! It’s EXCITING and MAGNIFICENT!

When this realm was birthed, there were many Beings that came together to help this Being, this living being we call Earth, to be created and then to evolve. It wasn’t ONE thing but many. A group effort. This goes through a process of choosing the Celestial Being that is ready to go on this kind of grueling yet spectacular process. And since things are built in Trinity Form, it’s a hugely energetic process from growing and helping the densities birth from 1st to 2nd densities – the microscopic initial organisms to plant life, trees, etc. And then the cultivation of 3rd density beings (Humans and the related 1st and 2nd density beings that are here), and then the goal is to evolve into the 4th and 5th density constructs. The Trinity Form means to be in a form of 3, which is why Tesla had mentioned that,

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe."

~Nikola Tesla

Now, in the evolution and spiraling of this Being Earth-Tara-Gaia, let’s just say Gaia for ease of use, there were many complications. There have been factions that are like pirates, for lack of a better way to put it, who try to hijack young and developing realms. The young worlds are vulnerable, and there are key indicators that these vile factions that support the highly negative paths look for. And, while the negative path is certainly a choice, as we well know, these negative factions have fully separated from GodSource or as I like to say, Primeval Creator Energy of All That Is. This separation has caused all of Organic Creation to be torn apart, and this is why we all-- the large Army of Light as I call this massive reclamation-- are fixing now, once and for all!

The Guardian Consciousness, using the visions and words that come through me to describe this, is a consciousness of a Being that streams from another realm. The Guardian is ultimately about a Protector Energy, and this energy is streamed from all over what we call galaxies or other densities/dimensional consciousness. Many Guardians who choose to send in their consciousness and have an aspect of themselves come into human form make up what I call the Cosmic Wanderers, or what has also been called the Sisters and Brothers of Sorrow. That latter phrase comes from the Social Complex that have called themselves Ra, and they had stated that’s a more informal term for the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator; coming from all reaches of the infinite creation, they move towards the calling of sorrow, “which they feel and hear as if their own entities were sorrowful”; they choose as their service the attempt to heal the sorrow; they are bound together by the desire to serve by reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid.

For some time, this realm needed aid so very badly, and we answered that call, and here we are and massive waves coming in constantly! I have a video that goes in depth about that called The Harmonious Dance of Indigos and Starseeds Through the Ages if you haven’t gotten to watch that one yet.

In short, it’s those that serve to assist in great times of need. Many of us hear this call when we’re very young and we’re drawn to help animals, to help humanity, to help ALL THINGS in any way that we can, and as we grow up and evolve ourselves, this gets more and more powerful.

The Cosmic Wanderers, as I like to call us-- or the Army of Light--come in with very specific missions and aspects that are encoded into the DNA of their human form, and then to do the work, the number one work is to KNOW THYSELF. While that’s a goal for ALL of HUmanity, it’s a non-negotiable of must-do work for those that carry in the primordial souls to help.

The consciousness of one Guardian Being from what we’ve coined as the “Ascended Master Realms” or the “Creator Realms” or other systems/galaxies, etc. aren’t streamed into just ONE human. From my Seeing, quite often due to the magnitude of the frequencies (or we could look at it as the super high vibration of the frequency), the missions require incarnating through many humans. This is why you’ll see many of us carrying the same vibrations but we speak and creatively do our unique Sacred Mission and bring through The Guardian’s Purpose in very different and magnificently unique ways. This is of course all by perfect design.

The Guardian Founder Races had taken a Sacred Oath to protect this Being we call Earth-Tara-Gaia, and were involved with the construction of it in one way or another, including infusing the HUman (HU meaning Harmonic Universe) with special DNA strands that would allow Humanity to become a very Divine Race of Beings, and connected into the protection of All of Living Creation. This means protecting the Divine Truth that there is a Cosmic Mother, not just a Father, the essence of the Mother of Dragons (and Dragons), the Christ Consciousness, and what we’ve coined the Holy Grail.

Do you feel you are a Guardian Founder Race? If so, how do you figure out which one?

This is the fun part! This if the primordial wisdom of one phrase: KNOW THYSELF as I mentioned previously with the phrase: Know Thyself and you know the Universe. This is all about becoming the dot connector in your life. It’s about becoming the master detective. The grandest thing that anyone could ever do is figure out this one statement: WHO AM I? And know the answer clearly and without a doubt.

Knowing where your consciousness streams from is the ULTIMATE work, for in this, this is how evolution takes place within. This is what is called gnosis and the etymology of this word means "higher knowledge of spiritual things," from PIE *gnō-ti-, from root *gno- "to know." Connecting the dots is the where the power stems from for all the elements within the sacred texts—and of course many were manipulated by false and violent religions or lost under these same factions of vile ones—but they point that the Sacred Kingdom (which has nothing to do with a male or a male-king of course), and the Holy Temple has always been WITHIN us.

Let me share the story of how I figured things out as an offering of a sharing of my quest and journey:

When I was a little girl, I was called to animals. I used to bring my little chair outside and just sit and watch the chickens we had. I befriended all animals and took deep care of them. I loved them. They ALL were my babies. I was closely called into magick in all ways – faeries, magick, you name it, I read it. Books and wisdom called to me. And then into my teens, every single night I had the same dream. My dream showed me the aspect of the Highest version of what we call the Higher Self and the Realm in which this Goddess is within (ad so always in female form). This dream was so frequent, for years, because I must remember. And remember I did! I now can let these words leave my body with ease and comfort in the Knowing. She is the Goddess Brighid, of an angle of frequency that has been called Ari-el (I’ll get into that in another video in the future),

As many of you know, The Great White Lions are one of the Guardian Founder Races of our Earth-Tara-Gaia. This female or Goddess is Brighid, and this lineage is the same lineage as Mary Magdalene, Queen Guinevere, but we’ll go into that in another video, too.

This aspect of the Great White Lions and the Goddess-Lioness Warrior Lineage has always have been and will always be dedicated to the Cosmic Mother, and protecting Dragons, and more. This is connected into the word Elohei as well. This word’s etymology means GodSource or To Go To GodSource. This Trinity form in which we live holds the very first Harmonic Universe held within the Great Lion Grid, the first of its kind, and the energetic grid system, for lack of a better word, or we could also say angelic technology which is really technology that is magick.

The aspect of the Goddess-Lioness Warrior lineage and the Great White Lions, this is a very fierce Stream of Consciousness. It’s a frequency that holds the Cosmic Mother, the Blue Ray, and is connected to the protection of the Dragons, most especially the Mother of Dragons, and this is Tiamat. The Blue Ray is Fierce, and it holds the Sacred Mother Energy of total and complete unconditional love... yet, there is a fierceness held within it. If you stream of the same lineages, realms, you know what I speak to. We have strong boundaries of what we will tolerate for unconditional love is NOT being a doormat, it’s not being taken advantage of, it’s not allowing evil to cause absolutely despair. Despair is beyond suffering – it's the reverse, it is death. And we support the FABRIC OF LIVING CREATION which is LIFE, not death.

I figured this out through many years of work that all wrapped around knowing myself. I am not talking at all about Natalie. That human story provides the catalysts to the much bigger work, and helps uncover the Divine Truth that each of our consciousness holds. Through those dreams, through meditations, through many dedicated years of working on ME. This is, after all, what the true meaning of what “self-development” should be. It really should always lead a person up the ladder, so to speak, to know who they TRULY are at the SOUL BEING LEVEL, or as I say, the Sacred Soul level.

So, dreams and automatic writing sessions, meditation, just being alone and listening, being in nature, all of these aspects led me to become the Master Dot Connector, which is a wonderful title we all take on as we meander through our unique journeys and quests!

Why must the Guardians protect and what are they protecting?

Guardians are truly protectors and vice versa. A Warrior, at the root etymology, actually means this.

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The Marathi, Hindi: The word for “warrior” could translate to yōddhā (योद्धा)— A hero, or a fighter.


Galati is an ancient Celtic (Gaelic) term: The more modern word was coined “warrior” but those who were known as Galati were a source of inspiration and strength and known for great abilities like power and endurance, be it at a physical or a mental (that is, metaphysically and physically). Galati were seen as those with courage to face difficulties like a wolf, the wolf being a symbol of strength and endurance. Scotland from the Celtic lands of Gaul, which he called ‘Galati.

One night, years ago now, I was woken up and received about 30 pages of information on the Galactic Light Warrior and what that really means... it was a massive DNA activation. I felt it come through my crown and hit every cell in my body. So, we must get back to the root meanings, before words and aspects of things were totally inverted.

Of course, today we see a very different vision when someone uses the word “warrior” don’t we? But that doesn’t change the very root meaning and that’s what we must get back to.

As I mentioned earlier, this realm had many issues with the it being breeched as it was birthing and growing. These vile beings that hijacked this realm had stolen code but they didn’t get the ENTIRE picture. This is the part that has meant the salvation of our realms and of all of Living Creation. It’s that big.

Those concepts of “fallen angels” while not really providing the total picture or view I should say, is basically what has transpired. Beings that broke away from Original Creation and are now wanting to become their own creators. Of course, this is why there has been so much despair and suffering. They have knowledge and magick workings, including magick meets technology, yet they don’t have the whole picture. They’re hackers who only got 75% of the code they stole essentially.

This is why the Comic Mother aspect, the Mother of Dragons, and so much has fallen away from this realm. Even the word Christ has been distorted. Intentionally that word was taken and integrated into the vile one’s secret societies and the violent religions withheld the truth about what the word Christ even means or how Humanity can access this Consciousness.

The Christ-Sophia or Krystal Consciousness is the principles of the Law of One – this means that the entire structure of all of creation is intended by the Eternal, or Primeval, Prime Creator Source.

Let’s dive into the path and what it’s like for those of us who serve in this way bringing the Guardians' quest to pierce the veil of illusion, shatter the chains of the false matrix once and for all, and empower individuals to shape their own destiny and realign the Sacred Feminine and weave the true Christ Consciousness back into this realm.

These Guardian Frequencies are of the True (not distorted) Original Ascended Masters, for lack of a better way to describe them, and let’s dive into what this is like for those of us who chose to serve here within these frequency bands acting as the pioneers to discover the pathways and breaking through into an entirely new era whilst breaking down an old world that has been far too long without the Cosmic Mother and the Sacred Feminine Energy.

We serve as the initiates whose mission is of the offering of pure, unconditional love, drawing on the boundless energy and serving as protectors of many aspects, including bringing back the truth that the Cosmic Mother is very real and of course as are Dragons, etc.

This path is not easy. You will find many roadblocks as those that have been indoctrinated or mind controlled into whatever dogmatic system and refuse to open their minds will remain as the blockages but that only hurts them ultimately. We drop seeds and the rest is not up to us. We take bold actions to create change, but we don’t force that change onto humans who cannot accept change, so we assist those that ARE open minded and do feel the truth even if they don’t know why.

In fact, my soul stream of consciousness is of the Celtic Goddess lineages and what has been seen is that the GRAIL, which is the ORIGINAL organic coding of CREATION and the 12 strand DNA codings had to be protected. The Grail are the CODES. These codes have been protected by many over many eons. In fact, there has been an ongoing attempt to eradicate the female Christos lineages, like the Cathars, the Essences from Gaul, and the true Druids (not the fake ones that took that name and have done vile things with that name). The true Knights Templar was a group that was protecting all of the ORGANIC CODES. So much sacrifice of incarnations to protect, so much grief, so much pain... despair. And that’s why the extreme vile factions are ending because this cannot continue.

Guardians have had to come in and send themselves into a human form to do the work. We are bringing the Feminine aspect of Christ, or Christos-Sophia, the Cosmic Mother and all of these other aspects back online, and doing this in each of our unique ways that we need to do the work, this is the Sacred Mission I want to see all the Cosmic Wanderers, the indigos and starseeds, to launch!

We are protecting and bringing back the wisdom of the Solar Feminine and Masculine Energies, which have nothing to do with genders. The Cosmic Mother embodiment is of the solar female Christos Sophia. And of course, the Cosmic Dragon who is taking the rightful place to oversee again the four dragon realms which are of the middle, inner and outer realms and the core of all the creator domains that makes up the entire Universal and Galactic consciousness of what we call planets.

All Guardians know and follow the true path of the Law of One, that all of us at the very energetic level are all truly ONE living breathing mosaic changing and evolving every moment of every second of the Eternal Now.

I can speak on the protection that my soul stream of consciousness is called into as I experience this daily. The essence of bringing through Dragon, in my case Tiamat, the Mother of Dragons who is reclaiming the Cosmic Dragon placement, along with the reclamation through the Blue Ray Frequency. This includes the connection and protection of Dragon; powerful Beings that hold magick that weave the fabric of life together, and in fact is the essence of HOW to bring Light into Matter.

Let’s look at the word MATTER. Just think of it from the root meaning and it all lays itself out nicely.

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The GREAT MOTHER or Magna Mater is what brings LIGHT into MATTER. This is coded into everything, yet when you look out at the world as it is right at this moment, we can very clearly see that all things Goddess and All Things of the Great Cosmic Mother, the Alma Mater, were totally stripped from this realm ON PURPOSE.

So many battles, but largely one of a couple thousand years ago demolished the FINAL pagan heritages that preserved the sacred story of origin of humanity, how this Trinity Being evolved, and then how we were woven into (we being all of the living creation as part of this all). Pagans and these sacred teachings knew to reject the belief that utter despair has a redemptive value for it does NOT. This is why we need to get to the core of the DIVINE TRUTHS because what has happened is today you see far too many saying that despair and utter suffering beyond suffering is just part of this experience. That is a bold-faced lie and so we must reclaim the truth and reverse the destruction of that way of being.

This is what must be protected. This is Divine Wisdom of CREATION. We cannot allow these vile ones to get this and in this effort, there was massive success and will always be. Now that the vile ones are coming to an end (they have options but some will actually cease to exist for that is in itself choice), we see that they can only use their evil or low magick for mind control and seducing the weak minded or having to dupe humanity into thinking they’re creating something “for their good or safety” when it’s totally the 100% opposite, and this goes for all of the animals too!

I’ll speak on behalf of my experience within this for we are dealing with a world (and there are many that this has happened to) where vile beings came in, hijacked it, and then stripped all of these Sacred Knowings out so that they could control and conquer. And with this patriarchy and the parasitic vile ones crumbling, we get to see more and more of the DIVINE MOTHER and true Christ Consciousness, the Dragon Beings, etc. coming back online-- quite literally!

Being of the lineage that protects the Mother of Dragons, I know that protection and guardianship really leans into many ways of this mission to be carried out. One such way is the Sisterhood of the Rose, for example. Lineages of those that come in female form to teach and bring back the Wisdom of Sophia, and this is about honoring the sacred feminine energy within each individual and in the world, and promotes the concepts of unity, healing, transformation, and divine partnership again—all things that once were and will be again.

We must protect those that want change but don’t know how. We must protect animals, insects, plants, trees, all of life. We must protect the Sky, Land and Sea realms. This is OUR JOB. This is why it requires BOLD ACTION and we can’t sit around and talk about it anymore. We are here to DO IT. This is what being a PIONEER means! Get out there and DO IT.

The Guardians are bringing back through the Wisdom, this is the Sophia, the goddess, a divine being embodied in the Earth.

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all of the humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Together we are remembering the Original Creation Magick, thank you so much for watching!