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Exploring the Mystics of Low Magick vs. Organic High Magick and Timeline Creation

By: Natalie Viglione

In this video, I unveil the hidden ways that Low Magick is used and we examine its foundations rooted in these so-called “entertainment” events, that are really rituals and spells that are meant to manipulate and control. Discover how these negative practitioners harness the lowest of low powers to manifest THEIR desired outcomes.

Yet, conversely, how we together can wield Organic High Magick that truly delves into the depths of one's own consciousness, and guided by a wealth of esoteric wisdom connecting with higher Divine Love-Light realms, transcending the mundane plane of how the negative factions continue to try to control this realm.

Plus, we’ll explore the main ways to diffuse and break the spells (once and FOR ALL).



In the ethereal tapestry of existence, there’s a cosmic battle between forces that most of us know as the difference between low or high frequencies, yet it’s more than that, and this has been an echo through the ages. When we look at this more closely, we see that a tale unfolds of energies intertwined, where malevolent entities seek to bend the threads of time to their will-- this is manipulation. Amidst this celestial reality, there’s a discourse that emerges wrapped around the essence of True Magick: the murky depths of LOW sorcery, crafted for control, contrasted with the radiant essence of Organic and Original High Magick. Journey with me through these realms as we unveil ways to shield our essence from their machinations, steering our spirits towards the sacred task of anchoring "Heaven Into Earth" once again, and nurturing the resurgence of Ancient Magick in this realm – a return to our primordial essence --- ORIGIN.

Hello Soul Family! If you’re new to my channel, I am a guide to help you unleash the magick of your gifts and launch your mission on Earth, whilst healing from the inside out! This is all about Sacred Soul Path Illumination and Healing!

I am going to focus today on Manipulation Low Magick VS Organic High Magick and Timeline Creation and I put up a recent video called Unlocking the Power Within: Belief & Manifestation Magick Revealed

Inside that video, you’ll find my formula for stepping up as a powerful co-creator, some truths that we must see so that we can be fully and completely aware of where we place ourselves amongst the purposefully created “chaos” for what is trying to be manifested by vile ones is NOT the reality of the organic.... I also share in the video ways to diffuse their insufferable low magick for manifestation is far more than what the “new age spirituality” circles call “law of attraction.” That has a lot of insight of other ways that are vital to know about, but in this information coming through now, I’d like to share other ways that we see manipulation taking place and how we can steer very clear of those goings on.

What I’ve been initiated into for the past few years is seeing how the stargate systems and planet awakening, along with Dragons... these things have rendered the vile ones and their low, synthetic magick and technologies useless. They are trying to hold on, but it doesn’t matter anymore because what all the awakening and what all has been done is reaching into the Highest Power that is within our Collective Souls of all the indigos, starseeds, Cosmic Wanderers – and all humans – that know of our power of being Co-Creators of All That Is and connected to the Infinite, the Eternal, the Organic, and the Origin.

The first thing we must uncover is the word entertainment.

entertain word etymology
entrain word etymology

Let’s look at the word entertain... for the magick is in words and this is so from the Primeval Beginnings of Realms beyond the GodSource Creator Realms, or God Realms we could say. As you see “entertain” is a word that means at a root etymology “to keep someone in a frame of mind and to hold them there.” And then the word entrain which is of course similar, and means “to draw along or to drag.” The very essence of entertainment is to entrain... so now we can see this as a way to drag someone along and keep them in a specific frame of mind and then hold them there.

Now, when you look out at the realm and you look at these things called “sports” -- ooh, let’s look at that word as that’s a fun one too.

etymology of word sport

Sport is a word, at the root, that means “in jest, by way of diversion” so that pretty much says it right there, doesn’t it? DIVERTING us away from what is TRUE, what is REAL, what is actually the things we need to be focusing on which is WITHIN.

But there has been the creation of movies, sports, and all of these things that perhaps initially were created in their true intentions which was to inspire or just for fun, but now we see that even these simple things are hijacked. As much as we would love to think that they are being created to help us live joyfully, the truth is not that. We can tell that these things are most often, at the root for many generations now have been created to DIVERT us from the TRUTH of what is truly magickal and is the real vs the false reality these vile beings are trying to keep humanity (and all of its living creation) tied to.

The Earth and all its beauty in the Trinity Form as Earth, Tara, Gaia is truly majestic. When you see how all things weave together into the connection of All Things, especially as it is in connection with the truly Divine Realms and what Used To Be, and with Dragons and knowing what these Beings truly are, what we see is that there is a very gorgeous and AWE-some grander picture that forms. And when I use this word AWEsome, my intention when I use it as the essence of what that word can mean as reverence, which is "to honor, respect, with esteem heightened by awe.

I bring this word ‘sport’ up for a reason for the vile ones had yet another low magick or we could say evil magick ritual just this past weekend. This thing is the super bowl as it has been coined, and when we see large events like this, we have to ask ourselves how in any world or realm could we allow such nonsensical shit to take place. Millions and I mean millions of the control mechanism these vile ones call ‘money’ feed that beast, and then what have they utilized it for? You guessed it, low magick rituals to try to gather as many as they can around a common essence, and in that they are trying to (as they always are) switch timelines on us. And then you look at who plays those parts in those commercials, etc., and we can see that these are people that are very trapped in the essence called “hollywood” -- yet another fun rabbit hole as many of you I am sure already know about when you break that word ‘hollywood’ down and what it has always stood for. You can see very clearly the sell outs and who those vile ones continue to capture over and over. Ben Affleck is one of those...

This recent ‘super bowl’ featured yet another ritual they perform in a new movie coming out called “A Quiet Place: Day One” and it’s yet another ENTRAINMENT to drag humans along on the vile low magick rituals of infusing yet more primordial fear and invasions of malevolent alien races. And of course, other commercial features more “invasions’ of the alien sort for And then of course they had themes of AI infused. The halftime show featured opposing forces, if you will, with red and white themes. These people are playing into these low and vile magick themes and some know it, but some don’t, but this theme of red and white is something much more.

The red and white dragon theme comes into my awareness. This is a far greater meaning but these people in these senseless and nonsensical shows get pulled into playing parts in these rituals and think they’re just being “worshipped” or “adored” but the sad part is that it’s far worse than that. They’re playing a part in things they’re not even aware of. But we can hope as more of us talk about these things that more of them can actually regain their ability to CHOOSE versus playing a part in vile and low magick rituals and attached to far worse in the consistent effort to take us back down low frequency timelines of war, etc.

What we're seeing is the continuous struggle of low or evil magic and what I call the Divine and High Magick. The Divine Magick is eternal magick, whereas the low magick is stuck in looping and held within a finite and closed system. For, the Organic Creation Magick is spirals and changing and evolving – again, I have this infused in my body as a tattoo for a reason. It’s death vs life. But this concept of anchoring heaven back into the realms isn’t new, it’s ORIGIN.

When enough of us hold onto the Organic and not get infused into their low magick and vile rituals that they continuously try to shove down our throats, when the majority of us turn our cheek and walk the other way, their shit crumbles all the faster. It’s natural organic time versus manipulated time.

As much as we want to “let go and just have fun” we have to hold onto what’s true, and literally hold the line. If we watch or partake in these things, we’re adding to the very thing that they know most people give into for nostalgic reasons or worse, because we feel like it can “make us happy.” The vile ones and these inorganic and synthetic timelines DO NOT HAVE organic within them and are not aligned with Divine.

They have no other realms or true magick workings, only death and why the vile ones hunt for growing or evolving realms to hijack because they cannot use anything outside of 3rd densities and nothing higher than 6th, so these vile ones don’t have access to Higher Realms of Love-Light.

But those of us on this path know that GodSource, the Primeval Energy of All That Is... is actually IMMORTAL and is The Original Creation Source of All. This is the Universal reality of the true creation, but these vile factions have done much harm. Their manipulation of time and space did sever Earth, Tara and Gaia (along with all its living creation beings of animals, insects, humanity, etc. Into an INorganic matrix). But we must remember that all of humanity and the animals, plants, etc. Are part of the True Organic Creation Magick and energies of All That Is.

In fact, when you read the Nag Hammadi Library, which is as good as it gets as far as ancient truths revealed – though I would argue that they are even holding many untruths for as I read the energy held within it, I know that by the time the so-called 1st to 4th or beyond centuries Common Era were underway, MUCH distortion and inversion had already been done, and found its way into scrolls and such. This is true when we see into the energies, not the words.

This realm was always supposed to be a Living Light Library, not a death trap. We must know that Divine Magick is order, yet creation is also carrying some “chaos” within it. But ultimately, it’s divine order and we can see this when we see how DNA maps our bodies, and brings light into this Sacred Human Form! It’s AWEsome, isn’t it?

As a Master Herbalist in training, I see this when I read into the energies of plans. For there are plants that support animals and animals that support plants. The trees and plant life supports human life and human life supports plant life. That is Organic Infinite Intelligence at its finest! In fact, this is why the True and Organic Druidic lineages and the Merlins (the Lineages) held all of this in such reverence for it is the divine in form!

The Truth of Mother-Father GodSource energies with the wisdom of Sophia is all connected into the awakening of Dragons and so much more. The planetary being we call Earth is far more and the grids within it is sentient and aware. So, as Mother Earth as we say comes back online, so does Mother of Dragons, which is the Blue Dragon Tiamat.

This vile force is dissolving all of their manipulations through their low magick is losing its effectiveness, and they’re desperate, and their constant tries to manipulate time... what we see is that we are --- we, you, me, and other speaking on this, joining around NEW ways to connect – we are breaking the spells! I know you feel this too and we can see that many people that used to be very “bought into mainstream” have organically stuck their head above the black ooze and said “what is going on?” and so you see this happening over and over again.

When I look into the akashic collectively, this is the vision I have. I have the vision of heads and human Divinity pulling themselves from black ooze. And once that black ooze is off, the awakening comes faster and faster and faster!

This is the BEAUTY and magnificence we are here as PIONEERS to see, hear and know, and then to embody and integrate and bring to LIFE for it is LIFE that we support, not the opposite. You can even take the word EVIL and flip it which is LIVE. So we are here to LIVE, we are here to BE, we are here to AWAKEN and to SERVE and just by speaking these things into existence, we do the part! But, more so than that, what we must choose is to let go of all that was. DO NOT play these games anymore, don’t give energy to these things they call “sport” or things that ENTRAIN us away from what is beautiful, divine, and intelligent life of the ORIGIN. For that is the magick that is awakened NOW!

To tap into this beauty, I hope that you’ll join the new Eightfold Wheel of the Year Workshop series, a journey that my Celtic sister friend and I are bringing to life. You can join by clicking the link that’s below – I would love to see you there! Let me share a poem that came from Goddess Brighid through me and it shares why to join beautifully:

"As the energies shift and change, the chaos may overwhelm.

You'll find that there's solace in gathering in the ways of the olde.

To see the Truths again through the lens of Sophia and the Cosmic Mother, this is the Wisdom of All that beckons us home.

Gather again in honor of the Being you call Earth, remember and embrace the Divine Power and Dragons that weave into the magnificent fabric of All That Is.

This is how you receive the magick of the Sacred Fire of Transformation that will support you through this time.

This Octave change will shift a great many things, far more than many know, but together you can forge and flow to build anew.

The beauty of what was will be again. "

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick and helps us together to remember Original Creation Magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all of the humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. And, sending a HUGE thank you for watching this video!