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2 Simple Steps: How to Break Free from Being Stuck in a Rut

By: Natalie Viglione, CBC, CLC, CPC

· Soul-based Living

The world right now has us all in a total "mind f*ckery" at times. The horrid news in our faces day in and day out, the billion different people telling us to do this, be that, don't do this, but definitely do that...

AH! Enough already! Do you ever feel like you want to unplug and run away to some desolate part of the planet and never watch TV again, read a newspaper, or wish social media never existed?

Don't worry. You are NOT alone in any of those feelings. YES, DEFINITELY TURN OFF THAT TV! It's the single most corrupted part of this system that lies and manipulates... the mainstream news (CNNs, FOXs, NBCs, ABCs, etc.) is the worst (and primary) source of where the lies and manipulations are pushed to program them into the minds of the masses, so we all need to turn them off if you haven't done so yet ...

For people that live in a city like New York City, for example, where the majority of people are broke AF and spending at least $3K for a crap, small apartment, it can make things feel worse. I know that feeling because I was there at one time so I get it. It's a general feeling of wanting to get OFF the ride but there's no operator (because the reality is that you are the operator) so you're left feeling alone, afraid, and can be confused as to what the hell to do next.

It could also be the 9-5 job you despise, the sleepless nights spent wondering why everyone else's life looks so good and your life is a mess. Or spending time worrying about what other's think about you, or measuring yourself up against the fake social media posts that are the majority of what's out there today. It causes chaos in the mind and a loops us into this darkness, and it can feel hopeless at times.

Now, I am not going to tell you there is a way OUT of all of the "crazy" because I would be lying. Life is an up and down roller coaster ride, but there is a way to step OVER and THROUGH insane times when you feel you're stuck in, and there is a way to push through those "in the rut" moments. Now you're probably thinking yeah, right, lady. But I'm being real here, I've discovered that there is, in fact, a way through the insanity. How? Because I have applied it to my life and it works every time.

Doing the same things over and over again?

Einstein said (and it's my fave quote of his):

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."

You've heard that saying before, but have you realized what it really means?

What it means is that we can loop ourselves into the same event or experience time and time again. The consistency of troubles we face are of our OUR OWN FAULT. So it's important to seek change and it's not easy to make change happen if you feel like you're alone in that process. A life coach can change the game.

2 simple steps to break through a rut:

Here are my two-step answer to help you now:

1. Something imperative that I want to share with you is that the "disruption" you're facing currently is something that the universe is bringing your way to help you move onto a different path. Let's not sugar coat things because these disruption moments that come our way can be painful and feel absolutely dreadful. It can even be a death of a loved one or a disease/illness that you have to face, but whatever the thing is, it's meant to be in our journey and that specific way for a reason. That's where EMPOWERMENT comes into the picture and a new way of viewing a situation.

2. The one thing that can bring you some peace to be able to start to have a new perspective as it relates to this situation is through sitting quietly and meditating. It's getting closer to your thoughts and sitting down with yourself with no one else to influence your thoughts. I don't mean that you have to go about hiring a guru and spending tons of money because it's as easy as just sitting quietly with your own thoughts. Do this for 15-30 minutes every day when you first wake up or when you are laying down to go to sleep. Start looking at the loop you seem to be stuck in, or at the disruption moment you're facing and start to pull out to look at it with a 360-degree view. That will allow you to start separating the situation from your emotions.

I want you to be empowered to step UP and OUT and get through that loop or to get a whole new view on a very specific situation you're dealing with, and my intent is to see you get to the other side. That is how forward progression happens!

It's all about embracing disrUPtion moments... finding the medicine and the magick in the disrUPtions is a KEY WAY to move through!

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