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Disrupt Now Podcast, Ep. #30: Telling Stories & Publishing Books With Passion & Purpose

Special Guest, Fabi Preslar, President & Chief SPARKler of Charlotte-based, SPARK Publications

· Podcast Episode,Building Your Mission

Episode #30 is LIVE, thank you for being a listener as we hit 1 full year just recently since we launched our very first episode!


In Ep. #30, Fabi Preslar, Natalie's guest for this special episode, is owner and president of SPARK Publications. SPARK is a creative firm specializing in design and content creation for magazines, catalogs, and publishing custom books for national clients wrapped around PURPOSE! She was named 2017 Women Business Owner of the Year by National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

In the episode, we have a candid conversation and discuss Fabi's journey of being a two-time entrepreneur; her successes, failures and everything in between. We also discuss the celebration of the 20th year of her second venture, SPARK Publications (a family-owned business). We talk about the creation and development of stories that are wrapped around PURPOSE and PASSION! If you're a budding author, this would be the episode for you! Join us for a great episode with Fabi, live in-studio in Charlotte, NC.