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Bringing a DisrUPtion Movement to Charlotte with FASHION D'LUX

Summer Fashion Show

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Together we will bring a movement to life through fashion and philanthropy July 27, 2018, in Charlotte, NC


PAC Public Relations and Team Gu’s Announcement for the Summer 2018 Fashion Production

CHARLOTTE, N.C. June 3, 2018 – Charlotte-based PAC Public Relations is no stranger to throwing high-end, luxury fashion shows with FASHION D’LUX. They’re back for a fourth season, but this time there’s a twist. They’ve partnered up with, Team Gu LLC, a Business & Coaching Services Firm recently moving from New York City. The Founder, Natalie Viglione, created Team Gu to focus on ideas made to stick and has developed the recently launched Disrupt Now Coaching Program, which is all about saying no to status quo.

Viglione brought the concept of mixing a fashion show with a conscious-based movement to PAC Public Relations owners, Peter Carey and Josh Anglero. All agreed it’s a unique vision and a way to affect greater change in the world and support a movement.

“We loved the concept! The FASHION D’LUX 2018 event will not be just a show at all; we’re creating, empowering, and driving forward a movement focused on empowerment and equality. We’ll be featuring an almost all-male model cast. We are creating something bigger than ourselves and will help move humanity forward.” said Carey, Co-Owner of PAC Public Relations and FASHION D’LUX.

This year’s FASHION D'LUX show will present an almost all-male model show that is titled Modern Masculinity, The New Male Warrior.® The designers and vendors are specially curated to support the movement and philanthropic direction for Season Four.

“We’re focused on men that are of Modern Masculinity, and portrays the essence of The New Male Warrior concept. These are men that are fighting for women’s empowerment, promoting gender equality, and the elimination of human trafficking. These modern-day "male warriors" are fighting for the world to start to release old, unworthy traditions that no longer serve humanity. We are all about disrupting the status quo!” said Viglione, Founder of Team Gu’s Disrupt Now Program.

FASHION D’LUX will bring this vision to life for ONE night - July 27, 2018 - where all can celebrate the New Male Warrior® and support of a show that is delivering a message of harmony and balance into a world that’s in need of humans that do not judge but instead just love!

We proudly have chosen Lily Pad Haven as our partner charity. To learn more about the not-for-profit, please go to