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More Gender Bias Coming to Your TV Screen

BY: Natalie Viglione, CLC, CBC, CPC

· Events,Energy and Frequency

Oh, yes, Bravo TV is making a new show that says NO to women! Yes, that's right... it's happening.

For a while now I've been declaring a new vision of what the male of today should be like and what many men are moving towards, empowered to be something different. I coined that term The New Male Warrior. Because, simply, whether a man or woman, today it takes a warrior to fight the status quo, and now more than ever we have to do just that!

But, when you see MORE gender bias coming from entertainment networks like this new Bravo TV show, which is coming into people's homes on their television screens, one does have to ponder and ask the simple question of WHY?! Or, maybe it's more appropriate to add in there a big WTF?!

This concept of The New Male Warrior is coming to life through an event in Charlotte, NC on July 27, 2018, with our partner in Charlotte called FASHION D'LUX. We've been managing and writing the editorial for the FASHION D'LUX site, and when Peter Carey (the founder of FASHION D'LUX) brought this new Bravo TV show to my attention, my first reaction was exactly that of the above, I said WHAT AND WTF?!

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