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The Heart Connection of the Sacred Lands Known As Albion: The Awakening Lands and Dragon [Part 2]

By Natalie Viglione

Let’s embark on yet another enlightening chapter of the Christos Dragon Teachings as we delve deeper into the mystical realms of Albion.

For this ancient land, long shrouded in mystery (with a lot lies and manipulations created by power hungry religions and warring factions like the roman empire) is stirring from its slumber, and its secrets are unraveling at an astonishing pace.

During my recent trip there, the very fabric of the land whispered to me, illuminating insights that I eagerly share with you today and in an ongoing series. This is part 2 and we'll go on a journey to the primordial times when Albion was hailed as the Heart of the World, and we’ll traverse into the Cosmic Gateways and discover the Guardian Founder races that shaped the essence of that region and our worlds that do not sit just in this 3rd density experience but expand far beyond this.



Let’s embark on yet another enlightening chapter of the Christos Dragon Teachings as we delve deeper into the mystical realms of Albion. For this ancient land, long shrouded in mystery (with a lot lies and manipulations created by power hungry religions and warring factions like the roman empire) is stirring from its slumber, and its secrets are unraveling at an astonishing pace.

During my recent trip there, the very fabric of the land whispered to me, illuminating insights that I eagerly share with you today and in an ongoing series.

This is part 2, entitled What is the Heart Connection of the Sacred Lands Known As Albion, the Heart of the World? The Awakening Lands and Dragon

This chapter holds a journey to the primordial times when Albion was hailed as the Heart of the World, and we’ll traverse into the Cosmic Gateways and discover the Guardian Founder races that shaped the essence of that region and our worlds that do not sit just in this 3rd density experience but expand far beyond this.

As always, close your eyes for a moment. Relax into this a bit, and let’s pretend that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

This video is part 2 in the Albion deep dive, and please do make sure to watch Part 1, entitled Secrets of the Heart of the World: the Awakening Lands of Albion and Dragon, before you delve into Part 2 as it’ll make a lot more sense and this is continuing the connection. This is all about connecting into the Lands and Waters of the Earth that are all a part of the Christos Mission, the reclamation of the Original Creation Blueprint, and more. In part 1, we discussed what secrets lie hidden behind this ancient name of “Albion” and what treasures await us amidst these sacred lands.

In this part 2, first, let me share a little backstory to paint a much larger picture, and why I am here speaking about such things.

My deep connection to the Albion -- the lands that are now known as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the UK, and even weaving into France, Belgium, Germany, etc. -- began when I was young; I always knew the Faeries were real, magick was real, and so much more… the what we call “occult” (a word that means “that which is hidden”) always called me for it was my Sacred Mission in this incarnation to remember all of the secret codes held within me. Just as many of you are doing… and, of course, I’m not talking about the Tinkerbell kind of Faeries or the BS magic on a stage somewhere in cheesyland, or the evil magick you see in almost every movie today, or the sparkles that come out of fingertips, but rather something far more magnificent, far more primeval, and far, far more substantial and is the underpinnings of all of Original Creation Magick.

A few years ago, I received deep insights into the Earth lineage, the blood that I carry in my veins, that is of the Celtic-Druid lineage (which goes beyond any of the lies you’ll read about that Druid sacrificed humans, and were evil, etc., that is all bullshit lies of the evil religions and power hungry men and women those wanted evil to prevail).

All humans have Earth lineages and all humans carry multidimensional wisdom… it’s about being initiated into remembering and breaking through the veil of forgetfulness. It’s my hope that just by speaking and sharing that you are ignited in the same ways as needed/desired…

The connections I always recognized and remembered began to deepen, unfold, and expand far more Cosmically and rapidly when I had yet another profound experience in early 2020.

I was outside meditating and doing yoga by myself, feeling that sunshine on the face in the greenway behind where we lived. As I sat contemplating, I asked, what else Cosmic Soulstream? There’s more, and I feel it awakening, but what is this? Show me now, I am ready to see.

Then all of a sudden, I had this vision over my left shoulder. I saw a lineup of women’s faces-- the emotion invoked within me was that these were faces of powerful, fierce women, healers, mages, oracles, Seers, witches… these were some of the words that flooded in. Who are these women, I thought. All I knew was in that instant, I was deeply connected to them. Then all at once, they came slamming back into my Being, into the back of my head, and I fell forward and just started sobbing. Sobbing with a primordial grief yet accompanied by Sacred Joy…

My Soulstream had shown me the primordial connection into a lineage of healers, mages, those known as witches, the pagans, faeries, etc. ... the ancient wisdom held within stories of the olde. All of these insights unlocked within me within that moment and thereafter as I felt my DNA unraveling with these codes.

Upon further dreams and meditation contemplation after that moment, at first, I thought that I had connected to the female lineage of my ancestral bloodline, the family here on Earth, but also felt that it had skipped many generations as the last incarnation I had felt in that vision was long ago (thousands of years). So, this ancestor thought didn’t feel correct. As weeks passed and more unfolded, I realized it wasn’t my FAMILY of ancestors; it was ME as my own ancestor-- versions of me holding this Soulstream of Consciousness that I have aligned with when incarnating into this Earth, Tara, Gaia trinity form.

I began to innerstand that, at that moment, I had reclaimed the Avatar aspect of the Soulstream of Consciousness. I had aligned the higher streams with the lower streams of the consciousness (or higher selves as many say) and brought them into Oneness here. This act brought me deeper into knowing where the Soulstream originally came from and why / how I am connected to this Being we call Earth.

It thoroughly explained why I always felt like the Earth is my child, while I am also a child of the Earth and a child of a Star System far away from our own. Why I felt (and feel) like all of Nature is also my children -- it’s because the Soulstream of Consciousness (or the River of Consciousness) I represent came through the stargate that is held within the region of the Albion--I came with a powerful group of warrior-healers in female form. We served as engineers to help construct the energetic system of this Trinity we call Earth, which is Earth, Tara, and Gaia… and why I was always being called into the Albion. Scotland, Ireland, etc. -- all of the energy of those lands calling me always into them.

Then a couple of years ago, it got more expansive within me and this connection to the Albion when I went on a journey to find a beautiful partnership with an Andara Crystal.

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I know anyone called into this channel already knows the magick of Andara Crystals; however, just a quick note, if you haven’t seen these, I highly recommend going on a journey to discover more about them to find your partner within them. I was recommended a very high vibrational place to find them by a healer I had met called, and where I got mine… but only after being able to hold many colors in my hands to feel into which aligned with my Soulstream, which is a key aspect to finding the Andara Crystal that your Being resonates with.

For me, this dark, emerald green Andara Crystal is a straight connection into the heart of Gaia, the Heart of the Celestial Being we call Earth, and is connected to all forms being Earth, Tara, and Gaia, which waves through multidimensional and multi densities. As I began to bring messages through from Gaia, the Inner Knowing became more and more transparent. Not only was this crystal a vibrational connection to the heart of this world, but it also connected directly to the Celtic-Druid lineage, the forests of regions held within the Albion… this Andara became the way that I would fully connect into the Awakening Lands of the Albion, more fully into the Cosmic Lineage of the Guardian Founder Races, and would set forth a whole new way for me to receive and connect, and learn. And this relationship is ever-expanding, deepening, and unfolding.

And now I am sharing this information with you…

Keep in your mind that this Andara is emerald in coloration… this is yet another key that I’ll speak on in a moment.

Albion means Heart of the World, for it truly is the Heart Chakra region of the energetic makeup of our realm, for the grids of our bodies match the grids of the planetary being we live within/upon. Here is one of the best images I have found that really gives a great perspective on the weaving of energies within the energetic structure, the Dragon Lines, and energy Stargates of this Being we call Earth.

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As we take a look at this picture, it is clear that this area, the Albion, is a direct-to-heart connection, hence, the heart of the world. When I was there just a little over a month ago, I was initiated into some powerful wisdom that entered into my awareness as a question: If this is the heart of the world, does it connect to other worlds through that heart -- so heart to heart to heart, and womb to womb to womb?

I got back the answer that is a resounding YES.

The vision in Dreamtime that I had with this answer is something I’ll have to share another time as it was profound, and I need to find a great illustrator to help me draw it out.

But as many places in our world are powerful, Sacred, and carry magnificent wisdom all imperative to this paradigm shift of consciousness into a new octave, let’s dive into the Heart further …

You won’t be able to find much of this by researching an internet browser, for again, this is about remembering through our own personal akashic records, which are all held in our own personal DNA (and, of course, through Dreamtime learning, psychic visions, etc.).

Avebury Henge and the connecting Dragon Node, which is Silbury Hill, are awakening now and have been for some time, especially since 2021, as I have felt into. It was at a POWERFUL apex October 20th and around that time frame as my dear friend and a fellow Celtic Sister of mine stood on those lands. I’ve discussed this in other videos here as well and inside Part 1 of this video, so I would love for you to dive into those further to hear more.

As we saw in the image I had up previously, the heart chakra drives right through that region which is the Albion. Albion, the first known name of the magickal Islands we call Britain, but the essence that we know as the word Dragon is also a crucial part as the Dragon Lines as I spoke about in Part 1 are powerfully weaving through the Sacred Land. We will go on journeys of this Dragon essence for it weaves into much of this world. For example, there are the lung mei or dragon paths of China, and as we know within ancient texts and mythology, the Dragon frequently appears as the keeper of power and energy or secrets hidden (back to this concept of the occult, which again is a word that means hidden).

In part 1, I connected this all into the Great White Lions of Sirius, and the engineers that came through this heart centered area of our realm which is also a Stargate, and this brings us into the essence of the heart further. This Andara Crystal has shown me that this is reflective of the Emerald Cosmic Heart center which is not only connected into our Earth, Tara, Gaia trinity experience, but also held within each human, for the human race was created with this beautiful emerald heart held and hidden within us all. In my Master Herbalism studies which traverse into the primordial wisdom of Chinese Medicine, this is connected into the organ we call a Thymus as is also of course connecting into the Heart itself.

I would say that this is our Sacred Heart as I would say, or the 8th chakra (which depends on how you count them as there are more than 7 chakras of course and there are also the Soul Star as you ascend higher in the so-called “counting” and of course lower with the Earth Start. This exploded open for me some years ago now, and for many that are choosing the same timeline of this paradigm shift of consciousness will find that this is also awakening deep within them. Exploding with what true unconditional love means (that comes with fierce boundaries and the essence of what the word justice truly means).

Larger than this all, this essence of the Sacred Heart, the Emerald Heart, the essence of Albion’s Sacred and Guarded Lands is connected into the cosmic Emerald Order. My connection to the Emerald Order and aligning the clarity of what this all means was strengthened when this Andara Crystal came into my life. This magick of Emerald shot through me with potent magickal remembering. And the United Kingdom (what we call that now) and as we will call it hereforward when I speak of it, the Albion lands play an intricate role and this is all connected into the organic 11th dimensional stargate which opens into another realms gateway.

The area of the Albion lands (Ireland, Scotland, France, etc. etc. as mentioned before) is the first to awaken into the rise of the King Arthur consciousness, which is directly related the Krystos or Krystal Consciousness, and yes, the same as connected into Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, including Queen Quinevere, and more. I go through the rise of this consciousness in my video called Christos Dragon Teachings Unveiled: King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

This gateway as I have seen it is the Lyran gateway which is connected into what we could say are the Lion Races that originate from Lyra but later settled in Sirius and the Pleiades Star Systems.

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As this all awakens, it will penetrate deeply into all energetic essences of our realm (and other realms) and will awaken beings (Dragon energies and more) that have been hidden or buried by the E V I L factions that hijacked our realm. This is bringing in tsunami style waves of Primeval Creator (or GodSource energies), and the what many call Christos-Sophia (or Krystos) that is coming in heavily to awaken and uncover the Original Organic Creation of the grids here in the Earth realm. The Albion body is a template, and this template connects into the essence of the Christos Dragon Teachings that connect into the soul of our world, which is the Blue Dragon Tiamat that comes from the Tara timeline. And what I felt and know when I was there in Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill is that this template is bringing back the UNITY of the masculine-feminine identity and energies. We could say this is the Original Creation Human Blueprint that’s coming back online.

The Emerald Order is connected into the Elohim and aso the Feline Elohim, which I have seen in dreams as being the originators of what we call the “Christos” races, which of course the humans were always meant to be and are, which connect into the Oraphim. I’ve talked on this in some of my videos here, but the way I have felt into this through my Cosmic Soulstream of Consciousness (which is directly tied into the Great White Lions of Sirius, the Lyran-Siran Founder Beings), it’s a united council or a united Roundtable of Races that came together to mend the fabric of all of Creation. Mending back the tear in the universe that has taken place because the E V I L faction that enslaves worlds, like Earth has been, has gotten so extreme that there is no longer balance in the essence of Creation. Due to this, there was a pact amongst the Founder Races to create a race and trinity form experience (Earth, Tara, Gaia) sending in huge armies of Light (those are filled with all of us here that are called into the Sacred Missions of helping Earth and humanity in this great time of the shift into a new octave). The words that ring through me when I began to have this unfold in my memories are:








This is the essence of a contract that was made. I’ve heard other references to this covenant, but this is what comes through for me. The Guardian Founders are incarnating on the earth and these are the lineages of what we can say are the Krystos or Christos Founders, and so many of us - many of you watching right now - are the Starseeds and Indigos that have incarnated specifically to restore the Emerald Order’s agreement, and this is truly a mission or reclaiming of Original Creation and of the truth of what Krystos or the Krystal Emerald Heart, the Emerald Cosmic Crystal Heart center means. It brings a whole new meaning to this word Christ that has been distorted and manipulated through the violent religions factions that are ran by the E V I L that has caused far too much suffering and despair in this realm (and in others), but this is one of the most challenging of experiences as far as I have been shown.

The heart chakra of this realm and Albion connect into something far more profound… the Cosmic Emerald Order and the beings that built the plan to mend ALL THINGS back together once and for all. The Emerald Order are the founders of this much larger council and the agreement to return ALL souls and fallen realms to ensure that all things are restored, mended, and this giant tear I have seen in the fabric of Universes upon Universes is brought back together. It is being fully restored and it’s through words like these and our connection to each other in this wisdom that is doing it as these words pour from my Being Within.

Uncovering this all truly is an essence of the Christos Dragon Teachings, of which we will explore more and more as it pours into my being and I profounding protect my energy and spaces of all things within and with-out me and those in my family for this is the kind of information that is covered up and that MANY have died at the stake for… I know because I remember a time that happened to me too trying to incarnate here to speak these kinds of things into existence again… as many of us have had to heal that wound. This allows our evolutionary journey through the Cosmic Ages and as we weave through timelines, it can anchor us and be a facilitation for a pathway where we find our way back home, remembering our magick, remembering our DIvinity and Sacred Missions and Divine Purpose for even being alive, and ultimately, our reuniting with the REAL GodSource or as I say Primeval Creator source of energy. We break away from the violent religions that have shut down the truth and made a system of the E V I L flourish in what we call a patriarchy… this will be NO MORE. Let us feel this and have it light us up with a vibrancy that we have never felt before!

I hope that this video helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that will help illuminate the path for all the indigos and starseeds and any and all humans who are here with Sacred Missions to serve as pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness and together remembering the Original Creation Magick. Thank you so much for watching!