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Cosmic Mother and the Blue Ray That’s Working Through Blue Ray Starseeds & Indigos

By Natalie Viglione

Journey with me to discover more about the Blue Ray and what this radiant frequency holds within it ... it’s the very essence of the Cosmic Mother, pouring through the Blue Ray Starseeds and Indigos.

In this video, let me take you further along the path as we discover the mystery and wisdom that shimmers within the Blue Ray's ethereal hue, sources from which it streams, and the grand purpose for which it is needed now more than ever.

This mystical frequency holds within it the power to transform all that we perceive in this realm, an alchemy of change that transcends time and space.



In this video, let’s delve deeply into the Blue Ray: this is the Cosmic Mother Working Through Blue Ray Starseeds and Indigos. I’ve gone over this before in a previous video, which I’ll mention more about in a moment, but this video will unravel more about the wisdom that the Blue Ray frequency as a “color” holds, where this is streaming from (via the intelligence I tap into), and more about the ultimate objective of WHY this Blue Ray is needed so very much right now in this realm, and what this frequency is ultimately connected to as far as changing EVERYTHING we see before us in this realm.

It’s far more potent and magickal than many may realize (but some of us already realize!), and speaking this out into this world will allow more of us to remember the magick that is truly RE-awakening .. the magick that has always been there, but now is being unveiled so that more and more can see it, feel it, know it and ultimately, assist it… this is high frequency, love-light magick of Organic Original Creation and the Blueprint that comes with this awakening magick…

In a previous video called About Blue-Ray Indigos [What and who are Blue-Ray Indigos / Starseeds?] I went over details as to the wisdom that many of us blue rays are here to bring forward into this world, what a “blue ray” means, and other details. Pop over and watch that as this will be a good dot connector in conjunction with this video.

I’ve spent a lot of time clearly seeing in the underworld, or underbelly, of this realm. I’ve watched with clear eyes that there is far too much unnecessary suffering in this realm. This is the workings of otherworldly low frequency negative factions that are E V I L sorcerers. They stole love-light magick workings and twisted it upon itself to bring about misery. One of these days I will take you through these energies that I’ve seen and felt into, but it’s a lot so I am working up to that.

Why is it good to be clear in seeing the things that actually go on in this realm?

Well, because when we see it, we acknowledge it. We turn into the powerful warriors (which is a word that truly means guardian and protector at the root), and when we step into the power to be able to hold space for truth, even when it’s horribly awful, then we can allow for the true emotions to rise. When we feel empathy, when we see what is being done for what it is, we then can be hyper aware of what we need to do to help, to assist.

As the Soulstreams of Consciousness from other realms that are here to assist humanity, their consciousness floods into this realm to HELP HEAL. We can’t heal what we refuse to see and look at. This is why a Brother and Sister of those who come to realms, like this one, to assist are the warriors. The Galactic Warriors of Light. So there are many Starseeds and Indigos, the Wanderers Who Assist that often go into the underworld and see the truths that lie there, and then we pick ourselves (or scrape sometimes) off the ground so that we can then take BOLD ACTION steps to help dissolve what is going on, or create solutions to assist… point is, WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The Blue Ray is an activator. An activator for clear cognizant abilities so we see what others cannot see. We feel what many others cannot feel. , or we could say clear wisdom, and then connected into realms far beyond this on. I discussed this in the other video as well ABOUT BLUE RAY INDIGOS as well, but let’s go deeper.

We’ve seen the introduction of the Blu-ray disc and the release of the first movies on Blu-ray and this was in 2006. Remember these? I was guided to this information because it helps us get more clarity on this Blue Ray.

Why are these discs called Blu-ray? The answer has to do with the COLOR (aka frequency) of laser that is used. They’re simply called Blu-ray because a blue laser (actually blue-violet laser) is used to read and write data and a “Ray” is used because it is an optical ray and the color of the laser is critical to note. . [They couldn’t use the word blue and that’s the only reason they dropped the ‘e’ on the product.]

A blue colored laser uses a tighter wavelength than any other counterpart and this allows manufacturers to pack more data on a disc that is the same size as a DVD. The Blu-ray disc has its data closer to the surface.

Do you see the correlation to why this Blue Ray in us as beings that are here to bring this frequency into this realm is very different? The blue ray consciousness is like a laser of consciousness, so to speak, and so it has a tighter wavelength so it packs a lot more data into those of us carrying this ray (and DNA is what? DATA OR STORAGE of multidimensional wisdom), and the insights are closer to the surface.

This is why when we’re born, the veil of forgetting is much thinner. Also, it allows the more bandwidth in HOW the wisdom held within he Blue Ray is utilized… more capacity, or more space as we can say. This is why the Blue Ray is the holder of space, the holder of the largest, I would argue, energetic frequency because the Blue Ray (Blue/Indigo Ray) is the Blue Ray of the Cosmic Mother. The Blue Ray of the Mother of the Dragons, who is the Blue Ray of the Blue Dragon, Tiamat.

The Divine Cosmic Mother is the Sophia-Christos Consciousness, and those that hold the Blue Ray frequency - the Wanderers, the Starseeds, Indigos -- are the emissaries of the Blue Ray, and thereby the emissaries of Guardian Founder Races of our realm (in the Trinity Form).

I can speak on behalf of my Cosmic Lineage or Soulstream because it’s personally been gifted and have had visions since I was a wee lass, the Great White Lions of Sirius… these Beings are the mystical and magickal Beings, one could say, and you may have heard it called as a “brotherhood” but of course this isn’t totally accurate… they are a Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Lion Beings that also connect into a warrior-healer lineage that are Guardians of the Dragons and the Cosmic Mother Arc or Energetic Container.

And those of us here that represent that Stream of Consciousness, as just one example, are are from the star system Sirius, and they serve as a Guardian Founder Race of Earth-Tara-Gaia, these beings, and those of us who have been coming into this experience as humans representing their kind, have been helping humans evolve for millennia.

This color of Blue (which isn’t a color but a frequency that carries specific waves of information via vibrations) is a full range frequency, so when I feel into this Blue Ray it is a range of aquamarine, indigo which is a blue-violet coloration, and this connects into the Merlin lineage which I speak about in other videos, The Magick of Merlin: Who or What is Merlin? for more insights on that and just more connections into the Blue Ray and then the lineage that came from this which are the Druids and then later the Celtic-Druids.

When you feel the Blue Ray, you will have these colors pouring into your energy bodies, and this also connects in to the Emerald coloration I just spoke about in my last video The Heart Connection of the Sacred Lands Known As Albion: The Awakening Lands and Dragon [Part 2] because this all connects to the Emerald Order, which is a Council or Roundtable that designed the largest strategy ever written to fix the Order of Creation, or we could say, mend the tremendous rip in the fabric of Creation (Organic and Original Creation).

The HUman with an emphasis on HU is really critical to know as well as it relates to this all. The planet Earth is, in fact, the first harmonic universe that is held within the Great White Lion grid. This frequency carries the truth, the wisdom, and the True Magick of humanity’s real parent-- the Cosmic Mother. Right now, so many of us are here and we are pouring with this information so that we can reclaim the Great White Lion grid and seek to do so much work to heal the fallen timelines and lineages due to this horrific E V I L that will be NO MORE. You will feel such a massive recurring beautiful weaving of the nurturing, loving, healing, and supporting energies… for The Cosmic Mother IS THE FORCE of the Sacred Heart, which is Unconditional Love and this all connects into a much larger Primeval Being and Energy… the Emerald Cosmic Heart.

I will also use my Earth Lineage to share more as I can speak more eloquently this way as well to share the deep and magnificent meaning and connections into primordial wisdom.

In ancient Scotland, in the Albion, we can delve into the land of the Picts. The Picts were legendary warrior women and the Picts I know would be the what we’ve called “Amazonian warriors” and many of us carry this information in our DNA for we are the witches, the what we now say are shamans and these Beings were entrusted with the guardianship of their tribe’s secret powers and visions. This, I know, is the warrior-healer lineage of the Feline Race that works alongside and with the Great White Lions as the Beings who came in through the Albion Stargate to be engineers. To come into a realm, one that was having to be protected FIERCELY from the negative beings that hijacked this realm (and we sadly failed but will not fail again!), one had to be a fierce guardian. That is exactly what the true meaning of warrior means. Now what you see today in the hijacked, inverted and disgusting view of what we know as a “warrior.” And you’ve probably seen these warrior tribes of women and such as somehow negatively depicted, of course, but one reason many warriors in primordial times wore blue body paint, which is called woad, which is a European plant whose leaves can be used to make a blue dye as this was homage to the Sacred Cosmic Mother and represented here on this Earth, Our Earth Mother. They were called Picts (Indo-European Peik, “tattooed,” Goidelic Qict, and Latin pictus, “painted”), as they decorated their entire bodies with these blue tattoos of all the magic birds, beasts, and fish belonging to the Cosmic Mother of All Beings and in homage to the Earth Mother of all of HUmanity and the beings held within this realm.

Oh, I could go on and on and on… but we’ll stop here for today.

I hope that this video helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that will help illuminate the path for all the indigos and starseeds and any and all humans who are here with Sacred Missions to serve as pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness and together remembering the Original Creation Magick. Thank you so much for watching!