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Secrets of the Heart of the World: The Awakening Lands of Albion and Dragon [Part 1]

By Natalie Viglione

This video (a part 1 to a 2-part series) will continue the Christos Dragon Teachings, for the Lands and Waters of the Earth are a part of the Christos Mission, the reclamation of the Original Creation Blueprint. Together, we shall journey to the Sacred Lands and deep underground Waters of Albion, the heart of the world, truly because it is the Heart Chakra region of the world (but there’s more to it than that!).

What secrets lie hidden behind this ancient name, and what treasures await us amidst these sacred lands?

As we stand at the threshold of a new era, let’s unlock the spiritual insights that we can glean from this realm during this profound paradigm shift of consciousness together!




In this video, we’ll continue our exploration of the Christos Dragon Teachings for the Lands and Waters of the Earth, which are a part of the Christos Mission and the Sacred Mission of the Dragon Teachings. Together, we’ll journey to the Sacred Lands and Waters of Albion, the heart of the world, truly because it is the Heart Chakra region energetically of our planetary being.

Let’s begin to more fully explore the secrets that I’ve uncovered that lie behind this ancient name and what treasures await us amidst these sacred lands, for when I was there in October, I felt the Dragon, Merlin (or Mer-Lion) lineage, and so much more!

We stand at the threshold of a new era; there are many mystical insights waiting to be gleaned from these sacred lands; we’ll look at how Gaia is speaking to us and how this is connected to the profound paradigm shift of consciousness that we are in right now (and have been in for some time).

Let’s again pretend, as with each beginning of my videos, that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

I've been discussing here and there throughout quite a few videos now so far, bringing forth the spiritual significance of the Heart of the World, also known as the Albion. I have been called into this wisdom to share and have been for some time, and now I’m taking you on this same deep dive as I’ve been taken on in dreams and in my waking hours.

What secrets lie hidden behind this ancient name
Albion includes the lands that are now known as Ireland, Scotland, the UK, France, even into Belgium, Germany, and more. In ancient times, this was known as Albion. But, the E V I L factions took that area over some time ago, and now it’s called the UK… You’ll notice that I do that as often as I remember, and I am spelling it for a reason …


First, let’s explore the word Albion. To do so, we have to go back to the root meanings of words. There are many symbolisms and spiritual connotations in the name Albion, and it has been known as the birthplace of magick and wisdom. In other cultures, Albion has been associated with the concept of a utopian place, lands of freedom and happiness, or a symbol of purity and enlightenment.

Albion, throughout many writings, ancient texts, etc., is noted as a place of great power and spiritual significance, and it’s where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin -- this was the very meaning of Avalon, or Anglesey as that map showed.

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The most crucial aspect to look at is that alb is white, and I would like to suggest that this is connected to something far more cosmic than the chalk cliffs. I’ll go over that in a moment.

There is much folklore, myths, and legends surrounding the word Albion. Many legends point to that region was once named Albion. There are many tales of an exiled queen named Albina and a family of sisters who had been exiled from their homeland in what they call Greece, but before that, it was Syria… so if we look with our Inner Eyes and Inner Know, I see this means Sirian…

There are many variations and, of course, written by men. We have the 14th-century poem, Des Grantz Geanz (“Of the Great Giants”), and then the likes of Geoffrey of Monmouth in his book Historia regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain) written about 1136 CE… all inversions of the real story.

What treasures await us amidst these sacred lands?
Making inferences from the root meanings of words:

  • Alb meaning white
  • Females of Sirian (Star System/Realm) roots came into that realm and were not exiled but were sent there for a very important Sacred Mission

Alb is connected to the Great White Lions of Sirius, and those that came through into the region known as Albion were females of the same lineage my Soul Stream connects into (or Higher Selves), which is the Lionness-Warrior that also acted as engineers.

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What I have gathered from Dreamtime learning sessions and digging into ancient myths and legends up to this point, and what I felt being in the lands of Albion, is that this region is the architecture of the original template of the human form, and this is embedded or connected into the energetic architecture of the Earth -- as within, so with-out, so therein lies the Original Creation Blueprint.

But also the template of building energetic structures of our realms, which consists of a trinity form in Earth-Tara-Gaia (3rd density, 4th density & 5th density experiences… density is the physicality or matter aspect of a realm whereas dimension is the consciousness or vibration of a density experience or we could say octave -- this is a quick way to know the difference when someone speaks of a density or dimension.

Crop Circles: In a video that I created on Oct. 14th, the Annular Eclipse, you can view that video here; I went into why it was essential to go during a specific time and posted that video right before I left to go overseas on my soul’s spiritual pilgrimage. Crop circles are the cymatics of Earth, which is what my husband and I believe crop circles to be. When I felt into that intuitive concept further, I felt it’s our planetary being’s way of communicating with us, but more than that, it’s also a way for the beings that live here with us but are guarded by vibrational walls in what we have seen called the “Inner Earth” or “Middle Earth.” But neither of those is really the correct way to portray how this works, so perhaps we can say the Inner Layer.

This all connected when I started getting these insights coming into my awareness:

Italy May 30, 2023 crop circle:

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There has been a massive surge in energy since the Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse on Oct. 14th. After spending time in what we call the UK (but is the Lands of Albion) and coming back at the end of October, the energies awaken in the lands and energetics of the sacred sites of Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill; these locations are where I sensed a powerful surge held within the Sacred Towers (for example, Silbury Hill), as this is one of the primordial Dragon Nodes.

The energetic powers started brewing in 2021 with the time between the Annular Solar Eclipse on Oct. 14th, 2023, and the partial lunar eclipse on Oct 28th, so my Soul Stream urged me to go during that time.

Crop circles are a communication that is often far more than what meets the eye; this is just one example.

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The Albion is a POWERFUL hub of Dragon. Dragon means Light. Dragon is “to have seen,” for when you know and feel what Dragon is, you will never be the same…. it’s not the dragon that many see in pictures …. that’s a falsity… so we need to reimprint a new way of seeing the dragon… in a more Celestial form.

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Let’s look at the word Ley for what many call Ley Lines, of which I know are actually Dragon Lines.

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The origin of “ley” L-E-Y is connected to L-E-A, which at the root means “light place” or “to shine, be bright,” and so you can see that this is absolutely connected to Dragon for Dragon is Light!

Light Energy Signatur of All of Creation is Dragon, and those lines that form this energetic structure we call Earth are the Dragon Lines … or L-E-A Lines or what became later a butchery of the original words, L-E-Y.

So when someone asks you about Ley Lines, you can say, you mean Dragon Lines? This is wisdom that all need to know, for it changes how we see the very fabric of our enchanting creation within us and within all things!

When I was there in the UK, weaving into the Michael-Mary Dragon was key, for those are the energies that are part of the LAND awakening, which are Original Creation Blueprint templates. The Dragon Lines are central to this region:

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As you see, the Dragon Hill is where those two large Dragon Lines cross… that spot is even marked by a Dragon imprint, which man for so long called it a horse, but it is NOT a horse… it is Dragon.

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This is yet another powerful Dragon Node. Dragon nodes are power centers.
If you haven’t watched Christos Dragon Teachings Unveiled: King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, please do, as that will give you insights into how this is all connected to the true beings that were King Arthur and Queen Guinevere -- it’s all SO VERY exciting!

The awakening lands in this region of the Albion is the light body, the energetic construct of the Original Creation Blueprint. It has been and will be working in stages. Sirius, one of the Guardian Founder Races, sends frequencies, and this is what stimulates the higher consciousness activations that come through Earth. This is how it is all accelerating the Great Shift of Consciousness.

But more so than that, as I dug my soul being and walked on the land in Avebury, I felt into the true magick awakening -- I go over this in depth in my Magick of Merlin video if you haven’t seen that -- Merlin is not ONE magician or human it is a LINEAGE of beings all a part of the Great Lion Race, and Sirius.

The magick is alive and was always there; it’s just that the E V I L factions that hijacked this realm HID it, veiled it, but there’s no stopping it, for the grandest of grandest awakenings of this architecture has recently stepped into our realm -- the Dragon my Soul Stream has always been a protector of and a Guardian for -- the Mother of Dragons, The Blue Dragon, Tiamat.

In the following video, I’ll continue this spiral into the Awakening of Albion and its spiritual significance and explain why Albion means Heart of the World … and more!

I hope that this video helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that will help illuminate the path for all indigos and starseeds that serve as pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness and the remembering of the Original Creation Magick. Thank you so much for watching!

Next week will be Part 2

Albion means Heart of the World. It is the Heart Chakra region of the energetic makeup of our realm for the grids of our bodies matches the grids of the planetary being we live within/upon.

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Emerald Cosmic Heart Center

Avebury Henge and the connecting Dragon Node which is Silbury Hill IS awakening now. It was at a POWERFUL apex October 20th and around that timeframe as my dear friend and a fellow Celtic Sister of mine stood on those lands.