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Ep 93, The 3 Essential Elements for Getting Healthy from the Inside-Out

Host & creator, natalie viglione

There’s so much more to health than going to the gym, and the MOST important aspect is to understand that health is about getting healthy from the INSIDE OUT. 

In this episode, Dr. Christopher Boyhan is with host Natalie Viglione, and together they discuss 3 essential elements to health. At a young age, Chris learned to never accept “NO” as an answer. This mindset is how he learned to overcome the many obstacles presented to him which included health issues from the onset.

Diving into this conversation, you’ll find: 

  • How his lowest point in life around his health pushed him onto his life’s purpose  
  • Birth trauma and neurological tone - what are they and how do they impact our lives?
  • Bridging the gap from healthcare to personal development (and why they’re absolutely connected)
  • The importance of drinking HEALTHY water (and how bad your water probably is)
  • The importance of magnesium bicarbonate and what it can do for your health 
  • The triangle of the most important aspects for health according to Dr. Boyhan 

Plus much more... Take a listen or watch the full episode below!

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Dr. Christopher Boyhan was born and raised in Northern New Jersey where he was a competitive student athlete in both football and wrestling. He went onto play football for the University of Massachusetts only to have inconsistent health derail his athletic career.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine from William Paterson University and he was awarded honors at Sherman College of Chiropractic where he earned his Doctorate degree.  

Prior to becoming a chiropractor, he had worked as an athletic trainer for ten years at the collegiate and high school levels. Ten years following that he worked as a medical device representative for orthopedic trauma and spinal surgery in the Northeast Territory.

Dr. Boyhan enjoys reading, power lifting, the beach and spending time ‘doing his neurology homework,’ with his family. Together he and his wife Heather have four children, Benjamin 11 Luke 9, Boston Rose 2 and newborn Christopher Lincoln. They live in the Asheville, North Carolina.

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