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Natalie's New Interview: Helping People Awaken to Remember, Reclaim Power, Authenticity & Magic


I had always described myself as a vessel for life and business guidance. This is grounded by a mindset that draws on a corporate career in the fast lane in San Francisco to New York City, which was increasingly interrupted by my understanding that the strongest voice I had to follow was that of my Intuition and Higher Self.

Gems and insights from my conversation on Monkey Business, a podcast by Rosalyn Palmer:

  • That when we tap into the energetic connections between us, we become whole. As people's life and business are never separated
  • How I was always an intuitive corporate agency person but categorized it as being a game changer and creative and highly right brain
  • Understanding that it was not me, but the hierarchical structures in which I was trying to survive
  • How a women's conference, in New York City, with Mama Gina opened me up to a whole new world. It was the catalyst for leaving my six figure job for a life in the mountains and being CEO of my own life
  • That this was not easy and being an entrepreneur, creating a new life and identity was challenging
  • How the healing between my soul and body created certainly that I was on the right path. A path that led to some of my family and former friends feeling that they no longer understood me but a path that led to meeting my husband
  • That the world is inverted.  We doubt the true voices in our heads and discount our inner magic; instead we sublimate our true selves to the structures we find ourselves in
  • That I have to lead through example and to shock and disrupt people into an awakening and then guide them to their unique gifts. This can create a wave of good energy that will have a ripple effect and someone's life could be saved because of staying on your true path, being consistent and showing up.
  • Why the world needs a massive disruption now to enable an unplugging from all the things that do not serve us, so we can stand in our truth and be a vessel of life and business guidance

To listen to the full interview now!


Make sure to check out Monkey Business, Rosalyn Palmer's Podcast.

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