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Ep 81, Strategies to Manage Stressors, Fear, and How to Start Healing Yourself

Host & creator, natalie viglione

In times of great fear and stress, it’s important to know how to manage stress, the right strategies to manage stress and fear that others use, and ways to keep the emotion of fear and stress under control. 

In this episode, Natalie and her guest, Katie Hess, Founder of LotusWei, offer tips to manage stress, manage fear-based emotions, and steps that you can take to heal yourself and empower your life. 

  • How to open up your life like a flower to all possibilities 
  • Why it’s important to not be afraid to feel - don’t let yourself be frozen in fear, but how to move through it
  • The power of balancing emotions through health using flower essence, essential oils/herbs, etc. 
  • How to find freedom and leadership in times of hardship
  • How growth both personally and professionally can be exhilarating as much as it can be scary 
  • How you can take your healing into your own hands and some action-based tips you can use today

With much more inside this episode, it’s jam-packed with POWERFUL insight and wisdom! MAKE SURE TO TRY OUT KATIE’S FLOWER ESSENCES!

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Katie Hess is the founder of LotusWei - personalized flower botanicals and elixirs, she also wrote the book called Flowerevolution, and Katie's methodologies lean on plant bioenergetics, unlocking short-term results such as immediate mood shifts and long-term results like potent spiritual growth. She has found that flower essences offer healing, vitality, and clarity. 

Katie learned the ancient healing art of flower essences in her 20's in Spain and offers her wisdom to modern society.  Now, over ten thousand hours, thousands of clients and countless ailments healed by these magical tonics, Katie is excited to share what she's learned about supporting our bodies - including hormones - with flower essences.  With her background in Chinese Medicine, she can explain how these elixirs work along acupuncture meridians and produce potent healing - the more we become like nature, the more we become like our most prosperous selves. 

Having gathered empirical research from thousands of private clients, Katie created a flower essence library with elixirs now used by people in more than 50 countries. She teaches mindful-awareness practices at Flowerlounge events around the world, and hosts the Flowerlounge Podcast, featuring experts in unconventional paths to self-awareness, with listeners in more than 75 countries. She’s founder of the Self-Arising Nature Center in Phoenix, Arizona, a center for flower essence education, experiences and practitioner training.

Whether it’s hosting retreats, leading meditations, or her travels to find the planet’s most powerful flowers, the essence of Katie’s work is to awaken people to their own inner wisdom. Find out what your favorite flower means about you at

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