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Ep 82, Stepping Out of the Victim Mindset and Manifesting Change

Host & creator, natalie viglione

Have you ever met avid travelers that seem to think that somehow that makes their life better? The problem is, people can travel and are always seeking to go FIND themselves but are often just as lost no matter where they’re at as where they started. This is a similar experience that Natalie’s beautiful guest, Sarah Wong, realized as well. 

In this episode, they go on a deep, soulful journey around the following topics: 

  • Why wanting to live in “other people’s shoes” leaves us feeling empty and causes impact on our mental health and more stress
  • How seeking external validation continues to suck us dry of our power
  • What’s missing in your life is always found WITHIN ourselves 
  • Why humans can’t travel/buy/shop or ignore problems away (this causes MORE problems!)
  • How mainstream media and “health” government organizations force this world into toxic cycles
  • How to connect further with Source/Spirit and your body 
  • How to start moving out of victimhood and into power through manifesting change in your life


This episode is all about METAMORPHOSIS!

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Sarah was adopted from birth and struggled to fit in with her family and to find friends growing up.  She felt separated from her peers and people in general. Not having answers to who she was and where she came from left her silently suffering. 

She majored in Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science at UC Irvine.   There, she studied & learned the intricacies and inequities of the systems that we live in, and dedicated her career to building better and helping others in any way she could. 

Her first big job out of college was with a veteran organization as a job developer and workforce manager.  While she loved this job a lot, she felt incredible pressure to "do more".  She felt she needed a bigger job title and to make tons of money to "make it" in life.  A few years ago, she left her non-profit job for a corporate "bigwig" job that drastically altered her path.

For many years, Sarah felt like she was living a "double life", trying to maintain her professional career while attempting balance with compassionate and creative outlets.  This lifestyle splintered her more and more from her authentic self.  She ultimately pulled away from the professional world and dove fully into the artistic & creative world.  While she loved this lifestyle for a while and appreciated it as a part of her journey, it left her mentally exhausted and broken.

Sarah knew for many years that she wanted to pursue therapy, but felt limited by her resources and lack of healthcare after losing her full-time job.  In January 2019 she landed a new job, gained access to healthcare, and immediately prioritized her mental health.  In therapy, Sarah felt liberated and validated to learn her anxiety was more than just her "being crazy".  Slowly but surely, she began to chip away at bad habits and build into healthier ones with her therapist.  In early 2020, after years and years on such a rollercoaster ride, Sarah finally took power back into her own hands and started Metamorphosis 101.  A transformational coaching service that aims to teach the value of self-empowerment through 1:1 coaching, group support, and storytelling. Metamorphosis 101 is Sarah's vehicle of growth for both herself and her clients!

Besides Metamorphosis 101, Sarah is back to work full-time as a Career Advisor, working with previously incarcerated folks.  Sarah actively chooses to live everyday in gratitude and love, rather than in fear.  Looking back to the lowest points, and seeing where she is now, Sarah is inspired to help as many tread through rough waters.  She knows that anybody can make it with the right mindset, access to community, support, and resources. 

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