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Collective Energetic and Cosmic Goings-On Right Now

by: Natalie Viglione

Lesson for right now is: Reflect Before You Act

July 2021 puts us smack into the middle of the 2021 year and it's an important month to analyze the energetic goings-on and looking to the skies for some answers. 

There are a lot of people that put out energetic information monthly, but I like to consume lots of sources and look at things from my own perspective and intuitive reading. That feels more like the investigative reporter that I am and can offer people a bigger insight rather than looking through one lens. 

But, this recap is not just about July 2021, this is also about the time that we are in and will be in for quite some time, sad to say! Because if you're in the know then you already KNOW what I mean! 

The biggest thing to note here is that we're in an energetic war, as well as a cycle of evolution and a pole shift at a planetary and galactic level (the last time a major pole shift happened was 26,000 years ago), and we're moving to a time of massive awakening and a time when we can get rid of evil energies on the planet... but it's slow. These evil energies have held on for thousands of years now, since roughly the time when Atlantis fell.  We're moving into a dangerous phase because it's their "last stand" and they know it so it's like the sociopathic psychopath that is going to bring as many people down with them as they fall... not a pretty visual but unfortunately it's the truth. 

How have you been feeling and what have you been seeing or experiencing? 

  • For the past week or so have you caused major energy insanity by spinning out of control? 
  • Have you felt CRAZY? 
  • Have you had CRAZY things happen to you? 
  • Have you seen people tapping into a whirlwind of crazed energy making things spin out of control? 
  • Causing major miscommunication errors for no reason? 
  • Major "happenings" that are confusing as all hell coming out of nowhere? 

If so, you're not alone. 

As an intuitive assessing energetic vibrations, I see that this is all directed energies affecting things right now and it's a mix of the cosmic energy and also other nefarious directed energies that are PURPOSEFULLY being put out to cause chaos and attack people that are sensitive to energy. 

So if you're being GREATLY affected right now, you may not even realize that you're tapping into the frazzled/crazy energy and if you're not grounding yourself and flippantly causing more chaos, well, you're going to create a big mess. 

The truth is that this energetic battle is hidden from the minds and eyes of most which makes this difficult by design.

So who are the people being affected the most? 

People that are consciously standing up for the light, looking to bring freedom to humanity and are now (actively) doing the work, or are slowly being activated around this (with the realization hitting big time for you in 2020)— so, WATCH OUT, you will find yourself especially affected further these next few days and this has been the case for July. 

And if you aren't clear or grounded you won't even realize that you're playing right into this energetic whirlwind and instead of being calm like the eye of the storm, you are creating the storm itself! Be MINDFUL and workout, let go of stress, take care of you so you can be clear and grounded.

Cosmic goings-on right now: 

Planetary readings: The intense Mars is in the flamboyant Leo sign until July 29 which is two cosmic clashes. Turbulence could arise, along with a need to pivot plans or navigate through chaos, egos and tempers. With all three planets in stubborn fixed signs, people are likely to be entrenched in their viewpoints. Compromise is key and or letting go and not allowing yourself to be taken along that bad energetic vibe. (See how this supports any crazy, stubborn people you've been experiencing?)

There is a lot of Deception Energy going on which will be the case in general moving forward where lies and manipulation reveal themselves in big ways.

So, if you find yourself whirling in energy that isn't yours or feeling affected, if you're playing into all of that whirling insanity and being paranoid, if you feel on-edge, more sensitive, more reactive and more tempted towards negativity than usual, now you can realize why this is happening.

As always, tap into your intuition. I did a video recently on this as to HOW you can do that, which you can watch here.  Really dig in and look at things from a balanced point of view and just stop all the things "out there" so that you can come back to yourself. Stop talking, stop interacting, and move into your soul as this will set you up for clarity and a reset and move through July as quietly and easily as you can. The best bet is to avoid coming to any important conclusions about your life or phases you're moving into. Let the storm pass first and then wait. Center yourself as you must be grounded to be able to be allowed to have clarity!

Stay tuned into cosmic goings on and energy happenings as this will help guide you not only in July, but in the insanity of what's going to take place more and more as this year and the next come into play... and beyond.