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Ep 80, How To Listen and Connect To Your Intuition

Host & creator, natalie viglione

It is time that we tap into our innate powers. And a HUGE power that we humans have is our intuition.  

Many of us often have pondered this and have asked: 

  • how do you listen to your intuition? 
  • how do you develop your intuition? 
  • how do you  follow your intuition? 
  • how do you use your intuition? 

There are many ways to get into the empowered space to be guided by our intuition, so here’s information about the 3 big ways that our power gets taken away from us almost from the get-go. That’s important to look at given this disconnection happens without us even knowing it. This also covers how we can get into the state of being where we RElearn how to connect to our intuition and become empowered to listen to our intuition and drive our lives from this space. 

Here’s what is covered in this episode: 

  • How our power and innate magick is almost immediately taken away from us when we step into this world (not for all, but for MOST people on this planet)
  • Why it’s important to understand validation and why looking EXTERNALLY versus INTERNALLY is a huge part of the DISempowerment process
  • Why it’s imperative to move away from dogmatic belief systems and NOW is the time to start breaking down the old paradigms 
  • The difference of being EMPOWERED and taking POWER; these are two very different energies  
  • Why a key element is to believe in our abilities and our capabilities that we have innately 
  • To remember that all we need is within (not 
  • out there)
  • Why it’s extremely essential to deprogram and how we need to relearn 
  • Why YOU are the only person you need permission from 
  • Why letting go of control is not about stopping taking action… and more!

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