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Excellent Tips for Manifestion: Here are the Top Do's and Don'ts 

By: Natalie viglione

manifestation is an active participation of intentions, thoughts, words and actions.

Manifestation is creation. Stepping into your power is a part of the manifestation process. It's desire that's backed with positive intentions to bring something about in your life into whatever category you desire (your relationships, a career working for someone else, your own business, etc.).

There has been a TON of people that have put out information on this but they miss many crucial steps. In this short do's and don'ts guide, I'll provide to you the steps that work with the codes of our unique Universe.

The first step is to realize that you will have to TAKE ACTION. By no means is "positive thinking" the way to manifestation, that is like a small portion of the process, but by no means is it "the thing" that works. It requires you to DO something to move into the "beingness" around the very thing you desire.

Let's review some excellent (and vetted) manifestation processes:


Let's get you the clarity of figuring out what you want to command into your life. Write things down so grab a journal as you'll want to take this seriously. Get somewhere quiet (nature is BEST for this) and just BE with yourself. Take some deep breaths and begin. We are going to IGNITE imagination!

  1. Get clear. What are your intentions? What is the "stuff" or the "thing" that you desire to manifest? Get EXTREMELY clear. Write it down. Write it ALL down. Every single little thing about the desire. 
  2. What are you thinking about right now with what you desire? Have extremely clear thoughts as to what the (or those) items are, and then imagine you HAVE IT (THEM) ALREADY. Write this down -- what's your emotion around this? How do you feel HAVING THE THING (OR STUFF) ALREADY? Make sure you really get clear on what that emotion is. 
  3. Using your senses in this imagination of having the very things you desire. Use those senses: Taste, touch, smell, hear, see. What do you taste? What do you feel? What do you hear? See yourself having this. What is it like touching this manifestation? Write this all down after you've imagined this. 
  4. What are the words you speak around this desire? What words would you say to tell someone what you're desiring? Write these things down.
  5. What actions do you need to take that is required to make this happen. For example, positive thinking is great, but in the case of wanting to meet a good new friend in your life, do you expect them to come knock on your door? Or, do you need to TAKE ACTION and go to a new meetup group or go to a new spot and meet new people so that you can manifest WHILE taking action? Write down the actions that you MUST take that will accompany the things above.
  6. Now that you've got the above written down in full (make sure that you do). Read it all, take it all in. Really soak in these things and over the next day or two just read this often. Don't keep adding on, just use what you intuitively wrote down in the first place. Don't get stuck in the "edit phase."

ACTIVATING THIS CODE INTO THE UNIVERSE: Now that you have the above written out fully and you've taken it to heart and have reviewed it several (or more) times, it's time to really kick this into high gear.

  • Now is your time to sit somewhere quiet, in nature (or not), and just BE. Take those deep breaths and chill. Now, start meditation/praying/saying the following to yourself quietly or out loud (up to you): 
  • State what you desire to manifest (I am manifesting...)
  • Get your mind and heart in coherence around the intention of why you desire this.
  • Next you want feel the emotion and ALL the senses as you imagined as if YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. What are all the feelings, senses (taste, touch, smell, hear, and see), all the tings that you imagined. FEEL THOSE DEEPLY. Take some time in this. IGNITE that imagination within!
  • Breathe deeply again. Take this all in. Now, give GRATITUDE to Universe for providing this to you, have gratitude that you ALREADY HAVE IT. See yourself jumping around, joyful, taking in the beauty of having this and saying THANK YOU. FEEL that gratitude!
  • ACTION! This is something you'll want to do maybe a couple times, but the important thing is now to TAKE ACTION. You must do your part. This is not about sitting back and thinking stuff falls into your lap. Use this deep clarity to move, take action steps, and get into the movement part of this activation.

By the way, this is a technique coded into ancient tablets. This is REAL and how one uses the codes of magick (aka manifestation) in this world; literally, creating your reality! You can see more on that here.


  •   Do not try to positive think your way into manifesting without doing the above. It's good to think positively for it helps dissipate the negative thinking, but this is not ALL there is to this.
  • Do not get stuck in "edit mode" - the phase to write this all out requires you to tap into your intuition. Men and women have this and this is not about being perfect, it's about getting it out and into a space that can allow you to gain clarity.
  • Do not skip steps and "get lazy" about this. These are ANCIENT mechanisms for making stuff happen (used and vetted by many, including myself). 
  • Do not think that the only thing you are to manifest are material items, for this is a trap into materialism and you've got to be clear on what you're creating in your life and what emotion you're serving. Make sure the intention is POSITIVE and that you're desiring something for a really good reason. Too many people are trapped in "keeping up with the Jones'" and this is not going to be in alignment if you're a person who truly cares about "doing good" in this world.  Are you serving negative emotions like jealousy? Vanity? Narcissism? Anger? Fear? Get very clear.
  • Don't think that there isn't an action that you will have to take. This is ACTIVE participation between you and the Universe (the ether and All That Is) in order for you to powerfully co-create. For example, if you want to get healthy, it will require you to DO THE WORK to get there. Eat organically, eat healthy food, totally change and disrupt UNhealthy patterns you've created. There is ALWAYS action steps to take when you're manifesting in your life. The equation (aka code) is that you must align your intentions/thoughts with your words and your actions.  

comment below, what do you desire to manifest?

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