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Excellent Tips for Manifestion: Here are the Top Do's and Don'ts 

By: Natalie Viglione

Manifestation is an active participation of intentions, thoughts [emotions drive thoughts], words and actions...

Manifestation is creation, and this is an INNATE GIFT that all POWERFUL HUmans have.

Stepping into your power is a part of the manifestation process. It's desire that's backed with positive intentions to bring something about in your life into whatever category you desire (your relationships, a career working for someone else, your own business, etc.).

There has been a TON of people that have put out information on this but they miss many crucial steps. In this short do's and don'ts guide, I'll provide to you the steps that work with the codes of our unique Universe.

The first step is to realize that you will have to TAKE ACTION. By no means is "positive thinking" the way to manifestation, that is like a small portion of the process, but by no means is it "the thing" that works. It requires you to DO something to move into the "beingness" around the very thing you desire.

Confusions About Prayer

Prayer is often misunderstood... there are many varying forms of prayer; prayer in ritual or ceremony, prayer of gratitude and thanks, etc.), and often it's interpreted as "we are supposed to be asking for something" and that's something to happen to us or to bring something to us in our life.

But the issue here is that when we ask for it then we're acknowledging that it's not here now! When we ASK we say "it's not here" and this means that we have just told the universe that the something we want/desire does not exist here. So, the universe keeps it that way... THAT IS HOW POWERFUL WE ARE!

However, when we feel into the details using all our senses and paint the picture, tell the story, write it into ENERGY then this is using the right coding framework. We build it through harmonic resonance with the thing(s) we want/desire, then we give thanks of gratitude and appreciation that the manifestation has already happened... this is how you're telling the codes of the universe that it exists. Thereby, it does exist and it is manifested!

Speaking the Universe "Language"

We need to speak to the universe in ITS desired way through the ether or field of intelligence -- intentions PLUS emotions (aka feelings), the gratitude that it already exists, and no attachment to the outcome... these are THE foundations to the real mode of prayer (which is the process of manifestation).

The Nag Hammadi Libery holds the lost teachings; these are teachings that were left out of the Bible and such on purpose for it gives us powerful wisdom. The Gospel of Thomas reveals a lot of truth around what the manifesting (aka prayer) process should be, and that is available to read online if you're called into reading that.

There are people talking about this, like Gregg Braden, so there are varying places to look more into this for your research rabbit holes. But the important part is DOING IT!

The Proper Manifestation Process

Let's review some excellent (and vetted) manifestation processes: what to do and what NOT to do


Let's get you the clarity of figuring out what you want to command into your life. Write things down so grab a journal as you'll want to take this seriously. Get somewhere quiet (nature is BEST for this) and just BE with yourself. Take some deep breaths and begin. We are going to IGNITE imagination!

  1. Get clear. What are your intentions? What is the "stuff" or the "thing" that you desire to manifest? Get EXTREMELY clear. Write it down. Create your beautiful story, and even drawing it-- what is your creativity outlet or gift? If you dance, dance to that intention to feel it. If you paint, paint that intention to feel it. You get the gist! Do this in a creative way that feels good and make sure to KNOW that you are a Divine HUman and you are creating YOUR own personal universe! Feel into all the senses around the desire you seek... (using the 5 senses and other things you may psychically perceive through any other gifts that you uniquely have). For example, as a seer, I see All Things for my learnings, trainings, instruction sets, etc. in my dreamtime sessions with My Beautiful Team and I use this in my unique Creation Process. What's YOUR unique process going to be?  
  2. What are you thinking about right now as you write/feel into the desire you seek? Be extremely clear as to what you desire to manifest, and then imagine you HAVE IT ALREADY. This is one of the keys. Take a minute to write this all down. How do you feel when you already KNOW that you HAVE THE THING(S) ALREADY? Make sure you really get clear on what that emotion is and feels like.  This is the alignment of thought and emotion which is a core powerful foundation to this practice.
  3. Using your senses in this imagination of having the very things you desire is a powerful exercise so make sure you're really using your senses.  What do you taste? What do you feel? What do you hear? See yourself having the thing(s) you want to manifest! What is it like touching this manifestation? Write this all down after you've imagined this and felt into this. 
  4. What are the words you speak around this desire? What words would you say if you were to tell someone what you're desiring? Write these things down and use your gut-feeling or intuition to do this.
  5. What actions do you need to take that are required to make this happen? For example, if you're desiring to meet a good new friend in your life, do you expect them to come knock on your door and to FIND YOU somehow? Or, do you need to TAKE ACTION and go to a new meetup group or do something so differently that you go out on a limb?  Write down the actions that you MUST take that will accompany the things above. How creative can you be with this?
  6. Now that you've got the above written down in full (and have done this process adding on any other creative way you see fit for you), now is the time to read/review it all, and make sure to take it all in. Connect into your power and really soak in these things and then over the next day or two just review it as often as you can. Don't keep adding onto things, use what you intuitively wrote down in the first place. Don't get stuck in the "edit phase" because this is not using your intuition properly.

Then the next step is ACTIVATION!

Now that you have the above written out or drawn (or adding whatever creative flair that you want), and you've taken it to heart by reviewing it several (or more) times--now it's time to really kick this into high gear!

Now is your time to sit somewhere quiet, in nature and just BE. Take those deep breaths and chill into your body and ground. Now, start meditation/praying/saying the following to yourself quietly or out loud (it's totally up to you):

  • State what you desire to manifest (I am manifesting...) and read from all that you wrote down.
  • Get your mind and heart in coherence around the intention of why you desire this.
  • Next you want feel the emotion and ALL the senses as you have already imagined that YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. What are all the feelings, senses (taste, touch, smell, hear, and see) around all the things that you imagined for this manifestation. FEEL THOSE DEEPLY. Take some time in this to IGNITE that imagination within! 
  • Breathe deeply again. Take this all in and now you give SO MUCH GRATITUDE to All Things (the Universe, etc.) for providing this to you. Bring in gratitude that you ALREADY HAVE IT. See yourself going through the emotions and actions of how you would feel already what you desire. Maybe it's jumping around in true joy and screaming YES! Whatever that looks like for you, bask in the beauty of having this already and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and make sure you are really FEELING that gratitude!
  • ACTION! This is something you'll want to do as often and for as long as needed which is unique to all. The important thing is now to TAKE ACTION because you MUST do your part.  This is not about sitting back and thinking all the things now fall into your lap. That is not how this works. But use this new-found deep clarity to move and to take the RIGHT action steps, and this is how you get the movement part of this activation coding process for manifestation. 

By the way, this is a technique coded into ancient tablets. This is VERY REAL and how one uses the codes of magick in this world; we literally are creating our own unique reality amongst a larger reality!

What NOT To Do

  • Do not "positive think" your way into manifesting without doing the above full process. It's good to think positively for it helps dissipate the negative thinking but this is not ALL there is to this. This is a lot of the incorrect information that's so readily available out there in the "new age" spirituality which leaves people with barely a 1/4 of the real information.

  • Do not get stuck in "edit mode" -- the phase to write this all out requires you to tap into your intuition. Men and women have this ability and it's not about being perfect, it's about getting it out and into a space that can allow you to gain clarity.
  • Do not skip steps and "get lazy" about this. These are PRIMORDIAL TRUTHS-- the mechanisms for making stuff happen used and vetted by many, including myself to manifest huge dreams with the "started from nothing" to bring myself towards my twin flame that ended up in a union through Sacred Marriage, to get a sanctuary space secured, and so much more! It works, my friends! 
  • Do not think that the only things to manifest are material items, or surface-level things like "happiness." There is MUCH MORE if you look deeper. And this 3rd density experience of the illusion of money is how the negative factions that created "money" trap humans into materialism. You've got to be clear on what you're creating in your life and what emotion you're serving. Make sure the intention is POSITIVE for your Higher Good and the Good Of All, and that you're desiring something for a really good reason (unless you are desiring the negative service to self path, but that's not the energy I am speaking to here!). Too many people are trapped in a "keeping up with the Jones'" type of mentality and this is not going to be in alignment if you're a person who truly cares about "doing good" in this world.  Make sure you're not serving negative emotions like jealousy, vanity, frequencies of narcissism, anger, fear... etc. 
  • There is always an action! If you think that there isn't an action that you will have to take then you'll miss a big part of the real process of activation. Remember that manifestation is ACTIVE participation between you and the Universe (the ether and All That Is) in order for you to powerfully co-create. For example, if you want to get healthy, it will require you to DO THE WORK which can mean a lot of work to get there and ongoing. Eating organically, getting your body moving, choosing to eat healthy wholesome real food vs processed food, etc. To become healthy we have to totally change and disrupt UNhealthy patterns that have been created. Point being, there's ALWAYS action steps to take when you're manifesting in your life. 

The basic equation of magick manifestation (aka coding it into the Universal Framework) is that you must align your intentions with emotions/thoughts, and make sure you're aligning your words and actions to those! This is something to write down and never forget...

What do you desire to manifest RIGHT NOW?

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