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3 Excellent Ways to Manage a Crisis in Your Life

By: Natalie viglione

crisis management...

As we move along in this experience, the journey of life on Earth, we can hit varying levels of crises; from the simpler disruptions like losing our keys to much more extreme experiences like death of loved ones and other major traumas.

A big question that we can ask: How much of the crises that we experience do we “control” and how much do we not have control over?

This is an important question to ponder, because whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is that we control a lot more than we think.

The biggest keys:
1) We have control over our response to the things that come at us that are not directly an effect that we caused.
2) We must take responsibility for the things that we have caused and learn from the experience.

It’s the latter that many have a hard time admitting, for if we take responsibility for the things we caused, that means we must admit to ourselves (and possibly others) that we “did it.” That’s hard for many, but a vital step in understanding how we can control more things in our lives and move out of victimhood, fear, and more.

When we are annoyed, hurt, or truly traumatized by experiences, there will be varying ways in which we can move through the disruptions, and there are some underlying foundations we can learn to bring into anything we experience that is a disruption point (a crisis). This way of seeing can allow us to gain more and more control and start learning how to take our power back.

Here are the top 3 things to better manage crisis in your life:

  1. Let’s look at the word disrupt. It has the word ‘up’ inside of it! This is the hidden meaning of what disrUPtion means. The very things that cause hurt, pain, chaos, etc. are the very things/moments that provide opportunities to evolve. Disruption is a catalyst for evolution, it can move us towards awakening the powerful parts of our divinity and can help evolution (as that is the only thing that ultimately all of us should be working towards!).
  2. Ask yourself: How can I see the opportunity in this moment, in this experience, or this outcome of the stuff I caused? By digging in and analyzing the “thing” that has come into our sphere and understanding it further, this way of looking at the event (or events) frees us to become more self-aware and conscious in our lives. Truly, the times of disruption are the ways that we learn. Learning is experiencing that causes growth. Growth is an underlying aspect to evolution and is something that should be a key driver in all our lives.  
  3. Ignorance as to the victimhood we are choosing, or the lack of taking responsibility creates no opportunity for growth. Times of crisis can allow us to create more opportunity for ourselves to uncover our full potential. We are not always “at the mercy” of other forces, so it’s important for us to grow beyond “comfortable” boundaries, to let go of fear, and completely change our trajectory for the positive during times that challenge us.
It’s when we give our power away to other forces that the extreme polarity of victimhood and lack of responsibility can take hold and causes even more negative experiences and more trauma to enter our lives. These things create a looping pattern of more and more crisis! This is when a person steps into the role of creating pain in their own life (and not a fun place to be stuck) …  
There is extreme potential in times of crisis because they can become the key moments that create the opportunities to become much more aware of our surroundings, more conscious of the relationships that we keep, and allow us to see with clarity the repeating patterns that are unhealthy and undesired. They become “choice points” which are times when we can realize what the best next steps are for the healthiest outcome we desire (for ourselves and others).

And, the truth is, there are times when people are trapped by man-made constructs that are beyond horrific. This is just something we must realize. People that are in those kinds of situations will be required to dig deeper than ever before inside of themselves, and to be creative in solutioning of how to step out, or work through the trauma of the very thing they’re experiencing. Often the man-made destructions on our planet are not fair by any means, so it’s how we can try to take the power back in those situations that can create higher awareness and cultivate massive bravery. This is often a hard subject to look at, but we must see all aspects of “dark and light” to understand this entire collective experience more clearly. (And, how can someone like YOU help THEM to dismantle destruction on this planet...that's an even bigger question to contemplate!)

So, if we can be more conscious and aware in the disrUPtive moments, this will help us create a more harmonious and balanced life for ourselves and others (as what affects one affects ALL!).