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Ep 103, The First 7 Years of Life Determine More Than You Can Imagine

Host & creator, natalie viglione

Why are the first seven years of human life so critical? (This includes the first 7 months for dogs and many other things, too!)

A person's adult life issues can easily be determined by how their childhood went and it’s trackable.

It sounds so simple and straightforward, but do we genuinely know and understand this? For the parents out there, please take notes on this one as it is an important episode!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode with us:

  • How the first seven years of life puts the stamp on what we're going to be like in our adulthood (and the issues we will face, where we go to uncover trauma)
  • How looking back into our childhood help us breakdown belief systems and values that aren't ours, and in turn start the discovery process of what we truly believe in
  • The connection between childhood and chakra development
  • The high relevance of the number 7 in the universe and why the “first 7” is not a coincidence 
  • Why slowing down and matching the child's speed is one of the most important pieces of advice for parents

And so much more wisdom nuggets! Make sure to listen to the full episode below!

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Dr. L. Carol Scott has a dream: to change for the better the way we treat each other in America. Through what she calls the Wisdom of Childhood, you can finally understand what makes people ‘tick!’ Seven Self-Aware Success Strategies—your SASS—manifest that wisdom in your life today. Lesson #1: However you define your success, it begins with you treating yourself and everyone else as the unique gifts we are in this world.

The SASS model integrates more than a century of theory and research on early learning and brain development, lessons from Carol’s lifetime career with children and families, and tools from her own journey of recovery after a childhood filled with trauma. A truly committed University of Kansas Jayhawk, she earned her dual BAs in Anthropology and Human Development, an MA in Early Education, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology, all "on The Hill" in Lawrence.

Dr. L. Carol Scott is also known for shaping state and federal early learning systems, largely through her consultation with government, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Past board president for Child Care Aware® of America and past chair of the Missouri Coordinating Board for Early Childhood, she has held more than 100 such leadership roles.

Carol has worked at the leading edges of our country’s systems for early care and education, including quality rating and improvement, professional development, and shared services business models.

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