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Ep. 44, Disrupt Now Podcast: Diane McDermott, Moving Through and Beyond Trauma

With Natalie Viglione

· Podcast Episode

Trauma catches us by surprise. Rarely do we plan for the events that can cause us great pain. Being a badass can mean that you push beyond trauma without being connected to the outcome of what happens to the person who caused you that trauma.

The power of letting go to move beyond is a courageous place to reside.

In this extremely vulnerable conversation, we dive into a difficult story that took place earlier this year in Charlotte, NC for Diane McDermott, co-host of the Disrupt Now Podcast.

Diane allowed us to dive openly into the traumatic event that unfolded on a dark evening in a parking lot.

Rarely do we know when we will be faced with such a large disruption event in our life. Moments like these can take everything within us to be able to assess, adjust, understand, and then, ultimately, move beyond. These types of moments can point our lives in all-new directions and put us onto a trajectory that we never knew possible.

There are typically two places that we create from after trauma in our life, that's to learn how to live with but move beyond to grow from that point and further evolve, or we can choose to stay victims and stay in a place of anger that can lead us down a much harsher path.


In this episode, we dive into Diane's story and her ability to move into a space of power that has helped her to move beyond the trauma that she faced in March of 2019. Her story is an amazing example of the power that we hold in the ability to CHOOSE and the art of ALLOWING to feel and dive into the depths of our emotions and then move beyond to grow and evolve.