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Ep. 45, Disrupt Now Podcast:
The Path of Least Resistance Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Host & Creator, Natalie Viglione With Co-Host, Diane McDermott


With Our Special Guest & Mystery Man, Anonymous Al

· Podcast Episode

The world today feels just off, right?

Some of us feel it and see it, and all of it impacts our day to day.

Some people feel it but don’t understand what it is that they feel.

Then some people aren’t connected at all and choose to not see or feel anything.

If you’re reading this then us here at Disrupt Now know that you feel it and see it, too. Just like we do and know you probably ponder how can we make things better?!

To the ones that see and feel it, here are some things that are blatantly obvious, well, at least to all us "deep-soul" adventurers!

Have you noticed that:

  • So many “traditional” corporate and business structures focus on the bottom line at the expense of the humans they claim to serve?
  • Morality seems to be a key ingredient that’s missing in WAY TOO MANY areas of the world, be it politics, corporate infrastructures, or the way people operate in the world?
  • The path of “easy” and "safety" is all well and good until LIFE HAPPENS and then we get shoved off a cliff into the unknown?

When “life happens” it could be wrapped in a divorce, the death of a loved one, loss of a “secure” job, etc. At these junctures, the universal divine energy of consciousness is asking us to assess where we’re at and what can we spin to evolve further? It's in the phase of assessment that can lead to unconsciously repeating old, bad patterns and habits in our lives… leading a person back to the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance IS the path of unconsciousness.

When life shakes us up, the life events that happen are a gift, an invitation to shift, grow, and evolve. The job or career that’s draining our soul (GET RID OF IT), the relationship that isn’t working (LET IT GO), the constant striving for more (MATERIAL THINGS AREN'T THE ANSWER), and all take a toll on our overall well-being.

In this episode we dive into the above, and so much more! We talk about how morality is a key ingredient that’s missing in so many industries today amidst a culture of consumerism. For example, lots of logical (and very popular) financial advice largely ignores the very real emotional and fear-based aspects that inevitably arise.

BUT, there is a way to RISE and SHIFT! And, professionals who recognize this emotional component are experts at helping clients navigate not just the logical and fair weather days but a lighthouse of authentic and genuine support through the storms...because they navigate those same storms themselves.

This episode goes into the depths of what a path of unconsciousness can mean for one’s life, the suffering it can cause even if a person thinks it's where safety lies, and how fighting for morality is something we should all be focused on to help humanity learn how to thrive versus just survive.



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