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An Exciting Announcement!

For about 20 years now (at the time of this writing), I've been on a relentless hunt to find conscious-based content that breaks the mold. Content that awakens the remembering from within, that shares the truth of ancient wisdom that has been hidden from us (for a reason!) ... learning from and with all the different souls all over the world doing amazing work! (That's why I started my podcast too!)

In that time, I've found a few spots that I love (like Gaia), but there's another one I found more recently some years ago now called Humanity's Team... and then they launched Humanity's Stream+ (the online streaming platform version) and I was all over it!

What I love about it is learning from NEW souls as the content features so many NEW faces and that's what I love to see!

This leads me to this EXCITING announcement I'd like to share with you...

Watch this video (But PLEASE make sure to scroll down to get the links!)

A little backstory to share around this announcement:

About 8 years ago now (at the time of this writing), I broke the mold of my life to leave a toxic corporate loop I was in. When I left that big fat paycheck (eek!) I threw myself into launching my unique purpose and mission which is Team Gu (strategy+creative support for heart-based business owners all over the world).

This has been a magickal ride! Speaking my truth, using the INNATE gifts that I was born with (for example, being an intuitive, and a precognitive empath), and bring this all together with all the learnings in this over 20 year career...

I've always been a "conscious channeler" (writing what comes in or dreaming/seeing visions of timelines, etc.), and the Tap Into Your Magick program was done in this same way. In fact, Disrupt Now came to me via a dream!

I had MANY downloads that built this program, and it took a village to get done (including my twin flame/husband to edit the content, and another wonderful soul on our team), but little did I know that I would have this opportunity that I share with you now...

I'm BEYOND excited that my program is now being offered, alongside the other gorgeous souls, on one of my FAVORITE platforms, Humanity Stream+ ... WOAH!!!!!!! 🤯

So, now there are TWO ways to join into the program!

1. Online program version on the Disrupt Now site

2. Explore the program on Humanity's Stream+ ... AND you'll get to explore the wealth of knowledge and experiences of other unique souls that have their content on this platform, too!

Tap Into Your Magick is program engineered to illuminate and facilitate a path for you to get back to WHO YOU TRULY ARE; to use your innate skills and gifts that you're born with at soul-levl, and how to marry those innate gifts with all the things you've learned since birth.

It's a framework that can help you UNLEASH your inner magick and mission (that's 100% unique to every soul since we're just like snowflakes)!

Thank you for being connected and for allowing me to share this exciting news!

~ Natalie Viglione


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