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2023 Astrological Map: Your Guide to the Year Ahead

By: Natalie Viglione

· Energy and Frequency,Ancient Magick,Astrology-Cosmology,Reclaiming Our Power


As Above, So Below: Astrological Outlook for 2023 [A Researcher's Perspective]

Here's my research for how this year of 2023 will go... I would never call myself an "expert astrologer," but for over 20 years I have paid close attention to Cosmology/Astrology... I am what you call an Observer.

I pay attention to the cosmos because it's imperative that we do. I'm also a scientist and researcher by nature, and this guide weaves the common threads of many different sources and seeks to pull up that veil to see into the energies we can tap into through the year. [See resource list below]


I have followed astrological goings-on since I was in my early 20s (so over 20 years now), and while I would not call myself an expert astrologist, I am a scientist and researcher by nature. Rarely, would I trust one source or even two sources in this area of expertise because many times the interpretations offered cloud the truth of what’s happening with the stars (aka planets aka Celestial Beings).

In this topic, I seek to look at MANY sources and then bring the common threads through. For this, I chose varying astrologers and different sites and then painted a larger picture of the massive transformation that this wonderful Celestial Being we call Earth (or Gaia) is going through with all of us living beings connected to this evolution that is continuing big time into 2023.

The time of great shifts are upon our lands . . . commencing in 2012 as an end to the old, and this all will continue for some time. Intuitively, anyone connected to the energies of All That Is has felt this and feels this greatly! Every year we will see more and more commence, so there will never (THANKFULLY) be a return to what used to be...

Here's why it is powerful...

Astrology is a science: It's important to note that, astrology is a profound science of subtle energy interactions between celestial bodies (stars and what we label as planets), and humans are a microcosm of this via our physical body (matter) and our subtle bodies: ethereal, astral, mental and causal.

It is FAR MORE than most can imagine. This little snapshot using it in this way to guide our lives is actually the TINIEST aspect to what these energies should be used for.

The higher dimensions and ETs -- the ancients as we can call them -- have used this as THE underlying science to build and create technologies so far advanced that few would believe it if you talked about it. Of which, this world has seen in recent times only in secret, but will see again (in the future).

The pyramids are one such example that were strategically built using the energies of celestial bodies--the frequencies of the cosmos!

There are psycho-mental aspects to humanity and our health and evolution of personality get influenced by the subtle influences of the cosmos that are characteristics of the great planets/stars. But here is something to remember: we are NOT at the mercy of these movements and the energies of these celestial beings/bodies.

When the energies are not favorable to us, we can overcome them through superior discernment, knowledge and most of all, our will! This -- discernment, knowledge, will -- is the basis and foundational aspects of magick.


The theme we can’t ignore is that in 2020, cosmically Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn (this was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction) which started the CRUMBLING of the 3rd density (the old systems) as this conjunction of star energies that is about the dismantling of systems.

The enslavement time on this Celestial Being, Earth, (and its beings within and on), is ending… but not without some bumps in the road and not without some of those growth pains that always happen in massive transformations (any of us that has done a lot of spiritual inner work know that great transformation is rarely simple!).


Thematically these major themes are:

  • The continual ending of old corrupt control systems
  • Moving into your pure authentic Self
  • Shifts around work (career, etc.)
  • Deep healing via seeing all aspects of you (shadow work) is the continual ask
  • Waking up around the control of materialism
  • Take off those rose-colored glasses, or they'll be ripped off for you...any rose-colored glasses that people wear will be ripped off to see whole truths (and nothing but the truths...)


In 2023, Saturn LEAVES Aquarius to enter Pisces: Pisces is the last sign, so this signifies an end to a long season, the last ‘phase’ of winter, so to speak. Let’s look at the bigger picture: The end to a looooong season (100,000+ years) of a “dark hold” that has come in and out of our lands, it’s what we can call “evil forces” and this hold is being torn away. These factions that have held this planet hostage can no longer enslave this world; therefore, all the systems are crumbling. This is making way for a new density to be birthed, and what this means is that we are moving into the 4th density as this Celestial Being (what we call planet) will go from 3rd density to 4th density and many of us are going for that ride.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th and will send frequencies into our lands that will ensure you’re committing to more spiritual discipline(s)/doing some deep healing work.

Collectively, Saturn in Pisces is about what’s mentioned above--the dissolution of old, outdated systems that no longer serve the higher evolutionary pathway chosen by Earth and the entire system.

2023 will also be about walking paths that promote the FULL expression of your authenticity. 

Deeper shadow work (integration of all aspects of Self multidimensionally from lower to higher aspects or frequencies) will be required. Jupiter magnifies the energy of Wounded Healer Chiron in early spring and winter of 2023.

Jupiter conjuncts Chiron from February 5-April 12 (exact on March 11)

This is about expanding everything that it touches, Jupiter will magnify the need to face, process, and integrate shadow realms. By focusing on healing the past now, that is how to be set up for success! Meaning of 'conjunct' is joined together, or united.

Jupiter squares Pluto April 25-June 12 (exact on May 17)

In this is a rare square between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius, it is expected to magnify our thirst for power and success, so mark this on your calendar to avoid ruthless behavior stepping on other people to get to the top during this time and go within instead of going “out there” in this frequency. Meaning of 'squaring' is 90 degrees apart so there is a "tug of war" happening.

Jupiter has a lot more that it will be bringing in this year. This Star enters Taurus May 15 and it has been called the “planet of abundance and aspiration” so it will bring blessings to that Taurus-ruled area of our charts, smoothing out any issues that presented themselves during the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle.

Jupiter sextile Saturn May 12-July 18 & December 2-December 31st and this sextile between Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces (exact on June 19)

This is one of the most positive astral connections of 2023, helping create the stability and growth that has lacked in previous years (WOO HOO, right?!). Meaning of 'sextile' is when they're 60 degrees apart creating a harmonious and complementary energy.

Another rarity is that Jupiter conjuncts North Node of Destiny May 11-June 21 (exact July 1)

Jupiter’s expansive influence gets magnified during this rare period of time, and this will support financial advancement in new ways and steady growth for every zodiac sign. Did someone say NEW?

Pluto is a powerful Star of energies, from May 1 – October 10th, this is the retrograde to watch in 2023

Pluto will toggle between Aquarius and Capricorn, and so this is giving us a sneak peek into the collective themes that will remain active for the next 20 years! (Yes, we should pay attention to this!)


Pluto also enters Aquarius from March 23-June 10th

...and there is no other planet-sign combination that screams “power to the people” like Pluto in Aquarius.

Big shifts towards a fairer future can begin now if there is a collective push towards a shared goal of ridding the Earth of the factions [negative factions meaning the negative people that make up the companies, fake "philanthropic" agencies, and government systems] that control and manipulate.

Throughout the year, the Mercury retrogrades are all in Earth signs

What this means for us is that the frequencies of this will bring transformation regarding the realm of materialism (material possessions and the way people make, save, and spend money will be seriously challenged). So, are you seeking a new way to serve or create? This is THE year to make that happen as energies will require this. It kicks off in 2023 Spring, the Mercury retrograde in Taurus kicks off the reassessing of “financial situations” bringing access to exciting ideas for those who seek guidance within.

Mercury retrogrades: Mercury is a mentor for our mental and communication aspects of our lives. We can harmonize more properly by being aware that when this retrograde specifically is occurring, we can experience LESS stress when we pause and go back over our tracks.

Look into the "eternal now" to deal with any underlying issues currently going on, leave matters that lock in future commitments until Mercury goes direct... otherwise, if you can't do that, then ensure you cross ALL of the t's and dot all of the i's in any said communications and back things up (meaning send in multiple ways) and be EXTREMELY clear (perhaps having an "out" somewhere in any said agreements or contractual items that you are cultivating).

Miscommunications are often the BIGGEST issue as is technology fizzling and just not working. So, tread carefully in these aspects.

There is a Mercury Retrograde these dates:

  1. Dec. 29, 2022 - Jan. 18, 2023... LOTS of edges moving from one year to the next (should you pay attention to the traditional/conventional "new year" (I do not, but I know many do).
  2. April 21-May 14 2023... In Taurus, learn the meaning of words and speak your truth with these upgraded insights on the real meaning of words you use consistently. 
  3. Aug. 23-Sept. 15... In Virgo, healing journey is going to take some unsuspected turns. Cultivate and connect deeply into your INNER HEALER and your divinity within so that you can intuit the medicine and magick you need for wellbeing RIGHT NOW. Space, walks in nature, you name it, and then MAKE IT HAPPEN (you'll need it, we all will). 
  4. Dec. 12-Jan. 1, 2024... In Capricorn, restructuring is happening "behind the scenes" and know that within this there are unknown gifts making their way to you, with your will and determination, set your path with intent.

Summer time ... Venus moves into Leo

Within the Summer, Venus in Leo means that more and more people that aren’t in aligned relationships will seek more freedom and so be aware of those aspects. If you're aware, you can ensure that drama doesn’t blow up, but you can make choices that will help you make changes as needed in a compassionate way for all involved when these root changes start to shift in big ways.

Venus is something VERY special; Venus is connected to the interior, our feminine insides, no matter what gender we are. There is a magickal rhythm in the motion of Venus, after 8 years, it returns to the same place in our sky on about the same date, and is the eight-year cycle of Venus; it's known today as the pentagram or petals of Venus. There's a synodic cycle of Venus and the Sun and currently just reset so it set the "stage" for the next 19 years. This is a time where we merge and blend our hearts with our minds, and we are seeding back the Sacred Feminine Energy consciousness into our realm!

From June 17 – November 4th of this year, Saturn entering Pisces

This means that this is dissolving the old structures of our lives (and the old density... as above, so below), as we talked about above. During the retrograde, this process of dissolution will align people that choose to do it with their true paths.

Say goodbye to the “rose-colored glasses” syndrome from
June 30 – December 6th

Neptune retrograde means those who have been hiding from seeing the truth, blinded by the silly influence of the planet of materialism/fantasy, will have the rose-colored glasses pulled (NAY, ripped!) off at some point during this retrograde. If you're a truthseeker, like me, you will see a lot of what you wished for many years ago! A good balance will be about becoming more spiritual and embracing the positive energies around a person’s life.

North Node enters Aries, and the South Node enters Libra July 17th

Starting in the Summer, destiny has a new face. From July 17 to January 11 of 2025, the frequencies in our Solar System as it spirals and evolves will ask us to embrace independence and a deeper sense of authenticity. That's universe code for BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE, no more masks, no more BS... just the raw, real YOU!

As We Move From August into September...

  • August 28th: Uranus retrogrades (meaning it looks as if it's moving "backward" through what we call the zodiac. [PLEASE READ MY ARTICLE ABOUT THE 13TH SIGN, "MODERN ASTROLOGISTS" DON'T LIKE TO ADMIT THIS ONE...] Uranus is our capacity to experience REVOLUTION, this is a desire of freedom... the undertone is "let me be ME!" and expresses our desire to "go rogue." Retrograde is a feeling of "backwardness" or energies that turn back on themselves, turning INWARD. The energies would, in this case, be telling you that you're not enough, or you're not doing enough, saying things like "what's wrong with you" or questioning all the things you're doing in your desire for REVOLUTION (this speaks loudly to the truthspeakers and seekers!). 
  • August 30th: Mercury combines elements of variable energies with Chiron. This is all about mental aspects and communication skills (Mercury energies) combining with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and energies of how we fix or perfect what we're bringing into our life, so we compete with ourselves to better ourselves. In this combination, there will be EXTRA critical thinking around how your life is laying itself out or playing out based on your decisions.

Note that as of Aug. 31, there are 6 planets in retrograde - Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus & Pluto. Use this retrograde time to slow down and withdraw into yourself and away from other energies (as you can) in order to create time for self-reflection, introspection and DEEP yet expansive inquiry into the very DEPTHS of your being...

  • Sept. 1st: Mars combines variable energies with Saturn's energies. Mars is about ACTION (getting up and GOING), and Saturn is the task master so this energy takes life seriously and can be stern or harsh, putting on an extra load of responsibility and effort. This makes anyone that has a MISSION in this lifetime feel more into this "I NEED TO DO MORE" aspect of how we are taking action.
  • Sept. 3rd: Mercury Parhelion: this means that the energy of Mercury is nearest to the Sun so it's VERY intense feeling and additionally, Venus goes direct (this means it's moving "forward" or the energy of Venus is moving so much closer to our lands (and us!). These combined energies means that our mental thinking and communication feels intense so we are going to have INTENSE thinking and communications... be aware of this so you can lessen the intensity with adding softness where we can. 

The Direct Venus Energy means that we are digging straight into the heart and feminine ENERGY wisdom, and our bodies and receiving (this is available to any male or female, gender is not connected to the Sacred Feminine Energy). Venus' connection with the Sun is that it directly connects into the vital life force that lights everything up that the whole solar system is revolving around. This is similar to honeybees... this union is what makes Venus very magickal (as does the way it moves in the sky, as noted above).

This Sept. 3rd action means that w are INTENSELY feeling the Divine Feminine energy and we must marry our hearts to our minds even more so and will have us looking at this question "Am I aligned in my heart and my mind" and "Am I taking communicating and feeling into what my heart desires?" ... this is the Parhelion energy of Mercury melding with the Direct Venus Energy.

  • Sept. 4th: Jupiter goes retrograde today, and also Mercury is harmonizing with Jupiter energies. What does this mean? So, Mercury (again this energy of thinking and communicating) melds with Jupiter, which is our quest for truth and living and holding/walking in our truth. It involves an ever-expanding desire to educate Self and connect into opportunity and adventure. Yet, with Jupiter in retrograde, this means that we are going to be taking a hard look at ourselves and questioning our reality and what the truth is (about everything)!

This is part of the big theme in 2023... taking off the rose-colored glasses to see this reality CLEARLY without indoctrination, programming and mind control aspects... for many, it'll be a shock to the core.


So, as you can see, it’s another year filled with the ask for all to do MORE inner work (no one can hide!), deeper healing in all ways, and as this relates to the Collective (meaning all persons that affects ALL other things). Because, the truth is, there is nothing but connection between all things—flora, fauna, Earth, and humans (to the Cosmos and All That Is)!

To support this year of massive transformation and rare periods of influence from the Stars, we will all be asked to let go of the old in all ways, heal, and to TAKE OUR POWER BACK in bigger ways than EVER previously done before!

There is a calling for more and more people to learn how to truly serve others on the positive pathway for a Higher Good for ALL things of this Earth and in this timeline. (OR, people can also choose the other path, the negative path of service to self. Either way, it’s a choice that has to be made).


All of this is exactly why I was guided to create the ALL-NEW Tap Into Your Magick program!

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