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Natalie's New Interview: The Gift of Disruption

Natalie's Interview on Hearts Rise Up Podcast with Carol Chapman

I was recently given the chance to be on The Hearts Rise Up Podcast with Carol Chapman.

The conversation revolved around the topic of "disruption" and its potential to catalyze positive change in our lives. We explored how disruptions can push us out of our comfort zones and force us to reassess ourselves, values and goals.

Additionally, we delved into how disruption can lead to growth and the importance of being open to change.

Here are some wisdom drops within the episode:

  • Early life trauma & sense of abandonment
  • Importance of human contact and bonding
  • Heart space as an anchor
  • Toxic environments leading to dis-ease
  • The story that keeps us in boxes
  • The violent shove – turning on the power during life turmoils
  • Awareness of spiraling energy
  • Tapping into infinite intelligence
  • Lose the anchors that keep you from rising
  •  Many healing modalities – find the right one for you
  • Creativity in a digital world – Team Gu
  • The gift of “Disrupt Now”
  • The Law of One theory

You can go listen to the entire episode below!




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with Host, Carol Chapman