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Ep. 73, Why It’s Okay to Piss People Off While Challenging the Status Quo

Creator & host, natalie viglione

· Podcast Episode,Heart-Based Leadership

Guest, Max Borges, has grown a successful marketing agency and wrote a great quick pick me up book called How To Be Fan-f*cking-tastic! where he explores topics like optimism, mindset, disruption, and positivity. When you’re challenging the status quo, along the journey you’re going to piss some people off. Here are some of the top things we cover in this episode:

  • Why it’s not an easy task to grow a company over decades and stay strong in it WITHOUT the challenging the status quo part 
  • That sometimes the best thing is to not have business experience on a topic so that you can create your OWN experiences 
  • If you are always trying to fit in, then you're never going to do anything that is different--go outside of the box
  • That every crazy idea starts out as a seemingly stupid idea, but then it can develop into a REALLY great idea (use imagination!)
  • Stop looking at failures as failures, look at them as opportunities for finding who you are and as lessons that you needed


Practical advice on how to stop sucking at life and start being Fan-f*cking-tastic!

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Max Borges is the author of How To Be Fan-F*cking-Fastic!, a collection of wisdom and motivation from his journey growing his namesake agency from a laptop on his kitchen table to $10 million in annual revenue. His optimism and positive attitude have led him to countless opportunities, both personal and professional, that have resulted in more success than he ever dreamed possible.

Max penned his debut book with the goal of helping as many people as possible create more fulfilling and abundant lives – lives that are, well, fan-fucking-tastic! Each time readers pick up the book, he wants something new to resonate with and help the reader in some area of their life that needs a little extra something.

With his company running fully autonomously without the need for his input, Max now spends his time writing, podcasting, investing in tech startups, listening to his favorite heavy metal bands, and enjoying life in beautiful Miami Beach with his wife and three kids.

Connect with Max directly:

Max Borges Agency

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