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Natalie's Interview on A Message to Lightworker's Podcast: Signs That You're Ready to Use Your Gifts

Natalie Viglione's Interview on Bri Hernandez (a.k.a Sandora Kuma) A Message to Lightworker's Podcast

A new interview! A message for lightworkers, light warriors and empaths...

I got to sit down and have an inspirational chat with with @_bri.hernandez (a.k.a Sandora Kuma) who is the creator and host of A Message to Lightworker's Podcast (see the episode below).

Here are the messages held within this episode:

  1. Do you feel awkward about sharing your gifts? If so, it's time to embrace the magick you hold!

  2. What are some signs that tell us it's a good time to move forward and step into the power?

  3. The way YOU bring your magick into the world is unique to ONLY YOU (no one else has what you have)

  4. If you're a light warrior, we talk about ways to embrace the purpose of why you're here...


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A Message to Lightworker's Podcast