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What It Means To Be Connected and To See The Spirit Realm

By: emily lorenz

I’m Emily and I am on the Disrupt Now team and I want to share my experiences as to ability as we will be focusing content on tapping into magick, and abilities like seeing the spirit realm are included in this.

Growing up, I never thought of myself as being 'gifted' and having special abilities. I was the kid who liked being alone and in the quiet. But I always knew who would enter the room without really seeing them; hearing and seeing things my older sister doesn't hear and see, and of course, I had "imaginary friends."

Looking back now, I can easily mention at least 3 scenarios that opened my young mind to The Third Eye and Spirit Realm.

My auntie is a powerful medium, and she honed her skills while she was babysitting me during my toddler years. I saw my grandfather die - I was 7 years old. The aftermath included night terrors, waking up during wee hours, terrible nightmares, and a shadow figure in my room walking around and on my ceiling.

Talking and playing with my grandfather on the day of his burial, my auntie confirmed with my mom that I was indeed talking to their father. Raised in a culturally rich household, we've always believed in The Spirit Realm. We know it as a place where our spirit goes after we die. We've been guided to think that it is located high above the sky. But in reality, it is much closer than we think.


Where is The Spirit Realm?

To put it simply, the Spirit Realm exists all at once with our physical world, meaning it is literally within an arm’s reach. It co-exists with our physical world but is of a higher vibration.

But regardless of it being in existence with our physical world, the Spirit Realm is not accessible to some.


Connecting to the Spirit Realm

We connect with the Spirit Realm by Spiritual Senses, either or but not limited to hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling. Spiritual senses are also sometimes called extrasensory perception or ESP.

  • Feeling - being able to pick up on the emotional energies of the living and spirits
  • Sight - seeing with the mind’s eye and being able to perceive good and evil
  • Hearing - enables one to perceive sound vibrations in both the Physical and Spirit Realm
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The Spirit Realm - Good and Evil Spirits

Being able to see and connect with the Spirit Realm brought me good memories, and bad experiences as well.

I was given the chance to talk to my grandfather before. I was also able to receive guidance from my uncle years after he died. While my auntie was able to reconnect her husband and his father who already passed away when he was no older than 1 year old. These examples are what I can say are the good experiences from being able to interact with the Spirit Realm.

On the other hand, when spiritual curiosity takes effect, pursuing the Spiritual Realm is quite dangerous. Why? Because there is also an evil side of the Spirit Realm, which is what we would call demonic. They wait anxiously for an invitation to communicate.

Going back to the shadow entity I kept seeing before, there is not one scenario I can recall where it was harmless or just observant towards me. The shadow was always taunting and I could actually feel unsafe being in the same space with it. It's almost hard to believe that the shadow started as a ball of light, always floating in front of me, day and night. Being a curious kid, I always communicated with it in my mind what the light was and why it was always around me. I thought that it was 'kind' as it was always with me (since I was a quiet and loner kid). The ball of light changed into the shadow entity after days of talking to it.


Now that I am able to comprehend better that each of us has different power and that we are all magick, I strongly believe that the ability to connect and interact with the Spirit Realm, or any gift, should always be used in a purposeful way.

Seeing and communicating with a departed family member is certainly a great and unforgettable experience. But if it's a spirit of a different type, we must set a firm boundary to ensure ours and our family's safety.




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