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Ep 101, The Time is Now to Live and Love With Courage and Authenticity

Host & creator, natalie viglione

“You can’t heal what you don’t talk about.”

- Dr. Jeanne Michele

This is the motto of this episode’s guest, Dr. Jeanne Michele. Seeing a human as a WHOLE integrated being that is multi-dimensional is essential to understand the basic construct of what a HUMAN even is.

Dr. Jeanne Michele holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a degree in Spiritual Psychology, so she truly brings such a gorgeous perspective to life looking through science + spirituality (as this is an extremely important aspect of this show)!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Identity loss and how it impacts relational connections, health, and how it takes our power away
  • The power of courageous conversations and how essential these are to speaking and holding your truth
  • How living and loving courageously is a bold move we all need to be making right now (this includes loving OURSELVES)
  • How finding your Authentic Self is one of the most important aspects to life
  • Why finding support and guidance (a friend) that can see the REAL YOU is vital to thriving
  • Plus, so much more!
You can always watch (or listen) to the full episode below!


The Anointing & The Blessing

We are happy you have found your way to this page and hope you enjoy the gift of this beautiful blessing.

In honor of Mary Magdalene and her role as anointer, Dr. Jeanne have prepared a sacred anointing rite which allows you to give and receive a blessing. She also created a video to guide you through the process as well as a link to download the Anointing and the Blessing handout.

This ritual can be either done in a women’s circle, between two friends, or even with your significant other.



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Dr. Jeanne Michele is many things: Part teacher. Part modern-day philosopher. Part change agent. Part Coach.

Her dynamic and engaging mentorship with individuals, couples, and leaders offers a departure from traditional counseling in that she assists people to more fully identify their passions and desires and then helps them design a roadmap to create it.

Dr. Jeanne merges her passion for helping people create extraordinary relationships and lives with her strong business background, to deliver personalized programs to men, women, and couples helping them create dynamic lives, relationships, and business partnerships.

She is adept at navigating complex relational challenges, such as infidelity, lack of life direction, mid and other life crises, as well as the day-to-day challenges faced by couples and individuals seeking love and recovering from heartache. She welcomes individuals and couples who have been disillusioned in their work with others in the coaching & counseling field.

Leaders find that her work helps them engage with their employees and partners in more conscious, communicative, and powerful ways. She helps leaders lead well and inspire others to do the same.

Connect with Dr. Jeanne directly!


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