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What is Magick?

By: Natalie Viglione

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This is a question that many philosophers, wisdom keepers, witches (did you know that the word “witch” means a healer, sage, and seer, more on the topic about witches will be coming), wayshowers, and seekers of truth, etc. have answered in their own way for eons now. And there is a common thread that weaves through it all.

Some answers to this question that I’ve read fully resonate with me, and some don’t. I’ve read many, many ancient scrolls, texts, tablets, and books, and it’s essential to turn on the Inner Guidance System (aka Intuition) as we must build the truth as we go.

Discovering and awakening magick in my life has been about awakening the truth within me. It has also been about researching and consuming many writings to get to a core understanding, or an INNERstanding, of the foundation around magick. Innerstanding is a term I found that an author named Pao Chang uses, and I love that!

My unique lens on answering this question, with some background

My unique experiences and perspective around this enables me to answer this question that has been guided by my journey in this soul’s life (the soul named Natalie) but mostly in accordance with my Divine Path and Purpose. The wisdom that comes from the divine within me, or my Higher Self, is where I receive an incredible amount of insight and knowledge.

My Higher Self is an ascended Master, and I’ve been able to soak up wisdom from the many other powerful iterations, or what we would call past lives. Knowing that my Higher Self is an ascended Master, it took me seeing other great sages and seers to have them confirm and validate that truth. Sometimes we need confirmation of what we know to be true (but that's only because of the massive deprogramming we need to do around trusting ourselves thoroughly!). So, now I fully understand this fact, and I have no qualms about claiming it out loud. It took me a long time to recognize that could be true, but I always knew it to be true deep within, but sometimes we need validation.

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You know you’re different when…

I was the little kid that NO ONE could bullshit. My Inner Knowing was solid from birth. I am not exaggerating either. Santa? Nope, I called my parents out on that and didn’t believe in that for one second. They even tried taking bells and running around our home outside the window to make me think Santa was on the roof, but I still didn’t believe it. Church and religion? I called out the teacher’s BS on Noah’s ark story in Sunday school, and they didn’t like that too much.

So, I was THAT kid, and I spoke with my Higher Self since I was tiny. That Being came to me, protected me, and provided me with knowledge of how I would help this world. I have a profound protector energy and power, and it is a warrior essence (though now I know it’s much more than that!). I am divinely guided by an extraordinary force and energy about protecting nature and the core foundation of All That Is. I’ve been compelled from within to PROTECT and fight for justice, stand up for nature, and help humans wake up and stand in power. Still, sometimes even when guided by a Higher Self that’s an ascended Master, the “human experience” pushes us off course as there is a lot of crap that can muck things up! I’ve had/am having my fair share, believe me…

The energy of my Higher Self came to me when I was young in the form of a fairy and as an energy that has been called “Ariel” (I’ll go more into detail on these energies in another writing soon). This energy is also known as “Ariel” and is a Great Protector and has been called the “Lion of God." Since I was little, the visions and dreams I’ve had have been beautiful and POWERFUL. I now know that it’s precognition and empathic abilities, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, among other things.

And, I have a strong group of guides; Raziel (the Magician as that energy is sometimes called) has been there since I was a kid, showing up as a "Merlin" type of figure. I’ve always been very connected to the “Merlin” energy and the magicians who walked this planet. Recently, as I claimed the power of understanding the foundation of my Higher Self, my “guide family” or peers have gotten more potent, and I have felt that powerful connection growing and growing.

Now, knowing that I am an Avatar in this way (a word that I can use easily now), there is so much wisdom coming in from the other iterations of lifetimes that I’ve had (either in time or dimensions, however, we would like to portray that). I can tap into the wisdom at any point. Knowledge can also flow from those sources if I can stay a clear channel to receive and listen to.

I am not the only one with this setup; of course, others can do this as well, and I think it’s time to be bold to state these things out loud and unapologetically! The more courageous and more trusting we get of our Inner and Higher Knowing, the better off the world will be as a collective. Change has always started inside us because that is then pushed out into the world and fractals out, creating powerful waves of energy that touch others, even if they don’t realize it.

I have connected with these other versions of my Higher Self (past lives) as they are “me,” but not Natalie specifically. This has brought deep wisdom and knowledge into my life that’s more profound than I can sometimes even wrap words around, as it’s more about the emotions that come with the information that is so powerful!

Magick (spelled purposefully with a ‘k’ and will share more on why a bit farther down in the article) is innate to (most of) humanity. I say ‘most of’ because there is a larger truth we all must wake up to, which is about other beings that are amongst us that are not fully “human” per se (stay with me, I’ll go over that in more detail in another writing and it won’t sound so crazy promise!)

While I can’t answer what all universes have, I do know that our deity (Gaia/Earth) is a highly unique gem amongst all (even in other dimensions/galaxies). We really should be so grateful to be able to have this human experience here (even if it’s fraught and there are many hurtful things). Our Sun, also a deity called Ra, brightens our path every day and is also a gem. (I say deity because they’re CONSCIOUS beings, more on that to come with proof...)

When I say “magick,” I speak of real and true magick, not the stuff that people do on stages in Las Vegas or on street corners. Though some of these persons use the power of the mind, that is undoubtedly a part of magick 100%!

Magick is NOT sparkly light beams coming from our fingertips or eyeballs, at least not the way entertainment shoves it in our faces via movies, etc. Though, just because we cannot see light beams doesn’t mean they can’t exist. Perhaps the energy waves can be seen using intentions and imagination (foundations to magick) if only we could see different light spectrums. And maybe some beings can see that, so we shouldn’t say that doesn’t happen as there is a realm of possibility it does.

Magick is not something that only a select special few can access and utilize, but rather almost all humans could awaken to the realm of magick and use it well. Like all tools and technologies, magick can be wielded for positive (for the light, or what we have called good) or negative (often what we call evil or bad). We can also say there is high (frequency) magick and low (frequency) magick. High magick uses Love, and low magick uses Fear. Emotions are a core to magick as well. You need EMOTION to understand information and ENERGY to create matter. The essence of everything is wrapped into this concept of the tree of life, which is the SOUL (an important topic I will come back around to).

As you’ll notice, I didn’t say black or dark magick above. I hate to say those because the darkness is not negative or evil. In fact, quite the opposite. From darkness, all of life is created. You can think of the seed that grows underground in darkness before reaching up above ground, the womb of a woman that grows life, the darkness of what we call space birthing stars, etc. So, darkness is POWERFUL and is vital to remember when it comes to the topic of magick.

We will need to reframe our minds from the stupid entertainment that has been shoved in our faces about what is evil, and we will have to understand how powerful we are if we are going to awaken magick within our beings. We must remember we are POWERFUL alchemists above all else… we can transmute ANY energy, and there are many tools that we can utilize to become clear channels and to use magick for the light.

There ARE evil ways to use magick and there is an entire subculture in this world that very much uses magick for evil, that is for sure, but that is NOT the NATURAL way it was intended to be used. It is rather an inversion of the proper natural, light magick that is innate to humans, or shall I say to man (which doesn’t mean a male gender in the original root meaning).

Here is my very simple answer to the question “What Is Magick?”

The innate (natural) human magick is thought, intention (emotion), and vibration (sound and frequency).

Sound is also spoken word. Sounds, as words, are created by SPELLING using letters. Therefore, every time we speak and use words, we create MAGICK SPELLS! Hence, why spelling was given its name, for it is based on literally creating spells!

This is the way that we CREATE our ENTIRE reality! Yes, humans are that powerful and have the God-like power as co-creators with the Divine Source of All That Is.

We have the power to connect as One, and all beings are connected via energy and frequency (and at the cellular level!). As above, so below.

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“In the beginning, was the word. And God said, let there be light.”

Most of us are familiar with this saying from the bible, though you can trace this similar verbiage to many religions all over the globe. Regarding the bible, some of the pieces within that book were taken from TRUTH that was peppered within very ancient scrolls, tablets, texts, etc., but a lot of it is power-hungry men’s writings for influence (more on that will come, too).

Christian traditions have stated that God “spoke the word” (which actually meant SOUND) and brought the world into existence; however, this concept has been taught over eons in different traditions (even in times before the invention of Christianity).

For example, in Egypt, they wrote about the God Ptah, known as the God of technology (aka God of MAGICK), and what did this being do? Ptah went into its own heart and felt the world and then spoke it into existence. (Emotion, feelings, sound… all the same constructs.)

Insight from the ancients has placed sound at the basis of all existence (of the entire Universe!). Initially, words were not spoken, but sounds were felt via vibrations in the body, and telepathy was used. Vibration is frequency, and sound is both brought into the audible range so we can hear it.

So, this is where sound and vibration must come into the conversation when learning what magick truly is.

What is sound? Sound is a vibration (that carries a frequency!) that’s made audible for us to hear.

All things in this Universe around us are constructed via mathematics, sacred geometry, and music.

Did you know you can HEAR plants, and they play music with a suitable device?

Did you know you can HEAR much of nature by tuning in to the right frequency using the proper mechanism to do so? Including ourselves, if you’re an Intuitive (or if you want to hone these skills), one can tap into the abilities we have available to us like clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc., to hear beyond this dimension and talk to trees, listen to the wind, etc. I do this all of the time, and it’s incredible when you can genuinely LISTEN and HEAR these things that most take for granted.

One of the first sounds that were initially not spoken out loud but instead it was felt (within the body) is the sound Om or Aum. It has subtle and powerful levels of vibration and consciousness within it. It’s not just a "silly thing" to do in yoga while wearing skintight yoga pants, and it’s WAY deeper and more profound than I am sure many realize.

When we speak Aum (or Om), its “hum” calms the mind, body, and spirit. It’s a Sanskrit word, a mystical symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and an incantation for meditations and mantras (or what people call prayers).

So, yes, the definition of magick is as simple as this: the innate human magick is thought, intention (emotion), and vibration (sound and frequency).

It’s how we use these things that create WORLDS! (Yes, it’s THAT powerful!) But the outcome is anything but simple. And there is A LOT more to it than I’ve stated, so let’s keep diving in…

Essentially, sound, which has a frequency and vibration, is an expression of a thought that allows us to manifest material things into our existence.

Your THOUGHTS with the INTENTION (or emotion) behind it are then brought into SOUND, now in the form of a SPOKEN WORD. We use words because, unlike the ancients, we have lost the ability to FEEL with our hearts in the ways that they could. There will be more on this to come. We have an opportunity to bring this to life again within us all because the HEART is an essential foundation for magick.

Based on your thoughts and words, you then act. This process allows each of us to CREATE OUR OWN REALITIES on this Earth within this Universe.

A critical equation to know is:

Thought + Emotion+ Intention x sound via words x actions = YOUR REALITY

We can create a “living paradise” or a “living hell,” and we have an effect upon others, and they also affect us back.

All beings, be it flora, fauna, Gaia, Ra, or the cosmos, are ALL connected at the CELLULAR level, which equates to what we’ve called the Quantum Level. There is NO distinction of separation whatsoever; that is an ILLUSION.

We leverage and can work in harmony with nature and all-natural forces (elements and life) through this process.

Remember to align what we think, what we say, and what we do consistently because we are ALL living in a conscious universe and connected to EVERYTHING at the cellular level.

This is the free-will universe that we live in and is exceptionally unique. What makes it more special than anything and a gem amongst all is that many ETs in universes and other dimensions watch this very closely and/or have wanted it for themselves.

This potent technology/magick is not understood fully at its core by enough people. If it was understood in HUGE masses, more people would be much more careful in aligning their thoughts, intentions, words, and actions. And RESPECT would be at the core of everything, which is the one thing I see as almost entirely missing. This world would not be the way it is today (a crazy ball of insanity!). It is insanity because people are UNCONSCIOUSLY moving about this sentient being with absolutely zero alignment, so the world mirrors that.

If more people were harmonized and had respect for themselves and all living beings, the world would change to mirror that FASTER.

In fact, that’s what this time is for… we are deprogramming from all the BS and can ascend with Gaia and Ra and this ENTIRE galaxy we are in (as it is spiraling and changing its frequency). To truly use magick properly!

Sound, which is a vibration with a specific frequency, is a fundamental element to ALL of creation. It's also fundamental in the magick we use to co-create our existence and connect directly to the Divine Source of All That Is. Some call this ultimate power/energy God, but I tend to stray away from that word as this typically has sent people down the wrong path in calling this a male gender, which is NOT true. The Primordial Creator of All That Is does NOT have a gender at all whatsoever. It is Energy or Primordial Consciousness, and it is “all genders” as One.

We know that sound and spoken words are incredibly vital to our power, to the natural magick we hold (as the innate technology) because, in the womb, the first sense that’s developed is the inner ear. And there are three times as many connections from the ear to the brain when compared to the connections from the eyes to the brain.

So, we create reality with our thoughts/intentions, and then the sounds (words) create frequency ripples into the universe.

The universe brings us what we speak into existence.

If you realize the power you have in creating your world, how would you change how you’re operating right now?

Now, let’s think of this at the collective level. YIKES, right?! Can you see why this world is the way it is?

What needs to happen right now is to harness magick the right way. All must clean up thoughts and have very clear and purposeful intentions behind them. And when we speak our thoughts via the lens of emotion and intention, we must understand that we are CO-CREATING WITH ALL THAT IS.

We must TRANSMUTE negative energies we carry, which can start in how we think. Of course, we can’t have “rainbows and kitty cat” thoughts all day long every day, but we can catch ourselves and be very mindful of what we’re doing. That word MINDFULNESS is way more than getting into a cross-legged/lotus position and meditating, and it must be wrapped into every moment of every day.

Truth bomb: If you live in fear-based cycles of emotions and negativity, the universe will bring more of that into your life.

Suppose you’ve thought you can’t get out of a specific negative predicament that seems to happen repeatedly. In that case, you’re not co-creating your life using the positive/high magick that is available to you.

Greed, lust, materialism, jealousy, etc., are highly negative emotions. If the universe “hears” you saying these things repeatedly based on your thoughts and intentions, it will give you more of that negative.

Light begets light.

Positive begets positive.

Fear begets fear.

This goes into the seven Divine Laws (or Natural or Universal Laws) as well, and I’ll get into those in another writing later, but for now, just know that creation is based on WHAT you are (what you are thinking and saying and doing), not what you THINK you are. So, that’s the first Divine Law of Mentalism, concisely.

The most significant first guidance around using magick is to understand the POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND SOUNDS (which are your WORDS), and if you can start really understanding what this means, you will begin to get how we have powers that way too many didn’t know we hold. This will require us all to be responsible and accountable for what we are creating (or have made) in this universe in this reality.

Magick, like time, is not linear, so it impacts all timelines in what we would call past, present, and future. It’s essential to understand this because we need to speak the same “language” as the universe does, and time is just something that we use to track things; the universe does not use time.

Additionally, magick is about emotion because this is often what drives our thoughts. So thinking “positive vibes only” and “positive thinking” will NOT get you to where you need to go. Real ancient, tapping-into-the-primordial magick sees your INTENTION. So, another crucial part of magick is knowing that we are POWERFUL alchemists! We can TRANSMUTE any emotion and energy we face or have. Being the powerful alchemists we innately are, this is something that I want to activate within everyone! All must learn the process of HOW to change one emotional state into another and how to transmute energies from negative to positive and/or bring neutrality back into position (neutrality equals harmony). We always must ALLOW emotions to move through us but know that we can change from one state to another; this is how the transmutation of energy that feeds the magick we are capable of wielding happens.

Another language or way of communicating with All That Is and wielding magick is imagination. This element in magick needs to be strengthened in all and is truly a visionary drive to change the imprints of our lives, I should say transmute and is often left out of the conversation around magick, but it is a critical ingredient! I will share more on this element later as well.

Why spell magick with a ‘k’ anyway?

Fundamentally, it’s to ensure it doesn’t get mixed with that stage magic I mentioned before and to tap into the truest sense of the ancient meaning of what MAGICK truly is.

The root of the word “magic” when we dig into ancient language:

*magh- Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to be able, have power." Sanskrit mahan "great;" Greek mēkhanē "device, means," mekhos, makhos "means, instrument;” and also from Greek magike, feminine of magikos "magical," from magos "one of the members of the learned and priestly class," and from Old Persian magush "magician. Then as you move through time to late 14c., magike, "art of influencing or predicting events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces."

So, the word magic comes from root meanings around “being able to or has power,” being an “instrument” or “magical,” and from a “priestly class” which moves into “magician” and working with “natural forces.”

So, the word magic feels more integral to write it as MAGICK, and knowing the context related to power is important to understand. Power is not inherently negative but has been taken and wielded for the evil, which is not in line with our inherent state of love-light as humans), and that it’s working with nature and natural forces that are present.

The distorted imagery we see in “entertainment” (movies and such) often provides us with the wrong images (as to magick). We must be deprogrammed from these wrongful ideas that are pushed in our faces as if magick is negative, harmful, or evil inherently, or that symbology we find in nature is wrong or evil, etc. By showing us the evil side and connecting to evil (that is really happening in this world), that doesn’t show us the beauty of what it really means. And, hiding the truth around the LIGHT of magick has always been by design. It's yet another way to keep us dumbed down and in fear. So, essentially, a ploy to keep us away from our truth, from our innate technology called MAGICK!), we need to get to the TRUTH to understand its foundation in All That Is.

I think that’s a lot around this, and next time we’ll dive into some of these more extensive and more ancient elements related to all-things-magick!

Note: I send through activations and extra things around TAP INTO YOUR MAGICK in the paid subscription so that is the difference between free and paid experiences.

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