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Ep. 70, What Is Gut Health and Why Is It Important?

Gut Health Is WAY More Important Than Most People Understand


Creator & host, natalie viglione

· Podcast Episode,Soul-based Living,Natural Medicine and Healing


I know, we’re focusing so much on health lately on this podcast, well, there is a reason why. This world is SICKER THAN EVER and the root causes are WAY deeper than you can imagine.

The processed food is making us sicker than ever.

The water is contaminated with microplastics, fluoride, and many other toxins to the human body.

GMOs from the evil corporation Monsanto (as just one example) is making us SICKER than ever…

The list goes on and on and on!

It’s time that we TAKE OUR POWER BACK when it comes to our health.

Your business WILL SUFFER if you are at the helm and you’re not healthy and/or working your way on a healing pathway.

Your life WILL SUFFER and so WORKING YOUR ASS OFF to get back to TRUE HEALTH should be at the top of your priority list.

Take a listen to this episode with the awesome soul I met from Australia, Lian Monley!

Gut health expert and holistic healer, Lian Monley, works with clients and gets down to the biomechanical and physical level. Gut health is a major key to understanding how healthy we truly are. Here are some of the big things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • That there’s not just ONE component to healing but MANY - a truly HOLISTIC (whole body) approach is required
  • Why the gut is the 2nd brain and one of the biggest keys to understanding dis-ease in the body and how this is also connected to the vagus nerve 
  • How our gut holds up to 90% of all pathogens and bacteria in our bodies
  • The things you can do RIGHT NOW to take action to get your gut and overall body more balanced 
  • How we are our own biggest healers & more

It’s vital that we become TRULY HEALTHY and we have to take it upon ourselves to find the right healers to help us (sadly, western medicine is not the answer to TRUE health).


Start your gut health recovery with this FREE e-book from Lian for 5 winners! e-Book giveaway: Heal The Gut: 6 Strategies to Heal your Gut.

Go discover more, watch the video version, and enter the giveaway.

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I had 20 years diving deep into disrupting physical and wellness cultures by emphasizing the integration of all energy bodies – physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual – into the design and implementation of every treatment plan and program recognizing that every person has their own unique blueprint waiting to be authentically expressed.

Leaving no stone unturned, moving out of pain and into wellness, continuously learning other ways to expand and heal myself so I could do the same for others; this radical and colorful transformation throughout my own life contributed greatly as a visionary leader in holistic wellness. I boldly inspire positive change that leads to ultimate wellbeing.

My career had lead me to all areas of the globe working with an array of clients including celebrities, Mariah Carey, CEOs, and elite athletes also owning gymnasiums, juice companies and day spas internationally.

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