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Healthy Living: New Morning Rituals

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

By Natalie viglione

· Natural Medicine and Healing


I LOVE finding new health breakthroughs to share. This one has to do with:

  • what is a good substitute for caffeine
  • coffee substitute that is healthy
  • with caffeine
  • gluten free
  • that sort of tastes like coffee
  • coffee substitute for energy

Even though I am healing from mold toxicity and dioxin poisoning from birth (this is also called Agent Orange, it's glyphosate's cousin and my father was exposed to agent orange, causing me to be born 2 months early!), I want to share the message that through HARD WORK, CONSISTENCY, and TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY, we can 100% heal the terrains within our bodies. Sometimes it can take a long time, but we need to be empowered in TRUE health and we are our best healers.

In the spirit of disrUPting UNhealthy patterns (getting UP and out of a bad, stuck and unhealthy place)...

YOU CAN FOLLOW MY HEALING JOURNEY AT @disruptunhealthypatterns

So coffee is NOT bad, though you have to be careful to drink organic coffee though as the beans you take in can be extremely moldy and have all kinds of things done to them in the process of cleaning them to get into that bag.

But, the BIGGEST thing I'll bet you didn't know (because I didn't until I researched and came across all this data), some people on this planet CANNOT process caffeine, thereby making coffee very bad for those people.

How do you know if you have the biomarker or not? I suggest doing a biomarker test. You MUST know your genetic makeup so that you can eat the RIGHT FOODS FOR YOUR BODY!

If you feel like you cannot tolerate coffee because it makes you feel weird (e.g.: jittery, edgy, etc.), then I'll bet you that your unique body (because EVERY BODY is different!) cannot take in coffee or things with large amounts of caffeine.

If you already have the gut feeling/intuition screaming at you then you know you're spot on (trust yourself more)!

So I have something you need to see as it could be a great disrUPtion for your morning ritual.

Perhaps it's time to try something NEW! You can't get where you want to go by doing the things you've always done...

check this video out for a coffee substitution that you may love
+ it's super healthy!

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