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Here Are 3 Things to Watch Out for When You Start Your Business (Or ASPIRE to Start a Business)!

Here's What NOT To Do!



Natalie Viglione

· Building Your Mission

When we sabotage ourselves, it's sometimes hard to see. Here's some insight from my perspective, things I've learned the hard way...

Facebook Live: Are you sabotaging your business and don't even realize it?

Here are 3 ways you may be sabotaging your business and what you can do about it:


  1. Are you hung up on perfection? For example, the content piece you're working on, stop changing it! JUST GET IT OUT THERE. That proposal you've checked 50 times and can't sleep because you're thinking about it? STOP. GET IT OUT. 
  2.  Are you spinning your (brain) wheels and getting lost in your mind as to your value. This inhibits your ability to be PRESENT. Listening is such an essential tool in life AND business, so don't sabotage yourself by spinning your wheels and getting lost in thoughts. USE YOUR INNATE GIFTS and trust yourself more often and separate yourself from your thoughts. Great tools equate to sitting in silence, guided meditation, or just sitting and being. Sometimes the answer is stillness. 
  3. Stop searching on social media for answers. Go get educational tips, wisdom, insight, and grow your knowledge there but DO NOT GET LOST in social media thinking that people that "look perfect" have ALL THE ANSWERS. Be careful! DO NOT COMPARE. If you are always thinking that "they have such a perfect life" and then comparing yourself and coming away feeling like shit, then it's time to stop. Social media is highlight reels AT BEST. Be careful of this and DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF!!!!