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Why Going At It [Business} Alone Is A Bad Idea

Natalie Viglione

· Building Your Mission

Going at it alone in business isn't necessary, there's a great ecosystem of humans that can help!

Often a misnomer when you're first starting out or when you are planning your business you think about all the things you have to attack ALONE.

While that may save a few bucks, in the end, you could do yourself more harm than good (believe me... I know firsthand).

Going at it alone isn't FAILING either to do things solo. There's a HUGE difference in working alone versus working as a team, and this is something very important to think about.

I often hear from entrepreneurs that building a business is so lonely, and while it is on some levels, it doesn't HAVE TO BE.

When we're creating from WITHIN, creating something that needs to be brought through us into the world (hopefully that is the case), we can get stuck in isolation. BUT, working alone versus as a team, it's 100% truth that when you're working as a team you get SO MUCH more done!

Here's why!